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  1. If you're not of the opinion that you're playing the greatest thing ever made, I can imagine that the later areas start to be a bit of a drain. I agree with scottcr that Stormveil was one of my favourite areas in the whole game (along with Haligtree and the Sewers) but I do think that might be affected by the fact that at the start of the game you're brimming with enthusiasm and awe and you have the patience to explore every nook and cranny even after the third or fourth time you thought you had discovered everything about the area. I think it's pretty normal to not feel exactly like that after 150-200 very intense hours.
  2. Ace thanks Kiro! Sorry couldn't make it this evening but will try and get myself sorted and aim for next week. Cheers for the cars recommendations too! I thought anything useful might be more expensive than that but I've got about 1m to spend so that all seems surprising in budget. Hopefully see you on the track soon!
  3. Yeah I saw the Monday night thing but I don't know any of the tracks and don't have any cars yet so might take me a little while to get myself together but yes plan to join at some point! It's organised in this thread as far as I can tell? Edit: Oh and I've popped my details in the google doc and I'll try adding people I don't have.
  4. Never played a Gran Turismo before but found myself watching Super GT even more than usual last week so thought I'd take the plunge. I'm playing on a pad cause I went a bit mad a few years ago and sold my Fanetec (very sad) - so I guess I'm not getting the most immersive experience. Doesn't really suit my life to get a wheel right now but hopefully later in the year. The PS5 pad is pretty good for this kind of thing though. Not really sure what to make of it so far.. I've done some of the license stuff and it's been fun (and occasionally really tough) to get gold in some of the categories. And seeing the likes of mexos and Kiro on the friends rankings takes me back to the glory days of the rllmuk F1 leagues . But I'm not finding the career mode stuff especially compelling to be honest. Why do I start last every race? Even the championship races start me last when I'm higher up in the standings. And having to pass people driving very slowly on the racing line doesn't really feel like racing, which is kind of disappointing. But I guess the meat of the game is in the sport mode which I haven't really broached yet. I have ~700,000 credits but no clue what to spend it on and real anxiety about wasting it as I've heard it's not easy to get. Any tips/advice on this front?
  5. This is the actual correct answer.
  6. Yeah this is exactly how I've approached it too! Good to know I'll need to prep myself a bit if I ever make it to the next new adventure.
  7. I doubt I'll make it that far to be honest, I'm only really going through NG+ for some character questlines and to get to Melania again. What level did you start NG++ at though out of interest? Got a friend who said he finished NG+ on 290, which seems extremely high to me.
  8. Still finding the balance in NG+ a touch off. Not just the damage dealt/received but also just some of the boss weapons/weapon arts. Waterfowl Dance is ridiculously OP - video example - none of the NPC / Invader style characters have much response to it if they don't break through my poise right before it, and if it connects it just wrecks them. Though I suppose that is quite realistic! Still enjoying it by and large though. Even if it's not quite the same without the sense of mystery and discovery of a first playthrough. I even managed to solo Radahn without knowing any of the dodge timings or really what I was doing at all. Revenge is sweet!
  9. Don't need support if you never stop playing it *taps head*
  10. Started an NG+ run recently and I'm just kind of leisurely breezing through everything and it's all just really easy. Is this how it's supposed to be? Really feels like it could do with some major balance tweaks. Kind of undermines the exhausting struggles of my first run.
  11. As someone new to NOW TV this season I've learnt that they sometimes name the programmes incorrectly as well. This week the full unedited qualifying was called "Qualifying Highlights" and a couple of weeks ago qualifying was called "Practice 3".
  12. Nice work @Minion ! Enjoyed that. Do you feel any more positively about the boss now?
  13. @Alan Stockre your question about the Varre questline:
  14. This is such a familiar feeling! (Forest fan) Still fair play to Bournemouth, they were miles better than us second half. We've got a fantastic record in the playoffs so I'm sure that will be fine.
  15. This isn't strictly aimed at you, so apologies, but just on this point. I'm playing through a second time and have come to the conclusion that the ER boss battles are tough, very tough at times! But only if you're under-levelled and/or hamper yourself. The difference between fighting Godrick, for example, at level ~25 and level ~40 is absolutely massive. Obviously the levelling becomes gradually less useful throughout the game, but I really genuinely don't think (sorry if this sounds gatekeep-y) that anything up until the late-game is really very hard *if* you're a high enough level, have a good enough weapon, and you use the summons and everything the game gives you. There's huge scope in ER for getting as powerful as you want. If anyone still wants to explore the game but got stuck because of this type of thing at an early stage, and doesn't mind a few hints and light pointers in the right direction, things can definitely be made much easier for you! Just ask in the threads .
