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  1. It's probably a relic from when the weapons were new. Often you have to trade in a type of tomestone you could only earn limited amounts of for the tokens/items (which in total would be more than you can carry of that type of tomestone) to buy the weapon. When that particular type of tomestone was removed from the game it was changed to poetic, but the buying process remained the same.
  2. You certainly can. I'll be on most of tomorrow and will check in on the other worlds periodically (no one was about tonight, but it is late). Alternatively, if you visit Louisoix and search for Striker Eureka or Celestiane Lunarstar, and send one of us a tell we can invite you that way as well I think.
  3. Got Vorgot and Takizawa in, so we're a go! I've a list of everyone who's given their details so far but I've made it so everyone can invite
  4. Name and server so I can visit and either target you or add you to friends list. Probably won’t be tonight though as at a wedding! I’ll make it so everyone can invite, I think it’s just getting it started.
  5. From what I’ve read it’s from friends list or direct targeting.
  6. I've created a cross world link shell. Now to get people on my friends list so I can invite them... I've added Jasberfloob already so there's no risk of it going anywhere either
  7. I lied about going to expert and have got beginner down to 3:12.40 now. Annoyingly I feel like I could do faster as there was a couple of errors I’m aware of, so now I’ll have to play it more later.
  8. This is the perfect game for a work break. Except the work break ends up being much longer than intended. Down to 3:12.75 on beginner and 3:14.75 on intermediate. The latter was oddly hard to get a win on. My previous best before that was 3:14.83 and I’d finished 3rd then. I thought I was going to have to beat the beginner time to actually get the win. Expert next and I’m dreading it.
  9. I thought this until my laptop broke this weekend. Turns out I can heal using a PS4 pad and was nowhere near as bad as I thought. I’ve also found the RDM rotation really satisfying on pad as well. In short I found out the PS4 version is really good after I’d ignored it for so long!
  10. There’s no difference between Eos and Selene now other than aesthetics, so just pick the one you think looks nicer!
  11. Congratulations! Sprinting is definitely addictive, and 10 seconds off is a decent chop!
  12. Speaking as an AST main I don’t know how much longer I’ll be an AST main. Might be time to embrace dps queue times!
  13. Here is my official review: I enjoyed my half hour or so with it last night.
  14. Open door, skeleton with arms up, move towards it anyway, die. Twice. Good to be be back on this. I had a problem with the Switch version not having sound effects but the recent patch fixed it.
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