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  1. You can check My Nintendo to see if you’ve won or not as well. No luck here.
  2. This is what I was trying to describe, and is also the best implementation of it I’ve seen.
  3. Current goal is 50 wins by the time I’ve played 200 games. Certainly doable, and this afternoon’s session was 3 wins from 6 games. I’m having mixed success with a new baiting strategy. In the early game I’m foregoing openings and perfect clears to stack as neatly and as high as possible, as quickly as possible. This gets everyone targeting KO to target me and with sufficient attackers means a single line clear is worth around 8-10 garbage lines. Set to attackers this lets me attack a large number of people at the same time, my current record is 12 KOs out of the first 49. This can have the downside of being the badge leader though, but it usually results in multiple attackers that can be dealt with because of the increased power from badges and being targeted. I say mixed success because if someone is baiting better you’re just sitting at the top of the screen not getting any kills. There is also the danger of getting a large attack come your way when you’re unprepared, that’s happened a couple of times but it’s mostly due to poor structuring.
  4. This is my usual one: But theres more examples here: https://harddrop.com/wiki/DT_Cannon (TKI Signature is the other one I know well)
  5. A T-Spin double sends/clears the same amount of garbage as a Tetris, but requires less pieces to set up allowing for more garbage to be sent from the same number of pieces.
  6. I’ve done precisely 2 T-Spin Triples outside of openings. Opening wise I’ve done hundreds between various versions.
  7. Jonster

    Dead or Alive 6

    So like most dlc then?
  8. Here’s something I did tonight, I’m immensely proud of it. Also seems like it could be a legit strategy in the mid-game.
  9. Congrats! Thanks for the compliment, but I think I'm losing my monster status - I legit had a 98th place finish last night
  10. Basically yes. The more lines you clear in one go the more garbage you send (or clear from the incoming queue). A T-Spin Double is worth the same as a Tetris. If you do them back to back (ie with no other clears in between) you’ll also send more. Combos (ie clearing at least one line with each successive piece) also work, but need to be fairly long in order to send lots of garbage. For Tetris 99, if there’s garbage due to come in, if you clear a line then it delays the garbage by another piece. This is useful to know as you can sometimes delay it enough to survive an otherwise killer attack.
  11. I’ve not been playing much recently due to illness, but I’m at 28 wins from 108 games now. The early streak is over, haha. Still not sure what the best strategy is, but I’m finding results are varying wildly. In my last few games I had a spell of 1st, 63rd, then 3rd.
  12. Isn’t it something like only an 83% chance of having a starting combination that gives an all clear, so it’s never guaranteed.
  13. So it seems combos are a bit powerful, I was just trying a 2 or 3 wide at the side. I’ve seen KevinDDR use them and decided to try it in a game tonight, which I won (I’ve been on a bit of a losing streak!). The amount of garbage being sent was a bit crazy. Will try it some more to make sure it’s not just a fluke though.
  14. That’s right and left, respectively, right? I had a friend who gave me a massive hint based on if it was the same thing done twice or not determining whether you needed to move. That way I only had to remember left or right once each time
  15. I've gone back to this recently after a break just as 4.4 released. Finished Alphascape earlier, was fun forgetting what is left and right for a bit.

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