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  1. I was going to level a bard as a side class for ShB but with the removal of a lot of the utility I’ve found Machanist a lot more fun. It’s got a nice rhythm to it and not having to worry about any cast times is glorious. I’ve a Red Mage slightly more levelled than it and I’m not quite sure which will replace the AST when they get to 80. Not mained a DPS in FFXIV yet, but they’re harder than I expected. I keep finding myself getting caught by mechanics I never had a problem with when I was healing.
  2. The first one? Just drop it when it spawns. The first L, S, and T pieces are just dropped in place. J and Z go all the way to the right, O to the left - leaving I as the only awkward to place one.
  3. I prefer this setup for DT cannon starts, but Brad's is the one I learned first. The placing of the second J piece is the end of the basic setup.
  4. It's probably a relic from when the weapons were new. Often you have to trade in a type of tomestone you could only earn limited amounts of for the tokens/items (which in total would be more than you can carry of that type of tomestone) to buy the weapon. When that particular type of tomestone was removed from the game it was changed to poetic, but the buying process remained the same.
  5. You certainly can. I'll be on most of tomorrow and will check in on the other worlds periodically (no one was about tonight, but it is late). Alternatively, if you visit Louisoix and search for Striker Eureka or Celestiane Lunarstar, and send one of us a tell we can invite you that way as well I think.
  6. Got Vorgot and Takizawa in, so we're a go! I've a list of everyone who's given their details so far but I've made it so everyone can invite
  7. Name and server so I can visit and either target you or add you to friends list. Probably won’t be tonight though as at a wedding! I’ll make it so everyone can invite, I think it’s just getting it started.
  8. From what I’ve read it’s from friends list or direct targeting.
  9. I've created a cross world link shell. Now to get people on my friends list so I can invite them... I've added Jasberfloob already so there's no risk of it going anywhere either
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