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  1. Did I not hear that Blizz were hard banning ppl for doing that?
  2. I really shouldnt have read this thread, it brings back good memories and makes me wana go back to Vanilla, haven't played since WotLK
  3. Agreed on this, they can then roll out the free version to the limited markets that are only available now, then later rollout free to ALL.
  4. The exclusivity is that there is no exclusives!
  5. It was an interesting point I was discussing with some work buddies (I work as a consultant for ISPs). This is something we instantly thought about and how it would effect the ISPs current infrastructure. All well and good you need between say 15 - 60megs bandwidth, but you are now asking an ISP to allow you a 1Tb cap per month if you want to do 4k streaming. We came to the conclusion that it depends on where the ISP see's their own bottleneck and cost per mb/gb/tb. If the likes of Virgin Media BT etc are sitting on their own under utilisied infrastructure links then they dont need to worry about that, they've invested in future planning and here are the rewards. They do however have to think about the cost of Transit with a Level 1 or 2 provider globally to get the traffic off their network and into the Google Data Center. Maybe they will be lucky and peer with Google Directly or via a national exchange, INEX or LINX and the cost wouldnt be that much, however if smaller ISPs need to hand off this 1tb stadia traffic to the likes of VM, BT, AT&T, Verizon thats going to start costing them a small fortune.
  6. I would say that its the way its worded is factually correct. The latency between the streaming server you are running your stream on and the game server itself will not have worse latency. e.g The Stadia Server you run your stream from communicating with Bungies Destiny 2 server will be minimal. Therefore they can make that bold claim. However, like you Im super skeptical about the latency between your controller in sitting room and the Stadia server.
  7. Rattlehead.ie


    You wonder at times is this us, the user, seeing the disadvantage of "online" and digital download medium. Companies have deadlines and deliver these unfinished games, in the hope they have done enough to see users stick around for a "day one" patch or further patching down the line. Least Valve are taking their time to complete a bug-free HL3
  8. Rattlehead.ie


    Id love too, if I knew I could get that D1 feeling with MUKkers again, but holding off till I know it could deliver on it.
  9. Rattlehead.ie


    Smell my cheese you mother.
  10. Rattlehead.ie


    By the sounds of it yes the infinite load is one major pain, but if they can't deal with the initial connectivity you don't get even as far as the load problem. I find the above a lil confusing, I mean ok maybe it wasn't server capacity they underestimated but they certainly underestimated some network capacity if they cant deal with the spike.
  11. Rattlehead.ie


    I would suspect the authentication part of the sign in and during the game was causing a huge amount of load, either to servers, firewalls or routers and they have disabled it for now tolighten the load or decrease the amount of authrequests.
  12. Rattlehead.ie


    From a networking perspective it's going to be hugely difficult to identify what is genuine vs non genuine traffic at the rate that is needed. The packets per second with ppl connecting or "refreshing" constantly to create that first session would be nuts. Always thought it would have been a good idea for games like this to havethe intro (training levels) and first few missions completely offline......least then it would somewhat stagger the connections as users come online.
  13. Rattlehead.ie


    If anyone has a code, I wouldnt say no to it.
  14. Good, good times, haha. I kinda wanted to try and get back to it, but I am a lil lost right now.
  15. Haven't played since before the Warmind DLC, had it but didn't play it. So jumped back in at the weekend with Forsaken bought as well. Right now they guided progression (story part) through Warmind and into Forsaken is great and loving the closed off parts I open as I progress. Just hope that the endgame stuff doesn't burn out as quickly as D2 original and Osiris.
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