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  1. Wife works part time and in all day today apart from a 15 minute window where she had to pick the kids up from school. Guess exactly which window of time Amazon attempted delivery?


    Luckily they followed my delivery instructions to leave it in the play house in the garden, squeaky bum the whole I waited for my wife to get home and confirm it was still there!

  2. 1 hour ago, pinholestar said:


    Now you’ve hit 1000 you’ll require powerful rewards to continue raising your power level towards 1050. So all the weekly challenges denoted by gold stars on the Director screen and from vendors in the Tower, along with weekly rewards from the Season of Arrivals (if you have it) and random drops of prime engrams will be your source of those. Each rank up in the Crucible and Gambit will provide a powerful reward too.


    As Shadowkeep is the most recent expansion there are a bunch of weekly powerful rewards from Eris on the moon too. When you add it all up there’s something like 25-30 powerful rewards available each week, so loads of opportunities to continue raising your power level by playing whatever you enjoy.


    There's probably some powerful rewards available via Festival of the Lost too but I'm not bothering with it this year so someone else will have to confirm.


    I wouldn't sweat it too much though because with Beyond Light releasing in a few weeks the level cap will be raised once again, and the initial power grind will be obtainable via the copious blue drops that the game throws at you.

    Cheers mate, as I suspected. Think I’ll just leave it now until the new one. Had an absolute blast with it up to this point!

  3. My record collection has been my sanctuary during lockdown. Managed to work my way up to 3 listening areas in the house since I restarted my collection in 2015, going from 0 to around 600 albums in that time.


    I have the Audio Technica from a few posts ago in the kitchen, a Pro-Ject  Debut in the living room and a Technics SL1210 in the man cave.


    Was browsing my collection on Discogs earlier, amazed at the skyrocketing price of the Beatles Mono reissues from a few years ago, not interested in selling them as they are my reference recordings as they're the only ones overseen by the band.


    Also echo the mention of the Zappa reissues, they sound incredible.


    As for Pet Sounds, I have three copies, the reissue of the stereo and mono both sound fine, but if you get lucky at a record fair and find the 'twofer' from the 70s with Carl and The Passions 'So Tough', that is acknowledged to be an excellent master and can be picked up for around £5.

  4. Think I've asked this in here before, but don't think anyone answered. In have an RG350 and previously had the RG300. Both undeniably fantastic, but I want some kind of firmware/skin/os which would give easy access to recently played items, so I don't have to scroll through thousands of games if I want to switch off and replay something later.


    Anyone found a solution to this?

  5. On 14/06/2020 at 11:48, Gotters said:

    They’ve only gone and got 3 of them back together under a new name - The Lickerish Quartet.


    Of the new songs this is my fave by a mile - its beautiful



    This is great, listened a lot over the past couple of weeks. Jellyfish was really only Roger Manning and Andy Sturmer, with hired 'band members', would love Andy and Roger to male some more music together but Andy has shown pretty much less than zero interest in that ever happening.

  6. 3 hours ago, kerraig UK said:

    Never listened to this band in the early 90's cos I was too rock and it didnt get played in the clubs. 

    Just put it on spotify and immediately resonated with every bit of it. Vocals, instrumentation... You're saying the second album is BETTER than this?

    As already said both albums are fantastic, the second is definitely more ambitious and less focused than the first but I much prefer it and Joining a Fanclub, New Mistake and Ghost at No.1 are as good as any song ever written by anyone.

  7. On 24/06/2020 at 13:48, yakumo said:

    Hope this is OK to ask but does anyone know if you can get Komplete on disc?, have the serial but its been a pita to download any of them on slow internet. Was hoping I could get the discs from somewhere and copy them over and get Access to activate them

    I don't think you can get them on a cd/blu-ray, but I know that some of the higher packages come in their own hard disk. Worth checking the NI website through.


    Still loving my S61 MK2 a couple of weeks in, the integration with Cubase is fantastic particularly when it comes to hands on mixing.

  8. Fallen down a bit of a rabbit hole during lockdown, have not recorded anything of note since finishing my music degree 20 years ago.


    Was bought NI Komplete Select for my birthday, which I shortly after upgraded to the full Komplete, which gives a massive amount of content.


    Next thing I know, I now own the Komplete Control S61 MK2. It's glorious and the DAW integration is sublime. Pretty lights!




  9. 22 hours ago, Art Vandelay said:

    Earth, Wind & Fire – I Am is indisputably perfect. I remember borrowing my Dad's cassette when I was small – I'm guessing primary school age – and being transfixed with it. There's an otherworldly fantasyland feel to the whole thing that is very difficult to describe. Technically it is faultless – a cast of thousands (including most of the yacht rock session royalty) all contributing to this dense wall of polished funk. They must've been aiming to get a massive sound to make the live show work as they were probably one of the only bands you could ever have described as stadium disco. Any track on it could be a single. Also, the only act to have made a masterpiece after releasing a greatest hits. 

    Good shout.


    Also has the greatest inner gatefold picture of all time.




  10. Rediscovered my love or recording during lockdown, which isn't always easy with two 5 years olds in the house!


    Somehow seem to have recorded 18 cover versions in 2 mmonths.


    This bit of Vulfpeck is the one I'm happiest with, and certainly took the most work!


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