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  1. Not sure I agree it's the best, but it is sublime. I too have been waiting for a re-issue of this along with Waka Jawaka.
  2. Just pre-ordered the founders pack VS. as already mentioned, I'd buy the carts anyway so this is a great deal.
  3. My Piko Collection 2 came without a manual, Amazon returns to the rescue and replacement coming today.
  4. Wow, never heard of this label however growing up in Runcorn this is fascinating and I love what I’ve heard on Bandcamp. Just found a copy of the white vinyl at Piccadilly Records, so ordered it.
  5. Second Mega Cat collection announced for August, happy with that as the first collection has some great games. Wish they'd hurry up and open pre-orders for the Codemasters colletion.
  6. Another vote for Slay The Spire here, bought it on Switch on release and recently spent £8.99 for the android version, which I thought was ‘expensive’ for a mobile game. Have just checked and up to 60hrs on my phone and not touched two of the characters yet. Great value definitely, but also not averse to buying a game I’m really interested in on release at full price.
  7. Still enjoying my Evercade, when I first saw a mate had one I thought it looked like a massive waste of time, however after a bit a research and seeing the cute little carts and lovely little manuals I ordered the mega pack and now have all currently released carts. Playing; Magical Drop 2 - Data East Collection Only really played Puyo Pop Tetris on Switch for any experience with this sort of game, but this absolutely delightful, endless mode is good and the story mode is surprisingly fun. Really good little ‘zone’ game and very addictive. Controls great on the Evercade too. Brave Battle Saga - Piko Interactive Collection This is apparently a game only recently given an English translation and a physical release, bundled together with a load of other RPGs on this cart. Only a short way in but already very charming and features an active battle system that I can see getting interesting once my party fills out. Apparently over 40hrs long too.
  8. Those are some of my favourite bits in his back catalogue. The way the brass section doubles the guitar solo toward the end of this piece, string bends and all, is beautiful.
  9. Really happy with mine, as mentioned a few times in this thread it's really easy to get an existing device with a full set of ROMS but then I find I never play anything! Enjoying the curated selections from the pack I bought including the first 10 cartridges and the Oliver Twins one as a freebie. Just bit the bullet and ordered Xenocrisis/Tanglewood and both Atari Lynx cartridges. Am I fully up to date then with releases? I've found a decent youtube channel, Crow Collective where he reviews each cartridge.
  10. My Evercade including the first 10 cartridges and free Oliver Twins cart arrived today. I love it, particularly the Mega Cat and Piko collections!
  11. I have one of these in the Kitchen, is a really good budget option. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Audio-Technica-AT-LP60XUSB-Automatic-Belt-Drive-Turntable/dp/B07NX6VTKF/ref=sr_1_41?dchild=1&keywords=turntable&qid=1611163157&sr=8-41 Also have a Project Debut in the living room, Project Primary is around £180 on Amazon, also a good option. The Project will be a better product, but I've been really pleased with the AT, particularly the auto-return function. Also be aware that the Project will probably need some sort of Phono stage depending on what you want to play it through, the AT has this included.
  12. Enjoying the games in general on my PS5 but as mentioned here already the console is a bit of an under baked mess isn’t it? Problems I’ve encountered so far include numerous crashes, controller disconnecting and a disc getting stuck and making a horrible grinding noise when I tried to eject, only remedied by putting the console horizontal and using safe mode. Very worrying for such an expensive device. for balance I’ve not had one issue with my Series X.
  13. Finally got hold of a PS5 yesterday, pretty much solely to play this as the Souls series are my absolute favourite games. This is not disappointing at the moment, what a fantastic looking game, I want Bluepoint to remaster every game in the series now! This is also significantly easier than the games that followed, which makes it an excellent starting point for anyone new to the series. Having a great time.
  14. Great race, but wouldn't be surprised if Hamilton was int the blower 15 laps from the end 'hold on lads, he's about to give the game away here.' Great to see a win for Perez, and Russell was a class act all the way through the race, glad he didn't drop his head after the puncture and forced his way back into the points.
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