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  1. Anyone watching the 1997 replay? The move by Schumacher on Villeneuve is even worse than I remembered it. Villeneuve is already ahead when you see Schumacher make his final decision to just turn into him. My dislike for Schumacher has been freshly renewed all these years on! Edit: I've gone and watched a replay of '94 now and have really worked myself up
  2. John0

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah tanking your rank is super good for rewards, but I can't bring myself to do it! Few early morning battles just now, lag not too bad at all...
  3. John0

    Pokemon Go

    I've gone back to Battle League too for a bit, as I decided I was missing out on too much rare candy during this time of free sets! Like BeeJay, I have a phone with the Android 10 client lag bug, so I've been trying to play teams that only use Fast Moves with a turn duration of 1.5 seconds or longer I've ended up with: (Lead) Armoured Mewtwo (Confusion / Psystrike / Dynamic Punch) (Usual safe-ish swap) Alolan Muk (Snarl / Dark Pulse / Sludge Wave) (Save at least one shield for) Togekiss (Charm / Ancient Power / Flamethrower) It's actually been working pretty well (despite the lag and general glitchiness that we're all probably familiar with by now ). A-Mewtwo beats quite a lot in the one shield (Snorlax even needs 2 to beat it). If they lead with anything like Typlosion I'm switching into Muk and hoping they don't have Swampert. If they do it's probably over. But that seems quite a rare combo. If they lead Giratina then I quick switch to Togekiss which is an even better matchup now after the AP nerf, and if they switch out to save Gira I have A-Muk in the back waiting. Swampert leads you either win or force 2 shields. Poliwrath and Venusaur you force an immediate switch. It's definitely not unbeatable, but seems quite consistent. I was hoping to hit rank 9, and I'm in the ~2450 region now, but the standard of opponents has noticeably improved! Gonna keep at it. Worst outcome is a few nice rare candies a day.
  4. Shame about the connection issues. Seems like the netcode hasn't come on much in the past 5 years :/. But I thought it was pretty good fun! If you want super serious sim racing there's loads out there. Thought it was nice they tried to do something a bit different.
  5. Damn the Not The Aus GP race really made me want to buy a wheel again!
  6. I just can't see it going ahead now at all. Madness that it got this far even. I realise that there are more important thing happening right now, and it's 100% the right decision. What a bummer though . Was so looking forward to it.
  7. Yeah happy to - add me: 0118-0737-4899
  8. Thanks @Bushtopher ! That's all great to hear. One quick question, how do you actually get to the 6 A/B/C seats? Do you go under/over the track? Or is there a separate entrance? (also that photo is amazing!)
  9. Found Mewtwo fights too frustrating. Beat it around three times, but you can't really coordinate with randoms so you have turns where moves don't go off cause two of you Taunted or Screened, or whatever (or my favourtite - First Impression to force Mewtwo to get its shields up so my prankster Taunt didn't go off). And didn't know enough people who were interested on my friends list. I'm glad there was something harder, but the game needs to allow you to coordinate better or they'll always just end up being RNG fests, or winning by clicking a single attack once every two minutes. Hoping the expansions bring better co-op experiences. In more heartwarming news, did everyone see the 7 year old girl win the junior regionals a week ago?
  10. Anyone in here ever been to Monza? Been looking at tickets (despite Coronovirus hysteria) as me and the gf went to Hungary last year and it was excellent. Any tips/advice? Looks kinda difficult to get as good of a seat as T1 Hungaroring but was considering either side of the first chicane.
  11. Oh didn't know the Kanto starters were in raids for so short of a time! Cheers for the heads up. Must catch some hidden abilities over the weekend
  12. Started it thinking it was going to be really awful (hadn't heard of the comics).. and.. it's not actually that awful. I quite like the mystery elements, and I do feel there's a cool underlying foundation to the whole thing. It's not first class TV and although it was an interesting and brave experiment to not use actors to play the majority of your characters.. I'm sort of quite enjoying it? I think?
  13. Loved all of this, thought it was all excellent. I was hit pretty hard by... (warning: contains spoilers for Bojack as well)
  14. John0

    Pokemon Go

    Realised I left the link off my last post : https://gamepress.gg/pokemongo/pvp-fast-moves. So that's all the "0" turn moves from there? I swear I've had it on Shadow Claw, although really hard to tell obviously.
  15. John0

    Pokemon Go

    My worry is there just isn't really a good way to get visibility of these kinds of issues. All the 3rd party support teams Niantic employ are so useless. This one has been around for months now (albeit only really a problem in PvP, but I've noticed it in the game in general since I went onto Android 10 last year).
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