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  1. Ohhhh psychologically this is tough for Brazil now if it goes to pens.
  2. Enjoyed Jenas saying how he was on the pitch for penalties 2 minutes before that goal
  3. Croatia look up for this and super organised!
  4. Poland employing the classic 2022 World Cup tactic of trying to make it to half time at 0-0 by absolutely any means necessary.
  5. I knew that would be given. Ridiculous.
  6. Brave guy! Hope he'll be ok. Edit: Another couple of angles:
  7. I'm all for penalising blocking shots with your arms raised but that seems a bit stupid. Arm is in a very natural position breaking his fall.
  8. Was that a pride flag from the pitch invader maybe? Definitely questioning whether Ronaldo actually touched that. Edit: every time they've showed it it doesn't look like the spin on the ball changes at all.
  9. I missed the first half so don't know if this changed at half time but looks like Vinicius has been given license to just hang around as far up the pitch as he wants and wait for the counter.
  10. Ohhh quite a good decision that actually!
  11. This is my first day in work since the start of the tournament. You're welcome everyone.
  12. Cannot pos this enough. Really had to keep it together all through Shearer's commentary last night. The worst bit was how awed he was by his co-commentator simply knowing how ties are broken at the end of the group stages - a piece of information that it would have taken at most a couple of minutes to look up. Almost as if it hadn't occurred to him that a sports journalist might do any amount of basic research before the most watched tournament in the world - despite his inordinate salary.
  13. What a game this is! Have missed most of it due to work but took a sneaky peak and now I don't think I'm gonna be able to stop watching
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