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  1. Me and the wife have started watching the Marvel films in chronological order as per the most further up thread, done Captain America: First Avenger and just watched Captain Marvel, what a great film that is and glad we watched it in context of the rest of the films, a really pleasant surprise as I hadn't heard much about it prior to watching.


    Brie Larson was great and it raised several chuckles throughout.

  2. 23 minutes ago, b00dles said:

    Just about to open my gates while I make some lunch, I've not done all the daily admin yet so there isn't as many spares by my airport as there will be after I've done my rounds but thought I'd open anyway. 


    I've just done the resident services upgrade so if there are any early game players I can give a load of resources arguably too. 


    I'm still not sure the best way of showing what I have in the catalogue or what is spare. 


    Dodocode: D63LN

    Just popped by, really early in the game so was able to grab some useful recipes from your shop.


    Also took a loaf of fruit from by the airport.



  3. I'm currently re-reading The Stand for the first time in 20 years, as it seemed oddly prescient.


    Still my favourite, and even moreso on this reading. Just past the Lincoln Tunnel bit, so barely made a dent, happy for it to last forever.


    Graham comes across delightfully in that. Also watched the interviewer do the same thing with Roger Manning from Jellyfish, he's pretty good and clearly an enthusiast.

  4. Just now, cubik said:

    Impressive, is that all vinyl?


    My collection has been ongoing since the 80s, although that also includes a 20ish year break from buying vinyl as CD took over.

    In the early 90s a load of my records got destroyed when part of the ceiling of our first house fell down. Quite a lot were original (now old school) hip hop/electro/techno/acid/house 12"s that are worth quite a bit now. I've spent time buying back some of the less expensive ones but some are crazy money, I wish I still had them.


    About 15 years ago the remaining ones ended up in boxes in the loft.

    5 years ago we moved to a larger house and my record collection came out of the loft and started to expand which coincided with me buying less CDs.


    I got rid of a load of CDs last year (100+), I even tried to give them away in here but nobody wanted them.


    I've put 670 items into my library so far, not including the CDs that I got rid of. It's split around 50/50 CD vs vinyl.


    Still got 100+ CDs and another 50 to 70 records to add.

    Yeah all vinyl. All my cds went to music magpie years ago.

  5. On 11/01/2020 at 17:19, cubik said:

    As one of my 2020 resolutions, I'm adding my vinyl to complete my already half-done discogs collection, added 70 so far today. Probably got another 2-300 to go.


    I also plan to organise them properly as they weren't in the best order to begin with and over the last few years I've just stuck anything I bought in the next gap on the shelves so there's new & second hand stuff, albums and 12"s and all sorts of genres jumbled up.


    I added some to discogs previously, but I do know which shelf that is. If I sort them first, they'll get jumbled up with the ones that aren't in my collection and it'll be harder work as I'll spend time searching for stuff that's already in my database.


    One main reason is I quite like buying second hand 12"s of old school dance tunes. Half the time though, I forget what I've already got and end up either missing out because I think I have it at home, or buying duplicates because I have it and forgot.

    I also decided to do this. Had 0 albums on vinyl in 2012, and now this. This is not even all of them as still need to do the jazz, compilations and soundtracks.




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