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  1. Awesome work Tom! Will drag myself away from Pokemon and have a go at it this evening
  2. I've only tried a couple of battles online. Did you rent a team? I rented one of pokeaimmd's (I think) teams and I won 2/2. Felt a bit cheap so gonna grow some teams myself before diving back in.
  3. Wait you can't tag someone goading them into the thread like that and then blame them for writing a reasonable, two line response. Can we not stink up the thread with this shit please.
  4. Yeah can't really sum it up any better than that. It's a very good Pokemon game and I'm enjoying it a lot. There's a nagging feeling that Pokemon could be so much better that floats around at the back of my mind sometimes, but nonetheless quite happy with it at this stage.
  5. How did you guys catch these things?! Did two raids (as the host) and it ran twice out of repeat balls.
  6. It's to EVs. But in game they are called "base stats" just to be extra confusing
  7. Yeah way cheaper than the items as well. I'm trying to remember to send them in for 12 hours each evening before bed
  8. He's right he does there was something on the last page or two about using the link code 4448. I haven't tried it though.
  9. Managed to trigger a Sirfetch'd raid on the bus home. Gonna do it at some point this evening. Anyone want in? Add me: SW-0118-0737-4899 Code will be 7113 Edit: Got impatient and started it. Also apparently the Ability and IVs are the same for everyone, so there was less reason to try and get 4 ppl than I thought. Edit: booo not Scrappy
  10. There's an item that makes it faster as well (it's a key item, so you don't need to give it to a pokemon or anything). After finishing the game head to Chirchester and beat the "Game Freak Designer" in one of the hotels. He'll give you an Oval Charm, which speeds up egg production.
  11. Errr... at least that's what the Internet said. But I just tried to breed an Applin with Hustle using a Flapple with Hustle and a Ditto and it failed in 7-8 attempts.. soo.. maybe not? Edit: Ah! A bunch of them have Bulletproof.. which appears to be Applin's HA.. assume this would turn into Hustle if evolved into a Flapple?
  12. @CheekyLee Think there's a 60% chance to pass it down (if bred with Ditto).
  13. Re: all the stuff about breeding, there's a megathread on the subreddit that's pretty useful: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonSwordAndShield/comments/e03scw/megapost_with_all_the_guides_tricks_tips_and/ It has a link to this written guide on breeding EVs IVs etc: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonSwordAndShield/comments/dzjzxr/ive_created_a_written_breeding_guide_that_covers/ Incidentally, if anyone has a Farfetch'd with the Hidden Ability, I'd love a trade can't find a raid for love nor money.
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