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  1. What does then? Genuinely interested as I have many fond memories of Deus Ex and would love to play similar.
  2. I've pre-ordered an S after failing to get a Series X vial the All Access shite train that was Smyths / Game. I'd still like an X (but have no 4k TV) but realise they may not be available until launch now / in too high a demand. Looking at previous pages it seems the next best option is an S with an external usb 3 HDD (i'm not worried about 10 minute transfer times) for dormant game storage. Does that seem about right? I'm missing GP since my 1X died a few weeks back so i'm eager to be Xbox gaming again as soon as I can.
  3. Cheers, that was my next step but just thought I'd check here first.
  4. Hi. My XB1X went tits up a couple of weeks ago and I have GP ultimate until December (added a 3 month code shortly before console and sub expired), does anyone know if I can suspend or pause the subscription so I don't lose the time between now and getting a Series X (whenever that maybe). I've googled but nothing obvious. Cheers.
  5. Does anyone know if they'll be more Series X available before launch or is that it now for pre-orders and All Access ?
  6. One Klarna email but no history of orders on the Smyths web site so no joy
  7. It's now crashed me out and back to the All Access page and doing nowt
  8. I'm now entering details on Smyths for a new all access...
  9. Didn't try an PS5 yet as I'm waiting on that before I dive in. I tried Smyths first too this morning after all the bad press Game get. Nevermind, i'll try again at some stage.
  10. Same here after realising Smyths was shite
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