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  1. DC

    Disco Elysium

    There have been significant UI changes on the PS4, I think.
  2. DC


    I thought Shot Caller was great.
  3. DC


    I was pretty faded when we watched it but seem to recall enjoying it. Some great action in there.
  4. Lego Batman is £8.24 at Amazon. My daughter loves it, as do I.
  5. DC

    Disco Elysium

    I’m about a third through play through 2 and it’s just stellar.
  6. I got the six disc MI set for £50 from Zavvi, if anyone is interested.
  7. This is on Disney +, not the Directors Cut but still 10/10.
  8. DC

    Nintendo Switch

    Snipperclips Cut It Out Together Plus is the main game and DLC, yeah?
  9. DC

    Disco Elysium

    £20 on PS now. Banging game, if you like this sort of thing.
  10. The complete bastard edition is £13 on PSN. I won’t ever play online or be good but I LOVE the graphics. Is there enough good single player stuff here or is it like most fighters - best played with others?
  11. Is he a welsh guy? Was very funny on Matt Lees podcasts if it’s the guy I’m thinking of.
  12. A great series. Am I right in thinking new issues have come out relatively recently? I got the Comixology bundle, when it was mentioned in this thread.
  13. This is an all timer and 2 is great too as I recall. I got the version with the Move add on but I never played that. I’ve downloaded 3 but heard it’s actually so bad it’s not worth playing at all.
  14. The whole Mario Sunshine bit on TCGS is great.
  15. I’ve watched all three and they are all engaging in their own way. Really offbeat style. I think my favourite is this though.
  16. Yeah done that now. I think I’m on the last boss and it seems impossible, but loads have felt like that up til now. It’s the ads I’m struggling with. It will fall soon.
  17. The fucking snake! I guess it shows good balance if you feel like it impossible and then make gradual dents in the ‘spikes’.
  18. I beat him, the mines were a problem. I love this.
  19. I beat them but now it’s Marco 2nd stage. Great game.
  20. DC

    Disco Elysium

    This is on sale on PSN now for £23.
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