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  1. Finally got around to setting mine up tonIght real nice bit of kit not but any emu on it yet. Just been looking steamdeck ticked games do we have a list of must have games on it ?
  2. For those that already have got one did it stay on shipping soon for a while ?
  3. Looks like work lunch times will be be filled with Circuit Superstars and co
  4. All ordered it was bank app stopping the page from updating hopefully get it before EGX next week.
  5. Just got the email say my pre order is ready to purchase but seem to stuck on working page on the last part should I just leave it to run ?
  6. Is that a DIY digital pinball or brought if it's a DIY one looks good job
  7. Where did you get the vertical grip controller from ?
  8. Sorry if I am being stupid here but is VPX a program on it's own that run on a PC/Windows Box
  9. Any seen this cheap anywhere in the Sales looking for something stupid to play
  10. Cannot see if the one being played on E4 on wednesday is the same as youtube one
  11. Purchased the £25 quid update but cannot see the new island on the map or i am stupid Edit : I am being stupid it had not loaded correctly
  12. So if you have the ps4 version is it £9 for dlc and PS5 upgrade ?
  13. Ok looking at getting one myself just not sure where from.
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