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  1. John0

    Nintendo Switch

    Tried to scroll back for the last few pages to see if there was a post relevant to this, but couldn't find anything. My Switch prompted me to download updates for my joycons recently, and since then I've been getting lag and occasional disconnection from my right joycon. Nothing has changed in terms of my living room setup. Anyone else experiencing this? It's happening with both pairs of joycons I own. Any ideas/advice?
  2. Update on my Sirfetch'd ranked expoits...
  3. Version 2 of my Sirfetch'd Singles team: Managed to make it to Ultra Ball Tier. Not a massive achievement as you rank up going 50-50 gradually due to win streaks, but still pretty pleased with that
  4. Another one for the "where was the dried fish" fan club here. For me that was one of the most memorable things I read as a child/teen. To go from not knowing what a daemon is at the start of the book, to a single moment so powerful and affecting.. in what 100 pages or so? I put that up on a pedestal for how to create drama in a story from nothing for years. So disappointing to see them remove it altogether.
  5. John0


    I'm watching this shmup speedrun and the guy already has his head in his hands ~2 minutes in . Hope I can make it to the end without having some sort of panic attack. Edit: Damn the run is fun but I do find it really stressful. Some genuine jaw dropping moments. Commentary did a good job of explaining what was happening to people who don't really know anything about shmups (ie. me!). Crazy that the genre doesn't feature more in gdq. It's visually very cool and impressive.
  6. I know this is a bit pie in the sky, but the time is ripe for Pokémon auto-chess!
  7. Very inexperienced in terms of competitive, but made this singles team based around my Scrappy Sirfetch'd (who also happens to be a shiny boi ). Hitting ghosts with Close Combat is fun. If anyone wants to try it there's the code. The only rule is Sirfetch'd is auto-include . Edit: Hmm.. Dugtrio is in there specifically as a Toxapex counter.. only I didn't realise how bad it was at countering Toxapex. Anyone fancy suggesting a replacement Electric/Ground/Psychic attacker for Toxapex?
  8. I think the worst aspect of the sexy-mages, was that once Fringilla became the Nilfgaard mage she mostly (as far as I remember) was put into a very unflattering mage dresses. It was as if tits pointing up = good mage. Tits pointing down or sideways = bad mage.
  9. Dammit I forgot the main and most important criticism. Not one single scene involved a game of Gwent
  10. I can understand people ignoring the problems and embracing the fun and sillyness, and I did enjoy it and do look forward to series 2, but I did struggle in parts. The totally unnecessary tits and cleavage genuinely left me cringing and feeling embarrassed at really crucial moments. The final big battle, for example. Often Yennifer's boobs were the closest thing to the camera.. they deliberately shot it looking up at them. There's just no need. It really bothered me and took me out of the drama. The marriage of medieval fantasy with a modern TV/film feel I found a bit jarring. One minute you had very serious political scenes, the next you had the bard wise cracking like something from a 2019 light-sitcom. Yennifer's make over was just.. she looked like someone out of Hollyoaks. It just all felt like a bit of a mess. A big deal was made early on about the price of magic and how you can't just conjure it out of nowhere - it always has a cost. This is forgotten very quickly with people conjuring magic out of nowhere for the remainder of the series, except when the plot needs it not to. The bit that stood out to me was Villentrentenmirth falling off the cliff whilst Yennifer doesn't do anything. 2 minutes later she's suspending dwarfs in mid air with the flick of a wrist. Magic appears to be very easy sometimes, but then impossible at other times. Think someone mentioned it earlier in the thread, but Nilfgaard very much came across like the bad guys, which didn't really ring true with the rest of the more grey-area politics and characters. I assume this is different in the games/books? People shouldn't compare it to Game of Thrones at all, obviously. They are very different apart from surface similarities. But I felt it had a lot of problems in its own right. Was no one else bothered by this stuff? Or did you find it easy to look past it? I guess maybe one person's "it doesn't take itself too seriously" is another person's "it was a bit all over the place"? Nevertheless, it is very fun. Cavill is excellent and perfectly nails his role. It's funny in places and I found the overarching plot very compelling. Some of the fight scenes are SO good. So visceral. Also I do love a bit of fantasy and it had cool, unique take on the genre. Never read the books or played the games, but pretty tempted now .
  11. Don't suppose anyone in here has the hidden abilities for Braviary/Rufflet, or Darumaka/Darmanitan?
  12. @CheekyLee Forgot to add a leek, lemme know if you need one to evolve it.
  13. @CheekyLee if you see this now, wanna Scrappy Farfetch'd? Link code 4113.
  14. Rattled is Magikarp's Hidden Ability (only available from raids). When you evolve it Gyarados's Hidden Ability is Moxie, which gives you a 1 stage boost in Attack every time you faint a pokemon. It's pretty good! Although Intimidate (one of Gyarados's regular abilities) also seems quite good in Doubles. (@shirubagan) Edit: Also I managed to luck into an Adamant Rattled Shiny Magikarp on my fourth raid over the weekend. That'll do
  15. I'm very much a noob but yeah I've got a fair few trained mons now. Had a bit of success in ranked but it appears to be shut currently..
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