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  1. The process is explained here in clear steps... https://www.thegamer.com/game-share-xbox-one-series-s-x-consoles/#:~:text=How To Set Up Game Share On An,Select 'add new' to add the other account. It's not bragged about on official Microsoft sites or help pages because, God forbid, they might miss out on a few more quid
  2. Yea this should still work, it's called console/subscription sharing. You may need to add his profile to your machine and set it as HIS home console but I'm not sure if that's necessary anymore (it was back, years ago, when me and my brother set it up).
  3. *feels interest in Pentiment, as a game, rapidly dwindling*
  4. Ah, I see this update adds chapter select so I can finally go back and get the couple of collectibles I missed in story missions. Possibly try co op on legendary then for some of the 'interesting' sounding achievements...
  5. I'm currently wrapping up NIOH one (just 3 boss-rush type side missions, 2 twilight missions and 2 blacksmith perks to buy for platinum) and I thought it was pretty great. I've been playing it on disc and cancelled my PS+ sub long ago as I'm usually on Xbox BUT I'm tempted to resubscribe to claim NIOH 2. Can I keep playing it from my library even if I cancel my sub or do I need to keep paying monthly to keep playing? If that's the case I'll wait for it to be cheap in cex in a year or so...
  6. Hello folks, I've just started to get into this on XSX (after loading up a file I recovered from 2015 where I basically just completed the tutorial) and have been enjoying hanging out with a couple of buddies in their world and hunting achievements. I was wondering is there any interactive games I can build in the world that we could have fun playing when chilling out? My first thought was a pool table but the only ones I could see on Google were just for cosmetics and not interactive. I'm open to any and all ideas as long as the games are genuinely interactive and, hopefully, fun! If someone could point me in the right direction for this kind of thing that'd be great. Thanks
  7. Totally loving this at the moment, I've gotta say. Love the puzzles (even though I don't really need the rewards I enjoy figuring them out), combat and traversal mechanics. Gliding about is so relaxing. I can definitely see myself rinsing the entire map I'm enjoying it that much. My dream game in a lot of ways actually
  8. I see this is on gamepass now for anyone whose interested. I'll give it a spin to see what I think. Sounds like a nice, colourful, easy going experience which will be a perfect contrast to NIOH I'm currently playing
  9. Ah that's good to know, thanks. I had went back to kill them anyway and made sure I had living weapon ready before I engaged each one so it wasn't so bad. I also got one stunned by hitting its head with a stone as someone in here suggested so that was funny. I've had a look at the boss but noped out for now, I'm only missing one kodama so will use a guide to find it before trying the boss again. I'm using dual swords with an axe as a back up and have invested in some skills for both in various stances. Getting some parries and generally feeling more comfortable with the combat. Disappointing that backstab isn't a thing from the off but I googled it and apparently I unlock a Ninja skill tree after this boss so will make sure to get it right away. Impressive experience so far
  10. Started this earlier today (just to see if it'll give me the same buzz as Bloodborne just has) and reached the big fella on the boat. First impressions are pretty damn good. I've placed markers at the foggy areas where 3 or 4 large Yokai spawn in the burning village as I'd assumed they were required to complete the mission but apparently not? Is it recommended to do them in anyway?
