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  1. This news just in from my wall chart...
  2. Luka Modric - 'World Cup? Completed it mate'
  4. Sweet, sweet Sergio Ramos tears....
  5. Got another couple of victories last night. My tip for a landing spot that seems to be rarely occupied but tends to yield some decent loot is the mountain with the rocket silo inside on the west coast of the map near Snobby Shores. There's a small plateau on the east side of the mountain that always has a chest, chop down some trees and ramp up on top of the mountain and work down through the silo, usually another 2 or three chests on there, out of the garage doors and quick hop down the mountain to the nearby crater usually also has another couple of chests. I found last night that the first circle continually encompassed this area so plenty of time to gear up. Can anyone recommend any decent youtube streamers for this game as I'd love to watch some tips for building. Definitely going to switch to builder pro layout also.
  6. Weird, would let me type after uploading the image. Still great album and beautiful reissue on purple vinyl, sounds beautiful.
  7. It doesn't have a thrust attack. It doesn't need one as the R2 heavy attack literally flattens most enemies to the floor.
  8. It was a hugely misjudged start. Not sure where the 'main one' gets the sense of self importance from. Then he called Mat a nobody, which was ironic.
  9. 'Arranged skillfully throughout the record' a sensible person will answer
  10. 'Where's the guitars?' they'll cry...
  11. I think I love it. Four out of Five is definitely as catchy and hook filled as anything they've done before. It's completely mental and tantamount to career suicide, the festival thickos are going to be very confused.
  12. As last year just left the local with both things I wanted without queuing from 4am. Lucky to live in the provinces I suppose! Snagged zappa's lumpy gravy and the Bowie live in London.
  13. Last year I decided not to buy into the hype, as it's ultimately a load of nonsense (but if it keeps some independent stores afloat with some big sales then so be it). Walked into my local at midday and got both things I wanted. Fully intend to do the same this year, but only really interested in one thing that hopefully no-one else will be (The Zappa Lumpy Gravy release).
  14. I looked on South Africa and could only see them listed individually, do you get both if you buy Bayonetta 2? Couldn't see anything in the item description for 2, or have I missed a bundle?
  15. ...and done. Sublime, just sublime. Possibly the best remake/remaster I've played.The world is so finely wrought and the sense of atmosphere is still unmatched even after all these years. Still feel like an absolute prick for downing some of these beasts. The second flying one was the highlight for me I think.
  16. Might be looking to sell my Gpd Win. Would be happier to sell it someone here than in CEX. Would anyone be interested for around £180 delivered, before I list in trading? Mint condition, but bought from CEX so they supplied it with a generic BlackBerry charger.
  17. It is from Ikea, they cost around a tenner I think. Got a couple in the record room. Along with an ironing board for more domesticity!
  18. 20th anniversary silver (grey) vinyl release sounds monstrous.
  19. Still on the bow, but get this! I took down all the monsters up to Anjanath without realising I could do more with the bow than just charge with L2 and fire with R2. Now I know you can follow up with circle and hold circle and triangle etc to actually do meaningful damage. What an idiot!
  20. Done each of the bigger monster quests up to Anjanath now, experimenting with different weapons. Settled on the bow, which I upgraded to have bonus lightning damage. This made Anjanath the easiest fight so far, not yet had to use an SOS flare, but seems I need the advantage of distance to be effective. I'm sure that this will be my undoing very shortly!
  21. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159729455750402&id=744135401 Thought I'd stick this here, as it went down well on Facebook. A little reharmonised arrangement of Sleigh Ride for solo piano.
  22. I loved the implicit reference to Hillary Briss towards the end.
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