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  1. Playing this at the moment and agree with most of you guys' comments, positive AND negative. I finished the first one and enjoyed it, despite some seriously annoying segments/mechanics, but this one is a definite improvement in all areas. I actually like how the stealth and combat feels a little out of your control or somewhat random and janky at times, unless you really, really focus as it makes for some tense emergent gameplay situations. It's proper fucked up schlock horror and I've no idea what's coming next which makes it pretty compelling to play. Currently at chapter 6:On the Hunt on Nightmare difficulty and enjoying feeling more empowered after levelling up some weapons and stealth kill abilities I'd definitely recommend it at this point and looking forward to where it takes me next Probably won't play it much over the weekend though as I want to have a good look at the Anthem demo (available for free pre-install now for any EA Access members, if anyone is interested).
  2. Gavin

    Has anyone seen Gavin?

    Who? Me? I'd imagine the Gavin character is the developers having a bit of an in-joke, possibly about an errant member of their staff, as nobody online has ever seen or found him... It could also be a reference to future DLC but I doubt it...
  3. Gavin

    ZOMBI (PS4/Xbone/PC) - Ubisoft

    Playing through this on Xbone at the moment and enjoying it well enough for what it's trying to do, reminds me a bit of the Condemned games which is a good thing. Anyhoo, I had just picked up the Hunting Crossbow behind a revolving alcove thing in Buckingham Palace and, after advancing a fair bit further without returning to save my progress at the bed, I managed to get my face munched off by a zombie and died right at the point where I got the bigger backpack. When I made it back to said spot and killed my former self there was no crossbow to loot from the body! I wouldn't mind so much, as I'm happy with my 'Punk's Not Dead' cricket bat and a handgun, but I didn't get to shoot a single crossbow bolt for an associated achievement. I tried looking for a respawn where I first found it but nothing is there, I tried scanning the CCTV setup at the base but no luck and when I google the issue I couldn't find any helpful pointers. Does anyone know if I'll find another crossbow further in the story or how/when/where weapons respawn or whatever? Thanks.
  4. Gavin

    Monster Hunter: World

    Damn, I am so tempted to pick this up today in Tesco or Argos for £44. FOR I have a DARK SOULS itch to scratch (killed Gael, Midir can do one ). I'm looking for a brand new co-op experience but it's great to know there's a 40 hour single player campaign. I've been curious about the franchise for years but never gave it a shot. The gameplay loop of practise, die, learn, conquer, loot, craft, improve is highly appealing. Early reviews and forum feedback are encouraging and the overall premise is intriguing. The Wee Palico things look super cool. AGAINST Money is tight so I should wait till I finish Witcher 3 & Dishonoured 2 so can trade them in against it (very close to end of both). Every mission being on a timer is a major worry as I like to take tea/beer/smoke breaks while gaming. I imagine this will be near half price in CEX in a couple of months so should really wait. I don't know if any of my regular co-op mates will get on board with this. The green scoutfly things look WAY too intrusive. mmmmm... What to do...
  5. Gavin

    Monster Hunter: World

    aaarrgghh!! HZD NOT HDZ!!!! ahem... As you were.
  6. Gavin

    TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge

    Haha the voiceover in that trailer is the most melodramatic, hyperbolic tripe I've ever heard "Thunder and Lightening between your bones!!!" It actually sounds like a spoof of over dramatic trailer voiceovers. Laughable. Edit: The actual game looks pretty great though... if you're into that sort of thing.
  7. Gavin

    Monster Hunter: World

    Ah... Well... Ok then. Hype levels suitably adjusted. This will also be my first Monster Hunter experience and was wondering could you folks tell me if the gameplay (combat mechanics, multiplayer etc.) could compare well with the Dark Souls series? (Me and a mate co-popped all 3 and most of the DLCs and just love it) Is there a consistent world to go and explore at your leisure or do you always have to be on a timed quest? The timer thing is my main concern actually as I generally hate timed gaming experiences. Is there a story thread or narrative of any kind to follow or is it just sort of like "Go here, kill this thing because like.., ye know... Research data"? Are there any levels as such to play through with 'regular' enemies to practise on or platform sections or puzzles and things or is it more just a series of boss battles which would be a bit disappointing I think? Cheers for any info folks
  8. Gavin

    Monster Hunter: World

    First Monster Hunter World review near perfect score from Japanese mag Famitsu... Getting hyped... http://www.gamerevolution.com/news/363485-monster-hunter-world-famitsu-review-gives-near-perfect-score
  9. Gavin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Ok thanks again, I'll try using the channel tab tomorrow. Kodi was unavailable in the store when I checked on Friday, dunno what's up with that... I forgot about the Freeview tuner thing, will look it up now...
  10. Gavin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Thanks for trying EvilBoris but I installed this and it looked exactly like what I wanted but no channels or programmes would actually play. Oh well. Does anyone have any other solutions for watching freeview channels live through Xbox One please?
  11. Gavin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    For reasons too annoying to explain I find myself without Freeview in 2 rooms in the house, the ones we use as 'Games' rooms, so does anyone know if this little App still works? http://www.xboxoneuk.com/xbox-one/news/new-xbox-app-allows-you-to-watch-freeview-channels-legitimately/ It's called TVPlayer and apparently gives all Freeview channels Live feed OR catch-up which would be cool and save me faffing about with iPlayer, ITV Hub etc. just to watch basic shit when I'm in between games. I'm away from home at the moment so can't test it. Cheers in advance for anyone who can try this for me...
  12. Gavin

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Loving this at the moment, probably the most engaging sidequests I've ever played... anyhoo, back to Velen
  13. Gavin

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

    aarrggh shit, I had spent 10 minutes typing a waffly post about this but the page messed up and I lost it. Long story short; it's near identical to a character and premise I designed and drew when I was young in the mid 80's and I frickin' love it. Every. Little. Thing. Back Compat. on Xbox One people , if you missed it like I had, get on it!
  14. Gavin

    Elder Scrolls Online - Morrowind

    @disperse and recoagulate Yea it's a good game and definitely a bit of a slow burner with LOADS of content to experience, areas to explore and game mechanics to get your head around. On consoles TAP dpad down to change from 1st to 3rd person and HOLD dpad down and adjust camera zoom view with the right stick. The game is a lot more fun to play with friends who can join you on most quests as back up or to quest together. Give it a while and you'll probably get really into it. Add me as a friend if on euro xbox servers and I can help you out with a few things early doors if you want?
  15. Gavin

    Elder Scrolls Online - Morrowind

    Well, my time is limited this weekend so I just completed my nearest Dolmen with a few random folks so I hope that will do the trick...

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