  16. Re Melania. Apologies if you've already seen it, but I popped links to a couple of yt vids in this post: - would highly recommend at least the short 5 min tutorial one. The backwards, backwards, forwards, forwards, left, left dodge for the spirits attack, and the tip that she'll often go for a kick after you attack her in phase 2 were game changers for me. Everything felt like it started slotting into place after that. Good luck! Feels amazing when you get it and I don't regret my ~10 hours of training .
  17. Yeah I had the same experience! A lot of it was my fault for not paying enough attention, but you really need to be extremely attentive and remember lines that someone said hours and hours ago to stand any chance. And often I find the game pulls me out of any kind of story/lore stuff with the combat/dungeons - I find I mostly can't concentrate on both sides of the game at once. And even if you can manage that then characters pop up in areas for mandatory encounters without any sort of clue as far as I'm aware eg: I'd love them to make them a bit more forgiving or drop a few more nudges in right directions. I'm going through them with help of a guide in an NG run now and some of the dialogue and character arcs are very cool.
  18. If it was Elden Ring it changes absolutely everything.
  19. Also why has no one mentioned "boys will be boys" yet. In her own words that she knew might be put in a newspaper! Also apparently, "it's a man thing". Pretty big red flags to me.
  20. Haha I came here to see if there was a thread on this. These new fluff relationship pieces from the Guardian really are the absolute fucking worst. They annoy me so much that I find myself reading them to just find out how frustrating this new one will be, and so I can complain to my girlfriend about them next time I see her (bless her). I think the crux of it is that it encourages the idea that someone is RIGHT and someone else is WRONG in a relationship and that there should be a definitive JUDGEMENT about this. Which seems pretty unhealthy to me. Relationships are about things like compromise, communication and empathy, not deferring to some bizarre collection of bored, random, ill-informed arbiters to find out who should feel most righteous about the situation. Ironically, this kind of societal norm makes me feel like sitting on my own in a dark room playing videogames.
  21. I could talk about Melania for ages! But trying to keep it brief... - Swarm of Flies got a small nerf in patch 1.04 BUT it's probably still VERY good for the second phase. She spends ages just sitting on the ground after doing her big rot flower move and you can get in 2-3 flies and take a huge chunk off of her health if you get the bleed proc. Definitely recommend at least trying it - In general both bleed and frost are effective against her. - She has very low poise - being a caster might make it difficult to take advantage of this though, I've never really dabbled with much of the magic stuff so can't really give specific advice, but any kind of magic projectile will probably stagger her I would have thought. So you can be much more aggressive than you might think. - Never tried it myself but I've heard the Black Knife Tiche summon is pretty good at dodging her attacks, which really helps with her health regen. - General aggression is very good vs her - if you have any kind of summon just really try and attack as much as possible to break her poise and hopefully stance too. - Her big 3x flurry attack (Waterfowl Dance) can apparently be cancelled by a freezing pot. Also, if you're using the mimic summon any item that you equip in your "down" slot will also be used by the summon too, so worth bearing that in mind.. In terms of really, really learning to dodge her attacks if that's your bag, I found two videos very helpful. This short tutorial video is especially good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYrOwjNcR-g (credit to Nate Dogg I think it was who originally posted it in the thread). It really simply takes you through some of her attacks and her general patterns and tells. There's also this which is a longer one that helped me too: https://youtu.be/J1P93hzB360 this one has a lot of slow mo! Which I thought was nice. Would love to help but I'm on PS. Good luck! She is a really, really tough boss. If you can get past her you can get past anything in the game .
  22. Ah ok, well, that's your general task and direction at this point. I don't really have a massive grasp on the story myself but very briefly (if this was what you were after): The Roundtable Hold want you to collect two Great Runes so you can enter the capital and become Elden Lord to save the world (somehow) from the sorry state it's in due to the shattering of the Elden Ring. Those two can come from any of the four that Gideon mentioned, but I guess usually people just do all four. But there are many characters and factions all with their own agenda, some of which overlap to varying degress with the Rountable's / Two Fingers'.
  23. Little nudge; there should be a guy called Sir Gideon Ofnir in the Roundtable Hold (he's surrounded by books). He should be able to give you some guidance and general info on what they want you to be getting on with.
  24. Lilaggy - the guy who's doing the all bosses speedruns - describes the 3 Crystalians as the worst boss in the game!
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