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  1. Word!!!!!!!!

  2. I dont think this kid can be caged. I'll try though.
  3. We bought a WII a few years back. The wife used the fit board for a bit and the novelty soon wore off. Since then it has been gathering dust in the cupboard. I wasn't in the slightest bothered about buying any proper games for it at all. I used to play lots of video games. Lots and lots. And lots. But now I dont. However, my 3 year old son saw my next door neighbours kids playing Mario Kart. So I borrowed the game and a wheel. And now me and my son are playing around 4 hours of Mario Kart at the weekend. He's even shouting "Bowser, wind your neck in" at the screen. Fucking ace. I was just reading the review of the new PSP and it's given me a semi. So it looks like I may be into games again. Oh dear, there goes the bank balance.
  4. http://www.juliabenson.net/photo_gallery.html?ID=2 Oh fuck yeah!
  5. This bit was ace. I pissed meself.
  6. It was awful. The explanation of why The Met would investigate rather than Essex just because a Met unit was involved. Gash. Their police liaison must have been a right shower. The costumes and car were highly unbelievable. And where was the mention of the IPCC? And why would it first fall into the hands of a DC from West End Central nick? And DC's dont get their own offices! Jesus. And the crash itself was v lame.
  7. So I fancy watching this as I missed it the first time round. On Catch Up, it states that each episode is 1hr long. I've just watched the first episode and it ends at 16 mins. The second episode comes in at 11 mins and the 3rd at 13 mins. I've registered but this doesnt change a thing. Anyone any ideas???
  8. I like the way the BNP guy thinks that Canvey is a step up from Barking! It's just a different type of shithole.
  9. Mervin

    Led Zeppelin

  10. Are you sure? I'm talking about the book, right? Maybe I'm getting it confused with the bit where he cuts the girls lips off with nail scissors.... Oh, I just remembered the bit that made me spew: Bateman shoves a habitube up a girls twat and throws some cheese up there. Then he throws some hungry mice / rats up there and pulls the tube out. The rodents eat their way out........ Then there's the other bit where he shoves his fist down a girls throat and pulls her vocal cords out through her mouth. One sick fucking book.
  11. Great Film. Bloody good book too. It's the only book I have ever had to take a break from because it made me physically sick. The bit where Bateman pops a hookers eyball with a cigarette lighter is jokes.
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