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  1. Not saying it should be as high as it is but there’s some strange takes on Mad Men in here. Ones I’ve enjoyed of late that I’d have in there are Dopesick, Mr Inbetween, Tales From The Loop. Glad Bojack was so high, had such an emotional trip through watching the whole show.
  2. Indeed but it’s a list of TV shows, not documentaries.
  3. Chernobyl should be higher I’d say. Outstanding and harrowing in equal measure.
  4. Robsk1

    West Ham United

    Harsh red. Naive from cresswell though. 1 down. Mountain.
  5. I realise the state of club ownership across most top tier leagues, it wasn’t specifically aimed at the last 8 of the CL just that they were out and the manner. It’s Just frustrating that it had to be shit behaviour / dark arts / cheating / whatever that dumped ATM.
  6. Robsk1

    West Ham United

    Ha, too right @Scruff. I’m an armchair fan of many many years. The state of this team compared to a few years ago, just amazing work by all involved.
  7. Robsk1

    West Ham United

    Going well so far. COYI
  8. I don’t think it’s particularly great that it takes shit housery to beat ATM, regardless of how they act and how glad we all are that they are out. I’d rather they’d have been beaten by superb football without the cuntiness and by a team that weren’t bank rolled by cunts. It just feels like having to defeat the Tory government by being grander charlatans. How is that progress, ffs?
  9. Framed #15 https://framed.wtf Another one a tad too easy.
  10. Robsk1

    West Ham United

    That’s a fair shout. Not long to go. thanks for the blog by the way, have been reading it for a few years having not gone to West Ham game in many years. It’s good to read a rational report on the games.
  11. Robsk1

    West Ham United

    Do you think we should even bother too much with the league? Focus on the cups. We've dropped points against teams that we should be winning / drawing against to get top 6, I can't see 4-7 not being made up of Wolves / Arsenal / Spurs / Utd. I know it sounds strange but rest some of the fatigued players in PL games, a top half finish and a decent cup run / final would still be good and a million miles from the dirge of 2/3 seasons ago.
  12. Should have done it in comic sans
  13. Robsk1

    West Ham United

    We’ve been laughably bad. Fair do’s to Kidderminster, They’ve been great. We deserve fuck all from this performance.
  14. I think the Tory party has shown that having money and being a cunt is hardly unique. Although they are short on talent and potential.
  15. FFS, £35 with delivery is crazy. Too good to ignore i think. I'm interested.
  16. Sounds like you might get double then. They are doing another box with 15% off (BREW15) that has 24 cans, including 3 new beers, just had the email through. Tempted but most of the beer is not my generally taste and would be a gamble.
  17. Dopesick has stayed with more, due to people I know being in similar - if less drastic - situations. I’m more likely to rewatch Mr Inbetween.
  18. Thanks for those replies about my question, i'd forgotten about that conversation in the car.
  19. Yeah, they certainly added to the end of the episodes.
  20. Elementary finished the last 2 seasons as they were added to Prime at some stage in the last few months. The writing varies over the 7 seasons but it’s easy viewing if your wanting to do something else while it’s on and the 2 main actors are good in their roles. Some occasional iffy acting by some of the supporting cast (I found similar in the superior House, who’s a Sherlock of sorts too). 1-4 are the better seasons I think and you could not have to see it to the end. 3/5 overall (season scores vary between 2 & 4) Mr In-between About a Criminal Jobber in Oz, his life, family and work. Moves at a great pace and has a great style. 3 seasons, mainly 25-30 minute episodes. Grim, funny and sad and highly recommend. 4.5/5 Dope Sick Opioid series based on a book and a real life company / drug. Excellent writing and performances. It’ll make you angry and it’s a grim, charming and painful journey throughout. 5/5 The Tourist Quirky comedy / thriller based in Oz. Watched this reasonably quickly, for no apparent reason as it’s just okay. I found the opening episode quite annoying as I thought it was full of stereotypes and lazy writing but it picks up, has some twists, some amusing parts and it’s shot very nicely. 2.5/5 (3 at most)
  21. Just watched all 3 series over the last 10 days. Fab stuff and no fluff. Fair play to all involved as it’s zings by, it dealt with lots of subjects really well even with the lack of time it spent on them. One thing though…
  22. I can still remember watching In The Heat Of The Night for the first time in my my teens (30 plus years ago), such a great film and great lead actor. Not seen enough of his work but Defiant Ones and Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner are highly recommended. RIP to one of the all time greats.
  23. Currently 28 on Amazon, pretty sure this is the same one. Aberlour 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70 cl with Gift Box https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009SS9CKY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_4E00SGHE3AK6RRRMHCC2
  24. Cheers for all the suggestions. I've passed them on and suggested youtube if they're not sure on any titles.
  25. I'm not a 100%. I think that's what the kids want, plus also cost i think. The parents aren't and have never been gamers so they'll just be steered by the kids. Horizon is rated as 16 so they won't buy that.
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