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  1. ????????????????????????????????????? This is genuinely baffling, as well as completely untrue. When I think you're wrong I just tell you why you're wrong, I'm kind of infamous for that.
  2. Not really. I think they want Star Wars: A Good Movie
  3. The more I think about the film, the more critiques I read the more I can understand why some old fans are so annoyed about the treatment of Luke. He really is wasted. When taken in isolation there are good scenes in the movie like the confrontation between Luke and Kylo. But taken in context they fail to have the impact that they should. Ultimately the impact of a scene is the sum of earlier scenes. To really appreciate that confrontation I have to feel and understand Luke's character and motivations and I don't. You don't get to see him reacting to the death of Han for instance, which seems like a massive failure. When Klyo is his ex student, the killer of his friend and the thing that drove him into seclusion than surely his reaction to him murdering Han - with all the guilt that would cause - should be one of the most important scenes of the film? Imagine waiting 30 years to see Luke in Star Wars again and you can't even get a scene like that. What's the point of bringing these characters back only to fart around with them? Stuff like the opening gag (one of many tone-ruining jokes) where he throws the lightsabre over his shouder ruin the film AND Luke's character. Why not have him react with disgust/anger/horror and suddenly run towards the sea with Rey chasing him as he pledges to 'destroy this thing'? Why not have him hand it back to Rey with disgust on his face and a warning about how such weapons only cause pain? Both of those are much better I think. You can still have Luke rejecting the lightsabre, just in a different way. They preserve the weightiness that fans wanted to see with Luke's return, they are dramatic and meaningful, and they don't paint Luke in a silly light. I think Luke comes across in a somewhat unbelievable fashion at the beginning with Hamill's acting struggling with this frankly comical depiction of a grumpy old man. I think Ridley's performance is very variable in quality in those island scenes as well, there are some really flat line readings in there. As an aside I didn't really enjoy the conversation between Luke and Leia (my boyfriend remarked that it felt flippant and silly for two people divided for decades) and I really disliked the stupid 'force dice'. Who comes up with shit like that?
  4. I was trying to find a video of all the annoying talking-to-herself (talking to the player) that does throughout TR13 and Rise but I couldn't. I hate that stuff too. You can't possibly have enough anyone actually struggle with a puzzle. Pause for 30 seconds and the game starts telling you to how to do the puzzle.
  5. Is it a pre-release version then? I went looking for screenshots.
  7. I like that X-Men is its own thing and doesn't have to be part of the interminable MCU. I like superheros being able to exist in a world where they are the only super thing around. With MCU, none of the heroes feel special anymore because it's a universe in which there are hundreds or thousands or millions of supers.
  8. You said the art style limits the use of detailed textures. I also didn't say anything about 4K or HDR. As for the dichotomy you present of featureless textures vs beautiful landscape, I think its a false one. I see both. Its possible for both to be true. The game's aesthetic achievements are undeniable. It should also undeniable that the textures aren't great. If those textures were much better you'd still have the same overall look. The game targets 30fps and dips down into 20. Unless someone's going to start arguing that low/unlocked framerates are more 'cinematic' again then I think we can all agree that higher performance there would give a better look and feel to the game. I think it is a slight shame that the Nintendo console for this generation is much more designed to be a handheld than it is a console, because that has weighed somewhat on its spec. I just hope they can deliver something spectacular for Metroid Prime 4. I think they can (obviously the Switch has some great looking titles) but I just hope there aren't too many corners cut because of the hardware limitations. BOTW Switch already has better lighting, better textures, improved draw distance, faster loading times and a higher resolution than BOTW on the WiiU. So let's not pretend that improving the technical performance of the engine would somehow damage the look. Does anyone prefer to play the worse-looking version on the WiiU?
  9. Damn, you can emulate it? Does that take a beast of a PC to do?
  10. This notion that the graphical quality of BOTW is limited inherently by its art style is patent nonsense. If it was on a console with more power it could look substantially better in everyway, without doing any harm its art style. As it is, its style is in part down to the limitations of the hardware. I love the style but I've always thought its such a shame that it has such featureless textures, for instance.
  11. put down the bottle of whiskey Gorf
  12. This show is a bit bollocks and i'm not watching the second season because I don't want to be further disappointed but, fuck my tits, I just wanted to praise Anthony Hopkins in Westworld (and everything): He is such a pleasure to watch. The hightlight of the show. You are magnetically drawn to his every word and expression. The female executive gives a good performance throughout the series too. I do particularly love the scene in the video too. It's so menacing.
  13. Don't you want to know how Boba Fett got his name, though?
  14. Their videos on Downpour and the Silent Hill HD remaster are....genre defining.
  15. Hey guys and girls. This is a truly legendary LP. I think it's god-tier stuff, and to me its one of those reminders that the quality and breadth of entertainment you can get from Youtube - for nothing - is something wonderful. There's so many funny, talented people out there. I follow this guy, Sham, on Youtube. This is him and 3 mates playing the Zombie Army Trilogy co-operative mode on the highest possible difficulty, with the number of enemies sent to max. A real challenge. The story of how this series played out is definitely a factor in how much I loved these. It returned from the dead. It was a wild ride for us subscribers. Praise Sham.
  16. That's why I think it's good to resurrect old threads, as long as you're posting on topic. It depends, of course. Having loads of megathreads can be a problem, so sometimes its better to start a new thread to discuss a particular aspect of a game for instance. But I thought that video was best placed here, in the context of all this extensive discussion of the game, which I think is likely to be the longest thread about it.
  17. This movie is funny given that PT Barnum was an infamous charlatan and con-man.
  18. People get defensive because no-one wants to concede that they might not be fully in control of themselves, or that they may have just wasted a lot of time. So they, in effect, leap to their own defence by slapping down any talk of whether the habits they give vast amounts of their time over to might be bad for them. Obviously the elephant in the room when it comes to Rllmuk is how many of us here are obviously addicted to it, given that many of us spend hours here everyday. I know its not mentioned in polite society but there it is. If you drill down into it you know its mostly time that could be better spent on other things. I mean it's not like anyone is going to be on their deathbed and think 'if only I'd spent more time online'. That digital technologies take up wayyyyyyy too much of our time and are having a detrimental affect on our lifestyles and mental healh is so obvious that it has to be stridently denied. Because who wants to face up to that?
  19. Yes. Have I done it to even 1% of the time i've spent online, looking at my smartphone or playing games? No. The problem is that you guys always want it both ways: technology is amazing and revolutionary and has completely transformed our lives. Then when somebody comes along and says 'this is causing problems' you turn around whip-fast and scream 'TECHNOLOGY HASN'T EFFECTED US ITS BASICALLY JUST THERE'. Make up your fucking mind, yo.
  20. Yeah, god, do you remember that one time that you stared at paper for 10 hours? I've got so many friends who are addicted to reading books, it's an epidemic.
  21. Oh, come on. It is fascinating that so many people are still in the 'frantic denial' stage with digital technologies generally. It's so reflexive, so defensive, that you just know there's a problem. People have spent the first ten years of smartphones desperately attacking anyone who suggested that maybe they weren't so great for us. That's slowly starting to change. But once it reaches a tipping point, everyone will accept it, and then the retort will 'well of course we all know that phones are addictive and largely a waste of time...duh''. And everyone will forget that everytime any concern was raised in the past they were falling over their feet to reflexively deny there was any problem, pontificate about 'hysteria' and, of course, accuse the person of being a Luddite. Which is basically the modern form of accusing someone of heresy. They're all (internet, social media, apps, smartphones, games, porn etc) 'super-normal stimuli' that really fuck with the human brain, because it evolved on the plains of ancient Africa.
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