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  1. Just dug out the walkthrough and asked if I could share it:
  2. I know someone who has, who has also been to the Bury and Leeds ones, who was pretty down on it. Saw a walkthrough of the Blackpool site and it doesn't seem on the scale of the other two. -edit- the quotes from my friend "It’s basically the whole top floor of bury with like 4 machines off the middle floor" "Brought my powerbank in case this place was sick and I needed to keep my phones charged, what a waste" "The food seating area is nice"
  3. Really late bump but I came across this on an old removable hard drive (put on a newer one now to make sure it's not lost again). I ended up listening to it quite a few times back when, and is currently improving my work day at least tenfold by listening right now.
  4. R-Type R-Type (1987) R-Type Final (2003) R-Type Final 2 (2021)
  5. File this under not happening. Guess I'll start the grind in a couple of weeks. Plus a bunch of tech will be out by then...
  6. Looks really really fun. If Bridget is allowed at VSF I'm going to playing her a lot the next couple of weeks
  7. Bridget is out at 4pm today according to
  8. Well that's a nice surprise. Out today. Edit: starter guide now up:
  9. Jonster


    I've just watched the first zone of that run and it's glorious chaos.
  10. Jonster


    Some more love for Warning Forever. Still think I've got my original download on the removable hard drive somewhere! Went to Arcade Club (Bury) for the first time in quite a while today and they've a whole line of shmup cabs now in a room. Shame that room also had TGM3 to distract me, but I was still impressed.
  11. Super helpful post for anyone wanting to find a scene. Can't wait for VSFighting, just need to work out how to play fighting games again now
  12. 8bitdo make some: https://www.amazon.co.uk/8Bitdo-Arcade-Nintendo-Switch-Windows/dp/B08GJC5WSS. I've no idea if it's any good.
  13. I imported a Hitbox a few years back but found it very uncomfortable to use. Pretty sure that's unique to me though as I know plenty of people that use them regularly and swaer by them. I've been using a Razer Panthera for the past few years and it's been the best stick I've owned.
  14. Probably too late to answer this, but yes. Patch notes are out: https://www.guiltygear.com/ggst/en/news/post-1560/
  15. More information about the Fighting Ground bit here: https://www.streetfighter.com/6/en-us/mode/fightingground.html Including a provisional HUD:
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