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  1. No, they mean change key - modulate. Rather than transpose, which is to alter the key signature of the whole song in order to allow a transposing instrument such as a saxophone or clarinet to be able to play in the same key as concert pitch instruments such as piano or guitar.
  2. keineboom


    Get Little Lights by Kate Rusby. Proper folk music and a voice as sweet and pure as honey.
  3. Foreigner - Cold As Ice Use of Piano - 1 point Guitar solo - 1 point Harmonised Guitar Solo - 1 point Quality Lyrics - 1 point I’ve seen it before, it happens all the time You’re closing the door, you leave the world behind You’re digging for gold, you’re throwing away A fortune in feelings, but someday you’ll pay That, there, could well be the most cliche ridden perfect rock ballad verse, the last 2 lines are a work of poetic genius. Booming drum fills - 1 point Backing vocals echoing the sentiment of the lead vocalist - 1 Point Plus an additional bonus point for the excellent choral canon section at the end featuring multiple groups of 'Foreigners' emoting the title - 1 Point BONUS POINTS Possibly the most cliched line in history is 'Cuts Like A Knife' which is one of those reduntant metaphor/simile things, along with Cold As Ice, which just so happens to be the title of this number, brilliant! - 1 point I give it 8 marks! (Additionally can people stop saying transpose, when they mean modulate please)
  4. keineboom


    What do you need to do to get registered on UkNova? When I go to sign up, it's not available for public use. Someone enlighten me!
  5. GBA flash carts are where it's at. Never buy a game again, yarrr!
  6. Can't believe no-one else is as much of a fan of the 'look' of Jade Empire as me. Conjures up a great atmosphere - plus it has a small girl who changes into a monster to kick ass!
  7. After being mightily entertained and intrigued by the stories of Car Boot related shenanigans on these here pages, I feel the need to join in. My question is do any of you fine people know of any reputable Bootsales in the South Yorks area, specifically Sheffield/Barnsley environs. Well?
  8. Yep, 7pm BBC 3. It's very spooky so far. Mark Gatiss should write more episodes, get rid of Russell T Davies, the first 2 episodes were merely mediocre.
  9. I hate Tom Green! I am constantly reminded of his brief 'appearance' in an episode of Family Guy, which is very funny! Would love him to die!
  10. Yes, unfortunately! However she did mention spitting on Peter Andre's Cock! What a saggy faced, huge-titted, nightmare!
  11. Am i doing this wrong? Got the lead today, and plugged it in, lit up fine, but when i pushed the test, it went off. Not connected to the xbox at this stage, so hooked it up pressed reset and switched on, then pressed test again, light flashes and it goes off! Basically, am i going to burn my house down if i play my xbox? Plus I don't see what else i can do, i have a new massive power cable, what other choise do i have? Any ideas?
  12. I didn't know it was originally 12 episodes, however it does all seem to culminate around the twelfth episode and then start again. And i really felt it lost its way for a couple of hours after that!
  13. I'm really enjoying season 2 Definitely a turn for the darker this time! Plus Elisha Cuthbert has really bad skin!
  14. Oops, double post! Somebody please lock or delete this one.
  15. Hi there everybody, Recently started getting into this great series after impulse buying the first season 'cos it was cheap in Asda. Me and the wife worked out way through season one in about a week, and have since bought season 2 and 3, currently 9 hours in and enjoying every second. Think i am enjoying the second season even more that the first, and was just wondering what your opinions are, favourite season etc? Also please no spoilers, amazon ruined season one for me by giving away most of the plot in their description of season two! Bastards! Over to you
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