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  1. On Xbox, moved on to give Fallout 76 a go now as a mate days things have improved a lot since launch...
  2. Cheers mate, as I suspected. Think I’ll just leave it now until the new one. Had an absolute blast with it up to this point!
  3. I started this again recently, played through all of the existing single player content via game pass and had an absolute blast. I’m now at power level 1006, what my best option now to increase to the current cap. Am I just in for a joyless grind now. Any tips welcomed!
  4. Working on a Daft Punk style track, using about 12 instances of Komplete Control in Studio One, plus experimenting with some Battery kits. https://soundcloud.com/gary-mulcahy-338556999/glide-path?ref=clipboard&p=a&c=1
  5. Tron Legacy 10th Anniversary, again RSD drop 2.
  6. McCartney 50th anniversary half speed master from today's RSD drop 2.
  7. Was pleased to source a copy of this reissue, only 2020 copies pressed. A surprisingly decent charity album, but mostly just a nostalgia trip for me...
  8. Nice manageable queue at Wah Wah Records in Wakefield. Got both things I was after, but nice for the shop to see it busy!
  9. Roy Harper - One Of Those Days In England (Bullinamingvase) Love the sound of the acoustic guitars on this.
  10. Still a bit disappointed by Office Politics, would have made a great single album... As good as a place as any to post my cover of Norman and Norma!
  11. Not sure, only ordered the vinyl. Gives me to time to save up to buy all of them I guess, only had Bang Goes the Knighthood and Casanova ordered....
  12. Had an email from Amazon that the vinyl reissues are now delayed until October. Boo!
  13. My record collection has been my sanctuary during lockdown. Managed to work my way up to 3 listening areas in the house since I restarted my collection in 2015, going from 0 to around 600 albums in that time. I have the Audio Technica from a few posts ago in the kitchen, a Pro-Ject Debut in the living room and a Technics SL1210 in the man cave. Was browsing my collection on Discogs earlier, amazed at the skyrocketing price of the Beatles Mono reissues from a few years ago, not interested in selling them as they are my reference recordings as they're the only ones overseen by the band. Also echo the mention of the Zappa reissues, they sound incredible. As for Pet Sounds, I have three copies, the reissue of the stereo and mono both sound fine, but if you get lucky at a record fair and find the 'twofer' from the 70s with Carl and The Passions 'So Tough', that is acknowledged to be an excellent master and can be picked up for around £5.
  14. Think I've asked this in here before, but don't think anyone answered. In have an RG350 and previously had the RG300. Both undeniably fantastic, but I want some kind of firmware/skin/os which would give easy access to recently played items, so I don't have to scroll through thousands of games if I want to switch off and replay something later. Anyone found a solution to this?
  15. This is great, listened a lot over the past couple of weeks. Jellyfish was really only Roger Manning and Andy Sturmer, with hired 'band members', would love Andy and Roger to male some more music together but Andy has shown pretty much less than zero interest in that ever happening.
  16. As already said both albums are fantastic, the second is definitely more ambitious and less focused than the first but I much prefer it and Joining a Fanclub, New Mistake and Ghost at No.1 are as good as any song ever written by anyone.
  17. I don't think you can get them on a cd/blu-ray, but I know that some of the higher packages come in their own hard disk. Worth checking the NI website through. Still loving my S61 MK2 a couple of weeks in, the integration with Cubase is fantastic particularly when it comes to hands on mixing.
  18. Fallen down a bit of a rabbit hole during lockdown, have not recorded anything of note since finishing my music degree 20 years ago. Was bought NI Komplete Select for my birthday, which I shortly after upgraded to the full Komplete, which gives a massive amount of content. Next thing I know, I now own the Komplete Control S61 MK2. It's glorious and the DAW integration is sublime. Pretty lights!
  19. keineboom

    Perfect Albums

    Good shout. Also has the greatest inner gatefold picture of all time.
  20. Rediscovered my love or recording during lockdown, which isn't always easy with two 5 years olds in the house! Somehow seem to have recorded 18 cover versions in 2 mmonths. This bit of Vulfpeck is the one I'm happiest with, and certainly took the most work!
  21. Bit of a specific question. Can anyone give a pointer to a OS or theme that shows a list of recently played ROMs? Don't want to have to scroll through a huge list each time I want to contribute my game? Cheers, I'm sure that this is an obvious question.
  22. Me and the wife have started watching the Marvel films in chronological order as per the most further up thread, done Captain America: First Avenger and just watched Captain Marvel, what a great film that is and glad we watched it in context of the rest of the films, a really pleasant surprise as I hadn't heard much about it prior to watching. Brie Larson was great and it raised several chuckles throughout.
  23. Also bought! Cheers for the heads up!
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