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  1. Probably the craziest day of football I've ever seen.
  2. I would love to take part if this is repeated! It should be repeated!
  3. So i bought this about 4 years ago on Steam, when it was 'Next Car Game' - as i really enjoyed the FlatOut games... but it was more of a tech demo at the time. Didn't really play it properly until last month - & just started on the multiplayer last week - it's amazing. Genuinely some of the funniest gaming moments I've ever had. Some servers where people try to race properly with a few set rules... then there are some servers which are absolute carnage, pure chaos. Magical game. 10/10 from me. A taste for anyone wondering:
  4. Really enjoyed the second episode
  5. New episodes coming this year: Already love the idea of a football referee inside number 9.
  6. Super excited to see what they manage to do live.
  7. Please share a few shining examples of the genre. I would like to watch them. Cheers.
  8. I thought this was excellent. Well worth a watch.
  9. I thought that was amazing. The big reveal was outstanding, spine tingling stuff for me when we saw the door. (A dark thought, but amazing timing with that Turpin family revelation in California for people thinking "stuff like this doesn't happen".) For those criticising the writing / execution - please direct me to something you can recommend as i would love some new stuff to watch.
  10. Loved it. Such fun. Has anyone edited it so it can be watch in chronological order yet?
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