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  1. Here I am talking about exploring an 'armada' of abadoned ships in 2009:
  2. Also a note here on what Jamie John is talking about: you cannot switch of Lara's endless babbling about how to complete puzzles. If you're going to put that bullshit in the game at least make it something that you can switch off.
  3. This is a wonderful informative chat about a masterpiece. A few interestings things about Rob Bottin, the FX supervisor on the film. He was 23 at the time of the production (!!!) and he apparently encouraged his team to drop acid during the conceptual stages. Apparently the 'flower' that emerges from the dog thing is one of the products of these sessions.
  4. I thought this guy's analysis was really good, possibly better than RLM Mikes overall. He also goes into how you could just edit the (terrible) material there and make it funnier, without changing anything else. He does a good job of laying out how it is a wildly different kind of comedy on display.
  5. Of course not. I'm just explaining that its not hard to consider the film from two different angles; as its own thing and as what it really is (a remake of Robocop) and that I think on both fronts it is a failure as a film.
  6. Nothing happens after 15 minutes. There's a good thing TWIN PERFECT did in their Silent Hill: Downpour video where they split their review into two parts: the game considered on its own merits with no reference to any other title and the game considered as a Silent Hill game. This was to assuage people who complained that the devs were trying to do something new. Anyway, the game fails thoroughly when considered from both angles. So does this.
  7. Yeah it really is stultifying boring. And shit. The action scenes are disastrous. Compare and contrast the warehouse shootout with those great angles and rhythm and that bollocks in the dark with shitty hyperactive editing. CGI 209's that look like total shit. Flavourless, characterless, inferior in every way - performances, direction, script, dialogue, action, cinematography. Straight in the bargain bin.
  8. Surely its much better to tell your community to fuck off, get sacked for it and then have people demonise the random guy who had the temerity to give you his opinion?
  9. The problem with this sort of comment, which speaks to the kind of underhand logic that you display often, is that it means that literally any behaviour can be recast as actually being bad behaviour. Act like a shithead towards a woman on Twitter? You're a Bad Guy. Act nicely towards a woman on Twitter? You're a 'Nice Guy', i.e a Bad Guy. You're still a Bad Guy. This is an unassailable logic. All you have to do is keep saying 'actually this nice behaviour is just fake, which means its actually bad behaviour from a bad person'. So everyone - at least anyone you want to casually demonise for the sake of flattering your own political predjudices - is bad if you say there are. It is literally the case that you're presenting politeness as clear evidence of being bad based on pure speculation, hearsay and literal pre-judice. You sit back and smugly declare 'i've got this guys number' based on precisely fuck-all. Then people like you blithely express an exasperation with the ongoing degredation of public debate, because it's all such a mystery to you why people at each other's necks, despite you casually slandering everyone you come across.
  10. Dude, how are those tweets 'mainsplainy'? Genuinely, how? This term now seems to be casually and thoughtlessly deployed to describe any instance of any man explaining any concept to any woman at any time in any way within any context or with any intention. What the fuck does this it mean? When you're talking about game design online in a public forum where people can and will respond to you and one of them chooses to earnestly give their view on game design (however stupid or ill-informed it is) without being offensive, how is that 'mansplaining'? Why the fuck should that be denigrated as mansplaining? When you casually abuse the term, throw it around the place like so much cheap confetti, how does it not cease to hold all meaning and weight that it had originally? You in particular seem to chuck it around with abandon like your spraying bullets out of a Tommygun. Are you even capable of seeing a man telling a woman anything without reaching for your 'mansplaining' machine gun? It's like a fucking compulsion, isn't it?
  11. Haha, wow! This is a gem. Polite suggestions are just magically changed into 'passive aggression, actually' through sheer force of belief.
  12. I trust you lectured her about her vile misogyny, how she's part of the problem and that sort of thing?
  13. It's called Conan Exiles and it not only has a cock size slider but very realistic cock and balls physics which you can see in this PC gamer article. It also has breast sliders for the female character option. Obviously, because I don't like it and it is 'sexualising' (still don't understand this concept) men and women alike I think it needs to be bann- I mean, er, stamped out of existence.
  14. 23 over 15 years. It's an epidemic.
  15. Every other medium - painting, sculpture, theatre, films, books, comics etc - have depictions of massively sexualised characters or what have you. They're all still taken seriously. I also can't remember the last time I played or even saw a game discussed on here that tits and outfits as silly as this one's.
  16. Note that this didn't receive a response. Ban this sick filth etc.
  17. And because you don't, so it goes that no-one else should such an interest either.
  18. Geez, it absolutely doesn't need to be something that effects the mechanics of the game to be present. It's an artistic choice. Nobody is pretending that Chesty La Rue and her collection of oddly damaged blouses is there for anything other than aesthetic reasons.
  19. It's a product for a particular market. Not every product is created to appeal to every market. Racers are not designed to appeal to people who like RPGs. Doom is not designed to appeal to people who don't like extreme gore. Yakuza is not designed to appeal to people who hate seeing people get their faces smashed into pavements violently. A game designed for, say, gay men would not be one that was aimed at the market of straight men. Indeed gay porn is not marketed to, or ADJUSTED FOR the tastes of straight men (or women). It's fine and right to have different products aimed at different audiences and markets. This is a product designed for men with an interest in playing games with sexy women in them. It is designed for a subset of all male straight/bisexual gamers thata are interested in that (because not all such men would be). It is a product which will appeal to them, but which does not appeal to you. If some men want to have a game where they can have sexy titiltating females in silly outfits they find attractive, that's fine. That is a product that should be allowed to exist. It's a niche product.
  20. I meant in terms of it being a theatrical release which only ended up getting that in the US before released exclusively on Netflix elsewhere. Annihilation was very unusual like that.
  21. Is this the same situation as with Annihilation?
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