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  1. My wife loves this show and prefers it to Star Trek.
  2. I took pics of my solutions and am rattling back through it, because I’ve enjoyed it that much.
  3. Maybe don’t start this yet, on Switch, if you’re planning on playing other things. It seems to wipe any progress as soon as you play something else, something confirmed when my daughter played ‘Cuphead’ for 57 seconds this morning.
  4. Sadly my daughter is getting the save progress bug, which looks to reset completely when exiting the game. It appears to have retained my save though, weirdly.
  5. This is fucking GREAT. It’s just what I’ve been looking for.
  6. My daughter has been playing this since I bought it. Says it’s good.
  7. 10% off on Switch and £18ish for the bundle with the dlc.
  8. It’s a rhythm action action game. I didn’t know this when I first played it.
  9. This is exactly how I’m feeling. It feels too much and obviously people have done it just using eggs or whatever on YouTube but my reactions are not up to parrying him in the mutated phase and he has taken all my shit in the ‘build up’. It might end here.
  10. This is awful on this difficulty. The build up, which is pure spectacle on lower difficulties, just serves to strip you of resources before the actual fight.
  11. No, before he mutates, when he crouch runs. I think you might be able to stab hi, but I’m too old.
  12. I think I’ve hit the wall on NG Pro. It’s your boy, Krauser, who will strip me of my body armour and 1-2 healing items before you get to the mutated phase. Parrying the knife isn’t so bad but I cannot avoid his running crouch grab.
  13. Just an ‘average’ animated film, I guess? I have not read the source material, but I remember myself and my partner agreeing it was engaging and enjoyable.
  14. The first one was LOADS better than I thought it would be.
  15. I did it first try this morning, hungover. Explosive mines at the end were crucial.
  16. I started a fresh Pro run and am at the cabin. It seems to be impossible.
  17. I really enjoyed this, even though I cannot argue with the criticism in here. I only paid £12 after some loyalty points too.
  18. Ludwig? Still one of the hardest bosses in all of these games for me.
  19. Safe to read the thread? This has immediately grabbed me.
  20. DC

    Heat 2

    Heat 2: Piping Hot
  21. I fucking loved Mercs on the OG and the main game is still one that I rank in my best ever list. Shooting ganados in the leg with Wesker, make them take a knee and ‘chiki chago’ / axe kick them was my favourite. His force punch was also good and he had the Killer 7 also.
  22. On the story, I started on Hardcore and died a LOT but overall felt it was the right one to pick. Blasted through Pro on NG+ and even with all my stuff, still struggled on some bits and also died a LOT. I cannot S all of the shooting range and am accepting the slow decline of old age.
  23. This game has been extremely special for me. I’ve stayed out of this thread to just enjoy it and it’s been phenomenal.
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