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  1. I stopped when I couldn’t collect a S tier treasure because it was up some metal thing. I assume it’s because I had the wrong tyres as Kenshiro wouldn’t walk up it either.
  2. DC

    Dark Souls 3

    TNK is waiting.
  3. It’s still my favourite. I was waking up from a gig in London and salivating at the thought of playing it, as it would have unlocked by the time my train got back home. Went out to get a paper and The Guardian had an interview with Miyazaki(?), which only served to further embiggen my erection. In my hungover state, I STRUGGLED with that opening stretch and honestly thought I’d made a mistake buying digitally. Obviously that was nonsense and the rest is history. Even though Ive played it to death, if the PS5 made it all real smooth, I think I’d have tried to get one. As
  4. Yes! Both BKS and BKGS are amazing. Ive done some dex builds, some of them are fun. Replace the slower powerful smacks with weaker but faster ones, great stuff. I love these games.
  5. I rolled the Claymore and the Greatsword, through all of those games, amongst other Ultra Greatswords. Fume Knight sword was another favourite. The Claymore has the best balance between them all though I think.
  6. Two handing a big sword and rolling about the place is my play style all over. I fucking LOVE it.
  7. I like this for the most part but it’s janky as fuck and some bits are laughably shit. Specifically driving the car in the wasteland.
  8. Maybe the same issue as this: What solved it for me: - I realized that I upgraded from Xbox One S to the X (game was purchased on the S). Worked briefly on the X until some system update - Navigate to your Xbox Live online account and REMOVE the old Xbox device (I made sure there was only one device registered to my account) - - > I don't remember where exactly it was in the menu, sorry. - Turn on your affected Xbox - Uninstall FH4, try to re-install and re-download - Worked! - Root cause: FH4 was somehow connected to my older Xbox One S which I no longer used.
  9. This is an all timer. I’ve even managed to get people who loathe comic book films to watch it and they loved it.
  10. I got an email from them today saying they’re still trying to obtain it.
  11. Yeah I’ve had nothing on that front either. It also seems to be out of stock now?
  12. So we have this on the Switch now and my nine year old daughter had a sleepover last night and this is basically all they’ve been playing. Roaring belly laughs have been heard from her room, lovely stuff.
  13. The reprint of Absolute Swamp Thing Vol 1 isn’t popping up anywhere that I can see. Anyone know of the reasons for this or where I might be able to find out more info? EDIT: Nevermind, got one from Abebooks.
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