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  1. I thought The Invitation was superb. A really tense thriller.
  2. Genuinely one of the best things on Netflix IMO.
  3. What is the best one of those, in your opinion We used to play pass the pad on Tenchu. I got a GM on all the levels except maybe the last one IIRC.
  4. Where? Did you not summon?
  5. DC

    Someone here listens Nirvana?

    Shaped my life in a huge way. I think there are several threads on them.
  6. DC

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    Oh I have the 22nd off. This is locked in.
  7. Can't you use Revolt instead of a VPN? Saw some Hotukdeals threads mentioning it to get access to other regions stores. I've no more information than that though.
  8. Very aroused for this and I've purposely seen nothing. I fucking loved Tenchu back in the day and obviously From is From. I guess as I've got the choice I should be going with the X version rather than the PS4 Pro. How close to release do places like Digital Foundry run comparisons?
  9. DC

    Weezer. Does anyone like them?

    Say It Ain’t So The World Has Turned And Left Me Here Only In Dreams All from Blue. Pinkerton is amazing, Green has some good shit and Maladoit. Fallen off after that but happy to listen to all of their shut on Spotify.
  10. DC

    The most beautiful song you ever heard

    On a Max Richter tip:
  11. What a perfect match between character and player.
  12. I really enjoyed this, as a counter point. Watched it with my other half who hadn’t listened to the podcast who also was gripped. Several bonus episodes of the podcast dropped in November last year which talk to the people who made the show.
  13. DC


    I’m fine retrying the 2nd phase if I didn’t have to do the 1st bit every time. For that reason, he gets the poison knives from the loft.
  14. I still play this, mostly just doing Deadpools Daily.
  15. I'm really enjoying this. I love the use of music and will check out the graphic novel based on what I've seen so far.

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