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  1. Excellent. Ubisoft are shit-hot right now.
  2. Smitty


    Go back and finish him! He's really not that hard, once you've worked out the technique.
  3. Hey, Vemsie, glad to see your a fan of Hard Target. Some of it's a bit cheesy, but good lord some of the action is stunning!
  4. I'm going to have to praise this again. Look at the animation!
  5. I'd never argue they were any good, but i did thoroughly enjoy all the Syphon Filter games.
  6. Oh, yeah, woops. Splinter Cell 2. As a fan of the first i'm looking forward to playing PT massively.
  7. Halo 2 Resident Evil 4!!!!! MGS3 Half-Life 2 Fable Pikmin 2
  8. What is wrong with you people? Egads, I just watched the trailer and its bloody amazing!!! Can't we start getting excited about this now?
  9. I don't actually own an Xbox. Uh, anyway.
  10. Yeah, two years on, I'd like to say ''screw you'' to all the nay-sayers who said the Xbox couldn't be a contender. Idiots.
  11. I second that. And the animated series Batmobile rocks!
  12. The ''peppermint foot cream' scene in Beautiful Thing is packed with sexual tension IMO.
  13. Dance music is generally quite bland and follows a set template. Which isn't to say that there isn't good dance music; just most of it is rubbish.
  14. Mmmm, yes, Metroid P was good as well.
  15. I also feel Halo has the best approach. Also, like Halo, you should be able to select each level individually to play. Splinter Cell has this as well.
  16. I found AVP to be so scary, that for the longest time I just couldn't play it without constantly pressing the esc button. Great game.
  17. I think there's plenty in there to get excited about; the part about watching the AIs interact with the enviroment sounds brilliant. Rock on, Bungie.
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