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  1. I also completed Super Metroid for the first time ever last night. Surprisingly 'easy' in the end, the most difficulty I had was with some of the jumping sections. Absolutely loved it. Got Link's Awakening coming Friday, but will also complete LTTP and SMW for the first time ever in the near future. Switch is GOAT.
  2. Picked this up and want to love it as I know it's going to be incredible, however just feels a little aimless at the start unless I've been an idiot and missed something? Just got to Fort Joy and an just wandering around talking to 8000 NPCs with no real direction on what I'm supposed to be doing other than 'escape'. Am I being an idiot?
  3. Today's daily was fun, normal enemies dropped relics after each round. Breezed all the way to the to of the spire, only Clocksucker did any damage. Was a bit easy mode, but unlocked Ascension for the poison dude.
  4. Played this on Game pass, then almost immediately stumped up for the Switch version to be able to play EVERYWHERE. Has anyone found any decent YouTube channels for this? Thinking something similar to Trump with Hearthstone?
  5. Great resurrection. It's worth tracking down Apple Venus and Wasp Star as I believe they're the pinaccle of the group's achievements. First one is a sumptuous orchestral pastoral song cycle, the second is a guitar based pop album. Not on streaming services I don't think, but both were reissued on vinyl last year and sound beautiful.
  6. Listened a couple of times and it's growing on me, but there's definitely some 'fitter happier' style tracks that could have been left out. Feather In Your Cap is my favourite so far.
  7. Prefer Norman and Norma to Queuejumper, but really like them both. My 5 year old twins absolutely love Queuejumper though, at some point during the day one of them will bellow 'RED LIGHTS!'
  8. 'Stop discussing this so we don't hurt anyone's feelings'
  9. 'Usual rllmuckery' = 'People outlining clear and valid issues with a fundamentally flawed service'
  10. Still have it, send me a PM if you want to discuss.
  11. Before I list it on discogs, anyone in here interested in my copy of the Bingo Hand Job RSD release? Seems to be pretty hard to come by but I'll sell it for what it cost me £30 and I'll include delivery?
  12. Got the last two copies of what I was after.
  13. Me neither, thought it was just me and have been restarting routers and everything!
  14. Just fixed my loose connecting joycon replacing the plastic catch using a metal one from a kit on Amazon. Was really fiddly but easy to do and now works perfectly again. Followed a YouTube vid as my console was out of warranty anyway for anyone also affected it's fairly straightforward.
  15. Anybody reading Past Tense? Currently near the end and it's definitely one of my favourites in the series now. Quite impressed with how Lee Child keeps the books and Reacher himself interesting (though I'm sure some may disagree). I love the books as pure escapist nonsense, may have to start again from the beginning!
  16. Just finding this a total chore to play at the moment, realising I'm bored most of the time. Would never have said that about GTAV or Red Dead Redemption. Shame.
  17. This is totally all part of it!!!!!
  18. We watched episode 6 last night, what a technical and creative tour de force that was! Also watched the short featurette on how they did it which is a good watch for anyone with a cursory interest in these things. Its available on youtube, don't want to post here in case of any inadvertent spoilers.
  19. Well I consider that a successful evening. 6 out of 7 challenges for this week done tonight, just the basketball one to do but ended up at battle pass level 24.
  20. All week 1 challenges now done, battle pass level 14. Good shout for whoever suggested doing the grenade one on 50v50. Just found a choke point on the map and spammed grenades, cleared the challenge in 1 game.
  21. Another vote for iTemp plays youtube channel. Guy's got skills and I've found myself playing more like him, i.e. Aggressively and getting much better results. Had a great moment last night where I landed on the water tower in retail row with someone else and started hitting him with my pick axe, while he opened the chest and equipped a gun which he couldn't land a shot with and succumbed to the pummeling!
  22. Great soundtrack to this weather.
  23. Pro build has changed my game. Helps that everyone on switch seems shit, but had two solo victory royales tonight already!
  24. keineboom


    This is absolutely tedious, may be the longest semi final ever but it isn't entertaining, pretty much just an even level of mediocrity canceling each other out.
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