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  1. I could swear I watched a full 3 hour "overexplained" Jorbs video with Ironclad on Ascension 20 that I thought was relatively new.. but now I go and look for it again and I can't find it. Did he take it down? Am I going mental? I've checked his overexplained playlist and it's not there Edit: I'm an idiot. It was the one with Silent from about nine months ago
  2. It's just crashed at the point of death two runs in a row (on Switch).. anyone else getting this?
  3. I'm amazed this thread is so short! Absolutely loving this so much. You can sometimes even feel the Peep Show one-liners slipping through. I think I *almost* feel as evangelistic over this as I remember feeling about the first two series of Peep Show when I was 21. The distaste for humanity is palpable. Almost no one is redeemable. The two feel so spiritually similar to me, whilst also being entirely different obviously. The marriage of British and American humour is glorious. Gonna put comments in spoilers because I feel like people might be coming into the thread watching from the beginning (especially after the Emmy win). Edit: Can't believe there's not more hate for Conner in this thread. Easily the worst of the lot of them for me (not including Logan).
  4. Interesting you mention this! I actually tried to build a race track.. but was a bit ambitious and built it too big and it wouldn't load properly for any other player joining my game (and the framerate totally collapsed anyway with two of us anywhere near the track). Might have another go using far fewer base parts. Of course, you don't have to use base parts to build a track except for the Initiator and the Checkpoints, but I had this cool image of a man-made track in my head and wanted to see how it would work (it didn't ). But yeah, good idea for something to have another go at!
  5. I think I've pretty much done everything I want to do in the game now, which is a bit of a shame because I still want to play it. I think the whole Activated Indium thing undermines a lot of the game to be honest. Like, why would I spend ages farming and crafting high value items when I can just make 20m units every hour for almost no effort whatsoever? Every other thing you can do in the game to make money just feels pointless and fiddly in comparison. Besides I've got 700m, what's the point in more? I could continue exploring but the planets are too samey, feel like I've seen everything there is to see just about (~100 hours). Which isn't bad at all.. not a huge complaint. I love existing in this game, just everything I do now feels a bit.. yeah, pointless, I suppose.
  6. You need to dig it out with the terrain manipulator, rather than the mining beam. Also, if you use the smallest setting for the TM, it's more efficient (but takes longer).
  7. I did it! Won my first Ascension 1 run with Silent . Do find Silent a touch easier than the other two I think.
  8. After being 1 victory in 19, I'm now 5 in 27 . Improving is pretty darn satisfying! At what point do people start Ascensioning? Feels like maybe I should give it a go..
  9. Don't know if anyone has followed the whole ProJared thing at all (I only realised it had happened when I clicked on the video below)? But this question reminded me of it a lot. I have only really seen Jared's side of the story, so I don't know the ins and outs at all. But this is his response to the allegations leveled against him (I don't want to call them false objectively or anything, so wasn't quite sure how to word this).
  10. Got my second win on my 20th run with Ironclad . Watching a couple of Jorbs' overexplained runs helped so much. I think the most crucial thing I took from it is the concept of scaling damage and how important that is for the boss fights.
  11. Ok I watched some Jorbs and it helped MASSIVELY. Managed to get to Act 3, and only lost cause of not drawing into damage vs Exploders and then accidentally going down a path into an Elite. Millions of mistakes, but definitely progress.
  12. It's weird, I managed to win on my 3rd run I think (as in, I beat Act 3). I basically just took every block card offered to me, and managed to get the Power card that means you don't lose block. And I just outlasted all enemies. So I sort of figured that there must be more to winning. But subsequent runs have proved really tough and it sort of seems like that was some sort of massive fluke . It does feel to me like, if I don't get offered enough block then I lose at the moment. But of course I understand that it's undoubtedly much deeper than that. But that is very much how it feels early on.
  13. When you say wins, do you mean completing Act 3? I'm assuming not?
  14. Tried reading the last page but it was in a foreign language . Am a complete noob at this, played first it on a 3 hour flight last week and the time went by so quickly! Love roguelikes and card games and the battle system is really cool. Basically, just wondering what's the best way to approach the game in terms of trying the different characters and stuff? I've only done about 4-5 runs on Ironclad at this point, and managed to get to the end of Act 3 on one of them (did I win?) with a block-heavy deck (my strength-heavy deck was way more fun though ). But yeah, any tips for slowly delving deeper into the game..? I feel like I've barely scratched the surface.
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