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  1. Oh, I wasn't really paying attention as it went along, so it's probably fine then! Thanks
  2. So the 10,000 reward points for achievements thing. The dashboard on the Xbox is showing I have the 10,000 achievement points, but it’s still showing a plus next to the 10,000 reward points rather than a green tick. I can’t see anything to make it change and don’t think I’ve been given the points. Is this normal? Is it something that updates at the end of the month or should it do it now?
  3. Jonster


    Even though I don’t usually reply to them I do like seeing them! It’s nice to see the enthusiasm as well. I’m OK with shmup adjacent things appearing here as well. I’d probably miss it if it was posted elsewhere and it’s good to know about these things.
  4. Jonster


    That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long time @Marlew. I hope I’m there when that happens! Did a couple of runs of Dangun last night as I happened to actually have the stick out for once. Managed to get through Fever mode by spamming bombs when I wasn’t busy getting out of the way of things! Not the bombs that kill everything, those were saved for when I sucked, but the bombs that slowly go up the screen and kill everything. I have no specific plan for them so I end up trying to keep one close to each side and one in the middle just in case. My favourite was setting up 8
  5. Jonster


    Finally watched the AGDQ Muchi Muchi Pork run. That was down to the wire at the end there! Enjoyable to watch even though I hadn’t played it myself. Just puns here, doesn’t have to be fished themed, so It’s a great oppor-tuna-ty!
  6. Jonster


    Yeah, it's a lot of fun. I picked up the US PS4 version late last year (after mameing it years back) but have only barely scratched the surface really.
  7. Jonster


    I should really take 5 minutes before pressing send on anything.
  8. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/abs/ipbgaooglppjombmbgebgmaehjkfabme
  9. Jonster


    Oops, it was actually Cardinal Sins trial mode within that. It went pretty well though:
  10. Jonster


    Trying to remember what I played in 2020, I think the only thing that was released last year that I played was the Switch Crimzon Clover. Ikaruga, Ketsui, Mushihimesama, DoDonPachi Resurrection and Judgement Silversword (for like a very intense week on the last one) all got a decent look in through. Deathsmiles and Psyvariar 2 each got played at least twice Oh yeah, and I played enough Danmaku Unlimited 3 to end up liking it as well.
  11. Jonster


    There was a Mushihimesama Futari* run a couple of years back and they realised there was a desire to see games that required a high level of skill but couldn't necessarily be speedrun. So there's been a couple of those types of games since; there's usually a rhythm game showcase (Beat Sabre is on right now for instance) as well. *I recall this initially came about because the TGM run showcases went down really well which started the idea, despite them being able to be speedran... I've also a feeling I'm wrong about that as well though. Seeing The Messenger speedr
  12. Haha, 3 goes is good! I've had one more goes last multiple hours before
  13. Other way round for once. Mine's 127
  14. Thanks Brad, but the Street Fighter thing applies for me with Tetris. I’m of the impression I’m pretty terrible at it now haha. Shame it applies to me with Street Fighter as well
  15. Showing on the PSN store now, guessing 6PM on Steam. Haven't checked the others, but I'd assume it's showing on Switch and Xbox.
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