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  1. I have one of these in the Kitchen, is a really good budget option. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Audio-Technica-AT-LP60XUSB-Automatic-Belt-Drive-Turntable/dp/B07NX6VTKF/ref=sr_1_41?dchild=1&keywords=turntable&qid=1611163157&sr=8-41 Also have a Project Debut in the living room, Project Primary is around £180 on Amazon, also a good option. The Project will be a better product, but I've been really pleased with the AT, particularly the auto-return function. Also be aware that the Project will probably need some sort of Phono stage depending
  2. Enjoying the games in general on my PS5 but as mentioned here already the console is a bit of an under baked mess isn’t it? Problems I’ve encountered so far include numerous crashes, controller disconnecting and a disc getting stuck and making a horrible grinding noise when I tried to eject, only remedied by putting the console horizontal and using safe mode. Very worrying for such an expensive device. for balance I’ve not had one issue with my Series X.
  3. Finally got hold of a PS5 yesterday, pretty much solely to play this as the Souls series are my absolute favourite games. This is not disappointing at the moment, what a fantastic looking game, I want Bluepoint to remaster every game in the series now! This is also significantly easier than the games that followed, which makes it an excellent starting point for anyone new to the series. Having a great time.
  4. Great race, but wouldn't be surprised if Hamilton was int the blower 15 laps from the end 'hold on lads, he's about to give the game away here.' Great to see a win for Perez, and Russell was a class act all the way through the race, glad he didn't drop his head after the puncture and forced his way back into the points.
  5. Hmm, I also got a VR on my second game...
  6. Thought it was easy... am I just playing bots?
  7. Just fired this up on my series X for the first time in about 2 years. Solos mode, Victory Royale first game. There’s a handful of pissed of 12 year olds somewhere tonight!
  8. Was initially annoyed by the lack of built in stand, then noticed this fella sitting on the shelf...
  9. I just received a second email from EE confirming my order and that I should expect it 'by 15th December'. Happy with that, will just have to console myself with my Series X until then I suppose!
  10. I managed to bag two today via Currys and EE, didn't hold out hope for either but had the confirmation from EE. Then I received the 'on it's way by 15th December' email from Currys so have been on the live chat with them and cancelled that one to get the money refunded and will stick with the EE one. Hopefully someone else who wants one can now bag the Currys one.
  11. Just states delayed, no actual confirmation of a delivery date, despite receiving an earlier confirmation. Just a glitch in the system and you're essentially pre ordering one from the next allocation, but paying straight away. Have started a refund request.
  12. I also did this, but it's clear that it's just a glitch and you'll receive an email stating your order is delayed. The problem is they also instantly take payment.
  13. Wife works part time and in all day today apart from a 15 minute window where she had to pick the kids up from school. Guess exactly which window of time Amazon attempted delivery? Luckily they followed my delivery instructions to leave it in the play house in the garden, squeaky bum the whole I waited for my wife to get home and confirm it was still there!
  14. Really enjoying Session Horns and Session Strings within Komplete, can get really good results when playing around with the keyswitches. Messed around at the weekend too create this cover of Jump as my EVH tribute. Listen to Jump by Gary Mulcahy on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/gYJX
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