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  1. Is there any rumours on what is being annoucned?
  2. With no offense to any Scotish fan meant. Scotland always seem to have something good coming together and the thing is they probably do have the players to do something great. The coaching ticket has to go in my opinion of all the coaches. Pivac while Wales under-performed, there is a core issue that needs to be fixed at club level first so it cant all be put on his shoulders. Jones, in my opinion built a game around at least one of 2 players being on the pitch, Tualagi or Farrell, with both gone, they looked rudderless yesterday with flashes of great rugby.
  3. It's very annoying alright. It's a good idea but poorly executed.
  4. Interestingly....the player who went into the position of hooker had previously played as hooker just not at internetional level. Further to that if Italy had been clever at the time could have told the ref that and then no uncontested scrums. However it was only later at half time they asked the question and weren't allowed change at that point.
  5. I'm not sure who I'm cheering for here....I think Wales. Although looks like Wales are determined to lose this one.
  6. If I was a Scottish fan I'd be livid. Some of the missed opportunities is horrible. Ref does seem a lil inconsistent, but not the deciding factor. I'll wait to see Eng v Wales later but I can't see anyone beating this France team right now.
  7. As an Ireland supporter this game is the one I look forward to most outside of the obvious Irish games. It's generally quiet close for most of the game and some agro thrown in.
  8. thanks @Kayin Amoh but defo needing wireless ones in this case.
  9. Ok, but assume then you need a BT dongle for the PC right, or does it come with the dongle?
  10. Got my series X to replace my PS4, hoped the wireless headset with dongle would work they dont. Anyone recommend a good wireless headset that I can use with my PC as well as the X. Preferably not having to buy the dongle seperately?
  11. As an Irish supporter I don't know how I feel about that game. Certainly we are starting to play a more expansive free flowing game which takes advantage of the skills we have in the squad, but with no offense to them Wales just did not show up on the day.
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