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  1. Jonster


    Thanks spatular, it’s being made in Gamemaker Studio. I got it ages ago so thought I’d better do at least one game with it!
  2. Jonster


    Yeah, it’s a push your luck game and to reward not dying (as there’s no end) but that really only comes into play when you have more than your high score. I think there’s a bit of joy/relief for beating your high score and getting it banked, but I was thinking of implementing a “biggest losses” leaderboard which would serve as a leaderboard for playing until you die. You did make me think of a couple of other options though for banking and continuing: You bank your score, and if you then die you lose a proportion of the points earned since banking. Banking would be on a cooldown
  3. Jonster


    Thank you so much! That's really encouraging to hear You know, my wife played a game and said similar about those bullets and medals. I'm going to change that right now before I forget again! I have a few ideas for other game modes. This was going to be normal, but I think you're right in having an easier version - even if it just puts a limit on how quickly things spawn. No worries about hitting and running - if you ever want to see the state of it feel free to pop in and grab the latest version!
  4. Jonster


    Oops, yeah. PC only. I tried exporting the project to mac once to see what'd happen and got shouted at Awesome!
  5. Jonster


    Apologies if this is out of place - feel free to ignore/remove if so. I’ve been working on a 2D shooter for a little while now. The enemies are random spawns, but it’s all within a somewhat set pattern. I’m reaching the point where the base of the game is fairly set, gameplay wise at least. However, I need help testing, and trying to balance, it a little. I think it’s currently on the too hard side, but it would be nice to get some other opinions. If anyone is interested drop a message here or PM me.
  6. I read somewhere that all of the old modes are coming back as well, so if the gimmicky stuff is bad it shouldn’t impact too much. That said, it could be a lot of fun - I’m certainly interested in the more with health bars. Reminds me of the mobile Puzzle Fighter (which I loved) a little.
  7. Been really getting back into this over the last week or so (after what feels like a four year break of taking it seriously), been nice to have something to focus on in the evenings. As an added bonus I’ve managed to find the right balance of not taking it so seriously I lose the fun part as well. The stressful part comes from that I’m still not sure who I want to play as, I swing between Seth and Sagat in an almost hourly basis. I’m also in the camp of preferring how SFV looks over SFIV, not that I really dislike it. I’d like that. I instinctively tri
  8. Looks like it's coming to everything at the same time. Also looks like there’s separate queues for Puyo and Tetris now so no need to play Puyo vs Tetris if you don’t want to: (Will edit with more if I come across)
  9. I make it that you got a top 20 finish overall!
  10. The endurance was lots of fun last night, was almost starting to get the hang of it by the end! Apologies to @fretnoise for messing up at one point early on, getting in the way and stopping you dead.
  11. I’d be up for that and that plugin is excellent. I think lobbies are in but only if you’re a patron - someone I know set up a Third Strike lobby on Saturday for a tournament they were running. I’ve been hanging out on there recently, but mostly for Magical Puzzle Drop, Tetris The Grand Master 2, and Money Puzzle Exchanger.
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