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  1. Wow, I can't remember as good as race as this, maybe that one between Rosberg and Hamilton wherever that was?
  2. I also got my Founders Edition today, really nice package and very much enjoying the batshit Gaelco collection....
  3. Much as I’d like Lewis to get another title, I also would be chuffed for Max. I think this race is probably the one that seals the title for Verstappen, Mercedes have absolutely no answer to the pace of the Red Bull.
  4. After 20+ years I finally see the beauty in this, but I've always been fascinated by such left turn into potential career suicide...
  5. I nearly bought Amalur for switch, so will happily play through that for 'free'.
  6. Bit of prick move at the start from Verstappen, as per, glad Hamilton stuffed him.
  7. Yeah, it's a good watch and I saw lots of stuff I'd never seen before. He was an absolute arsehole to his wife though and would get on his high horse about his band not taking drugs, but would happily bang his way through groupies and come back and give his wife the clap.
  8. I think this game may have some of the best bosses I've ever played in a videogame. Really nails that feeling of an impossible foe, but as you learn you are able to pretty much kill all of them with minimal damage. Took me about 10 attempts to do the final boss, but by the end I was in no danger and could pretty reliably reach his final phase with full health. Excellent game and immediately went back in to start hard mode.
  9. Yeah, this is a great tip and did it after a couple of tries, took longer to get past that fucking purple twat.
  10. I'm very much enjoying this, but the purple EMMI who can freeze you and move at 1000 miles an hour, while you have to move slowly underwater and who never see.to be more 2 seconds away from detecting you is just poor design.
  11. Tetris Effect purchased, cheers. What else is decent on there? Already have Beat Sabre, The Room VR and Moss.
  12. Echoing the praise in here, enjoying the level of challenge and ended up taking Kraid down with full health after several tries to learn the sequence.
  13. Clap Hanz Golf, I'm also enjoying Zookeeper World.
  14. I bought Death Stranding for £5 from Asda so am happy this will cost me £10 total. Will definitely give it a more concerted go this time around and hope I don't bounce off it as comprehensively as I did last time!
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