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  1. On 09/09/2019 at 17:58, Agent L said:

    As a big fan of Supergrass since my teens when I Should Coco was released, this is a big deal:




    £150 though!

    I've ordered a copy of this at my local indie. Picture discs of all the albums!

  2. I also completed Super Metroid for the first time ever last night. Surprisingly 'easy' in the end, the most difficulty I had was with some of the jumping sections. Absolutely loved it.


    Got Link's Awakening coming Friday, but will also complete LTTP and SMW for the first time ever in the near future.


    Switch is GOAT.

  3. Great resurrection. It's worth tracking down Apple Venus and Wasp Star as I believe they're the pinaccle of the group's achievements.


    First one is a sumptuous orchestral pastoral song cycle, the second is a guitar based pop album.


    Not on streaming services I don't think, but both were reissued on vinyl last year and sound beautiful.


  4. 39 minutes ago, dumpster said:

    In fairness, we haven't added to the discussion for a while. We've covered all the potential  issues and there's nothing new to be said until it launches and we are proved right or wrong.  I think it might be time to give @Anne Summers a break and lay off the repetition.  



    'Stop discussing this so we don't hurt anyone's feelings'

  5. 11 minutes ago, cowfields said:


    Have you already sold this? Only just saw this but we'd be interested if you still have it! 

    Still have it, send me a PM if you want to discuss.

  6. Before I list it on discogs, anyone in here interested in my copy of the Bingo Hand Job RSD release? Seems to be pretty hard to come by but I'll sell it for what it cost me £30 and I'll include delivery?

  7. Just fixed my loose connecting joycon replacing the plastic catch using a metal one from a kit on Amazon. Was really fiddly but easy to do and now works perfectly again.


    Followed a YouTube vid as my console was out of warranty anyway for anyone also affected it's fairly straightforward.

  8. Anybody reading Past Tense? Currently near the end and it's definitely one of my favourites in the series now.


    Quite impressed with how Lee Child keeps the books and Reacher himself interesting (though I'm sure some may disagree). I love the books as pure escapist nonsense, may have to start again from the beginning!

  9. We watched episode 6 last night, what a technical and creative tour de force that was! Also watched the short featurette on how they did it which is a good watch for anyone with a cursory interest in these things. Its available on youtube, don't want to post here in case of any inadvertent spoilers.

  10. Another vote for iTemp plays youtube channel. Guy's got skills and I've found myself playing more like him, i.e. Aggressively and getting much better results.


    Had a great moment last night where I landed on the water tower in retail row with someone else and started hitting him with my pick axe, while he opened the chest and equipped a gun which he couldn't land a shot with and succumbed to the pummeling!

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