  11. @Qazimod yea that's great advice, especially for the Kos fight as it's all a bit scrappy and toe to toe, less so for Laurence I found as he could wipe me out far too quickly. @Kayin Amoh man if I'd seen that method the day before I definitely would've used it but kinda glad I got through it my own way. Thanks rllmuk, love this place
  12. The rllmuk moaning trick strikes again as I beat both those feckers a few hours after my other post I was determined to do Laurence first and I definitely found him hardest after Valtr inevitably snuffs it, here's the last intense few hits... https://youtu.be/QIu7-2ZyUdQ Kos was a lot more enjoyable once I learned his ENTIRE moveset and was more confident about going for visceral and rally chances... https://youtu.be/rWbbw-fB_c8 I then hunted down a Piercing Rifle and Church Pick I had missed for the trophy and DLC is now done, picked clean as far as I can tell. SO DAMN SATISFYING, no other games come close to this feeling
  13. That worked a charm ages ago FishyFish. Well, it turns out this was indeed a great gaming experience and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. My favourite part (as in all Soukslikes) has been the exploration of new areas, fearing every corner, and doing most bosses solo. I've also been helping a couple of mates with certain areas and bosses. I actually bought the DLC at half price and thought that was great too, however, the boss fights with Laurence aflame and Kos the mad hopper are really testing my patience. I'm only posting here to see if there's any kind soul out there willing to help me with those bosses in particular as I'm on my way to a Platinum (I've got the secret ending, the decline ending and went down deep to kill the poor Queen). Failing that, maybe the old trick of moaning on here about bosses will magically inspire me to do better next time I try
  14. This is great news as I was pretty close to buying both Maquette and Solar Ash in the past
  15. This has 75% off in the Xbox store at the minute, about £14, if anyone is interested. I had just earned £10 store credit from rewards so took a punt. Opinions in this thread seem generally positive, especially for co-op shenanigans, so I hope I've a good time with it.
  16. Thanks for that FishyFish, I'll give that a try later. Also, after googling a bit, it seems insight can be reasonably easily farmed in the 1st Chalice Dungeon you get after beating BSB (Whose Boss Door I saved it at last night apparently!). Knowing that puts my mind at ease for future jolly co op with my mate (who I've got all achievements with in the original and remastered DS, DS2 and SotFS, DS3 and ER over the last decade or so ) without stressing about running out of insight. Good challenging/rewarding times could, indeed, be ahead.
  17. Hey folks, I just started this a couple of days ago and am currently addicted. I'm about level 25 and having trouble with Vicar Amelia. I've summoned Henriette a couple times but she doesn't help that much and my attacks and Molotovs barely damage her at all. Is there a group thing I can post to asking for co op help like the clubs thing on Xbox? I've been trying to make myself available all over the areas I've uncovered for co op but never get summoned so I'm about to run out of insights and have no idea how to get more if nobody summons me. I've killed the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne solo first try. Recently killed the Witch(es) of Henwick and am currently in buildings below the guy in a tower using a machine gun before I stopped for the night. Utterly gripping game and a damn shame about the frame rate but hey ho. TL;DR = Can anyone point me in the direction of help or am I doing ok?
  18. Just bought a PS4 off gumtree... Console, 2tb external drive, wireless headset = £90, Bloodborne £10, Nioh £4, upcoming gaming experience = (hopefully) PRICELESS
  19. We've done all the Souls games in co-op on xbox before but don't get enough time to play these days so I'd say it would probably take us a year to get through it, especially because we'll be trying to hunt all the trophies! So, with that said, if we go halves on a year's subscription on HIS account with my console setup as his home console (and vice versa I assume?) we should be able to play through it that way? As in, no need to have a subscription each? Also, I see there are free games per month on PS+ like Xbox Live Gold/Ultimate, can these still be played after the subscription ends? Sorry if I'm being a bit dumb here!
  20. Hey folks can someone please answer this question? My friend has a PS5 with a digital version of Bloodborne installed (not sure if PS4 or PS5 version). If I buy a PS4 can we set up a gameshare thing where we can co-op the game together without me buying the game? I assume we need the subscription service to play online so can we share one subscription too? I tried googling this but got all confusedalized! Thanks in advance!
  21. This might be old news to most, but on xbox, if you press start on the Elden Ring tile, select Game Card> official club > multiplayer. There you can see hundreds of people looking for help with any and all bosses, catacombs etc. and if you express interest in a post you'll be invited to a party/conversation in seconds! You can also create a post, detailing what bosses in particular you'd like to get smushing, and you'll get loads of folks offering help. This system was a revelation to me during the previous dark souls games and I met some folks who are Xbox buddies to this day
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