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  1. Jonster


    Very true. Reached stage 4 dropping only one life tonight, and at just over 8 million points. First time I’ve gotten so far on one credit, so that felt good! Chained the first section of level 3 and thought to myself “This is going well, don’t mess it up now!” So my watch told me to breathe! Feel I have a plan for the first three stages set now, so guess I know what the next grind is.
  2. Jonster


    I decided recently to actually try and 1CC Ikaruga. It’s been fairly enjoyable focusing on a stage at a time but I’ve still a way to go. It’d probably be easier if I weren’t trying to chain everything, but I can’t seem to turn that part of my brain off.
  3. Seems the best place to put this... If you really want to mess with your head give this a try! Free to play, HTML5 , four way Tetris. https://games.increpare.com/schwerkraftprojektionsgeraet/
  4. For marathon, best scoring method is to set the level as high as you can cope with and go for an ST Stack: https://harddrop.com/wiki/ST_Stacking For Journey you want to be using the zone, which isn't always ST friendly. Stack up fairly high, activate the zone and then clear as many lines as you can. You don't have to wait for it to be full to activate (ie, if you can clear it when it's 75% full then you'll get more zone usage), but the extra time does make it a bit easier. I've been back on this the last couple of nights, trying to run through Journey as fast as possible but that's actually pretty boring so I did a scoring run and this happened tonight: edit: updated link
  5. I’ve just spent nearly an hour playing against Core Lemres to test. I lost probably the first five matches. I tried racing Tetrises mostly. Then had some luck with DT cannon setups, where I could keep on the offence after. All clears helped but weren’t a guarantee of winning. After I’d warmed up my win rate went up to around 80% - the biggest factor was if I made a mistake or not but was not a certainty either way. I could even keep up with straight Tetris races. I think the secret (unfortunately) is clean fast play, if you can get a lot of garbage sent quickly that can end the match early. Clean digging helps, especially if you can use the garbage for Tetrises or T-Spins. Getting a lengthy combo while digging can be very useful too. It’s a lot of fun to play against though, had some very lengthy games so it feels like a really good training method for keeping intensity up.
  6. I’ve been dipping in and out of this. Want to get a win with Ironclad before starting the ascension runs, have done the other two. Last run with Ironclad I think I was one or two turns away from winning, just lacked the survivability at the time.
  7. If you ever want to practice 4 wide combos Nullpomino on the PC has a specific mode for it. It starts off with it ready built and then you just try and keep the combo going.
  8. I went back and played some Tetris 99 recently and was pretty consistently second or thereabouts. A win eluded me but it was nice to see customisable controls! Just a heads up that PuyoPuyo Tetris is on sale on both PS4 and Switch. The former is under £7, and the latter just over £10. A bargain at both prices.
  9. Those snipe sessions sound really interesting, unfortunately I went off Tetris 99 a long time ago! Been getting back into Tetris again recently, hoping to finish TGM by the end of the year. Averaging 3rd is really impressive!
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