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  1. Just realised I haven't posted since my relegation. Gutted. Congratulations to everyone that avoided the drop, it was a really tough season. And well done to the promoted few. Good luck in the playoffs guys.
  2. For once I feel sad to be going out on a Friday night. I'll have to discover my fate in the morning. This is genuinely exciting though, this reveal thing is a great idea.
  3. rokforce 1 - 2 Dewranger This was the first of four games I played tonight (you'll find out the scores in the second two later ) and remembering what happened is a bit of a struggle. Suffice it to say that I had no complaints about the result. I think Dewranger took the lead, I equalised, then Dewranger scored the winner. True story. Possibly. Dewranger 2 - 3 rokforce Surprisingly I remember the game I won much better. It was 2-1 to me after about 10 mins and stayed incredibly open. I made it 3-1 in about the 20th min, and then on the stroke of half time Pires missed an open goal after I'd rounded the keeper. I thought I might rue that miss but thankfully Dewranger only managed to get one back in the second half. Cheers for the games mate. No idea if we'll play again next season, so many variables, but good luck in the playoffs anyway (and back luck to Leeds, Norwich are coming for you!).
  4. I'm giving it my all man! Really don't want to go down. I'm well up for the media blackout, sounds like a great idea. However, like all professionals, I'm only thinking about the games I can influence.
  5. Just checked the table again and I'm in deep trouble. I'm gonna be practicing hard for my last two games, I've let that side of things slip drastically recently. A huge amount rests on my games with boobni although dewranger losing to sladie gives me some hope that I might get something from him. Congratulations to Jamin, a worthy title winner. Also to Johnny who was unfortunate not to go up last season and more than deserved it this time.
  6. Sorry I've not posted in here since my last few games, have been very busy with Christmas preparations, working and other stupid things which get in the way. Petey - Great wins mate, I couldn't argue with the results, I didn't show up to either game. Cheers for some friendly chat as always, really hope I stay up to get revenge next season (although I'm not nearly as confident of that happening as I have been before). Jamin - I think I played better in these games than I did against Petey, but Jamin is a very strong player with an awesome forward line and a strong defence (reminded me why I had so much joy with Galatasaray over the last couple of seasons). Cheers for the chat mate, it makes getting thrashed much easier to bear when it's to a gent (something that's been true of lots of my games this season). Completely puzzled as to how Capdevilla has scored so many own goals. And that he's scored two against both Petey and Johnny, but none in any other games. What a twat. My last two games are huge. Boobni in particular. Whichever one of us comes out of those encounters with more points should stand a good chance of staying up.
  7. Goals Galore as Points are Shared "We were happy, and then we were sad", said manager rokforce. rokforce 6 - 3 scratch scratch 4 - 3 rokforce I won't write too much about these as scratch is hoping to put a pretty special match report together. Suffice to say they were really enjoyable goalfests, and one win each was a fair result. First game had some strange goings on, but my strikers scored every chance they had in the second half. In the second I was 3-1 up with about 20 mins to go, before an amazing Marseilles comeback. Cheers for the games man and good luck for the rest of the season, you're not down yet!
  8. Confirmed. They were odd games, but I would rather a win each than two draws. This division is incredibly tight at the minute. Cheers for the games and good luck in the rest of the season.
  9. This is a bad time to be playing Sladie. Right now I need two confidence boosting wins against Petey, that fixture can't come soon enough.
  10. rokforce 1 - 2 DangerM A pretty tight game which either side could have won. Unfortunately I'm losing most of the close games at the minute though and that was the case here. Certainly an upset when you look at the leagues and the teams we play with, but I wouldn't want to imply that this was smash the grab from DangerM, he thoroughly deserved the win. Well played mate, good luck in the rest round.
  11. SLUMP CONTINUES Villareal (rokforce) 1 - 1 Sporting Lisbon (hereticboy) Sporting Lisbon 3 - 2 Villareal A massive improvement in performance from Villareal masked what has become a worrying slump for them. The record is now one draw and five defeats in the last six games in league and cup, but things looked so much more positive for much of last night. The first game featured much flowing football and was really enjoyable to play. Connection was lost after about 17mins with the score at 1-0 to Sporting thanks to a beautiful curling effort from Postiga. The game was very close throughout however, and an equaliser from Nilmar quite soon after the restart was a fair reflection of the pattern of the game. Both sides had chances to win it but a draw was a fair result. Inthe second game Sporting again took the lead through Moutinho who finsihed from inside the box. Villareal were buoyed by their point in the first game however, and came back to take a 2-1 lead into half time thanks to goals from Ibagaza and Rossi. I really felt confident that I could bring home a famous result, but heretic's threat that I would be "blown away" by his second half performance came true. A powerful drive from 12 yards, again by Moutinho brought him level, before another masterful strike from Postiga gave him the lead barely 15 minutes into the half. This was the flowing football I had been warned about, and it was too much for me. Cheers for the games mate. I'm a little disappointed having had the lead in the second game to have lost it, but I can't complain, you were a different animal in that second half. Good luck in the title race.
  12. Confirmed, not that I need to confirm to the organiser. Thoroughly enjoyable game and chat, probably the most I've ever enjoyed losing actually. Good luck in the rest of the competition, and in our league games which I have already started taking steroids in preparation for.
  13. I think I've left it way too late to do match reports. Can't complain about the results, you've combined the solidity you had at Hamburg with some Italian flair and were too good for me. Still may have been closer had you not bribed Capdevilla though! Cheers for the games mate.
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