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  1. The atmosphere and design is great so far in this. Also enjoying spotting all the Liverpool and Cheshire locations, including the beautiful Great Budworth as Edwardian Woking.
  2. Oh my god the B2 boss fight. What in earth were they thinking? Absolutely execrable game design, so very nearly walked away but just got through it. It better get back on track now!
  3. Early days, but I am enjoying this. Didn't think I would, but I like the solitude and the soundtrack songs in the wilderness. It is basically 'Duke Of Edinburgh Award - The Videogame.'
  4. What an abject performance by England, just like watching the national football squad after all...
  5. There's always something on the turntable in our house (in one of the three 'listening areas' that I've managed to establish). This morning it's this...
  6. Guess I was expecting a better solution to make docked mode more acceptable. Reminds me in a lot of ways of the Vita port of Borderlands.
  7. Yeah, the game itself is incredible definitely and looking forward to hopefully working my way through all of it. I think it's some kind of aggressive anti aliasing combined with what looks like dynamic resolution that could be tuned down somewhat and still be acceptable docked.
  8. This is clearly a huge technical achievement to be on the Switch, but it looks like absolute arse docked. Want expecting that much of a visual downgrade, but it's not an exaggeration to say it looks like a 360 game out in the open world. Luckily it looks fine handheld so will be playing the majority of it like this.
  9. I have every one of the vinyl remasters, though Studio Tan remains my favorite and they've not remastered that one yet!
  10. Been spinning Hot Rats a lot of late, the recent vinyl remaster sounds incredible.
  11. keineboom

    vinyl lovers

    I've ordered a copy of this at my local indie. Picture discs of all the albums!
  12. I also completed Super Metroid for the first time ever last night. Surprisingly 'easy' in the end, the most difficulty I had was with some of the jumping sections. Absolutely loved it. Got Link's Awakening coming Friday, but will also complete LTTP and SMW for the first time ever in the near future. Switch is GOAT.
  13. Picked this up and want to love it as I know it's going to be incredible, however just feels a little aimless at the start unless I've been an idiot and missed something? Just got to Fort Joy and an just wandering around talking to 8000 NPCs with no real direction on what I'm supposed to be doing other than 'escape'. Am I being an idiot?
  14. Today's daily was fun, normal enemies dropped relics after each round. Breezed all the way to the to of the spire, only Clocksucker did any damage. Was a bit easy mode, but unlocked Ascension for the poison dude.
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