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  1. Good point. Edited my post. A lot of the big YT guys have done a video on this, its worth watching them all tbh. Superbunnyhop, Raceyvik, Errant Signal, thinreaper and others.
  2. It's a manual process. You need to go out and get new photos of suitable materials in order to make the textures, at this level of texture quality anyway. It's a painstaking labour of love.
  3. Oh, how fucking convenient. One challenge and you evaporate. Better not come at me in future when you slink away from answering one question, after calling me ignorant and paranoid. There's nothing paranoid about what I'm saying - need I really go back and quote all the stuff either directly or indirectly implying this guy is a bad 'un? You're all addicted to these accusations, I think. When challenged you circle the wagons, hope the group will back you up and often shoot out fresh accusations. But I'm sorry - however much backslapping you get from your tribal sychophants it isn't going to hide your inability to answer a question. And people like me don't care about the inane fear-based popularity contest.
  4. Smutty? Oh, mature. I have just explained that I disagree with how it is increasingly used. I understand how it is being used in practice. As for casual accusations of sexism I am referring to the general milieu of this thread and beyond, who are those responsible for the casual slander that in criticising. I invite you to explain how the definition now in common use doesn't equal what I described it as with reference to my original post asking stiff to tell me why those tweets were mansplaining. Those tweets provide evidence of nothing negative. If mansplaining isn't simply now used to mean 'instance of man explaining something to woman that I feel i can use to make a point' than please explain and evidence what sexist attitudes or statements the tweets display. If the only 'evidence' you or anyone else has is their own speculation than simply admit that you have no evidence. Imagine it's a court. They don't accept hearsay. Then imagine it's you or someone you care about. You've started off with an insult and the general tone of your post is 'i hope the whole female thread clique shows up quickly to shame Smitty for me because I'm running on empty', so I imagine your next post will evade answering the question.
  5. You really don't understand how it works anymore. They don't need evidence. They only need innuendo.
  6. And let me set out my rather obvious take on all of this, for the idiotic and casually slanderous: I don't think this woman didn't anything more than get irritated. There's nothing ourageous with her conduct, although I think it was wrong to respond in that way. It's rude but it's not a big deal, it also is entirely understandable given the wider context. I personally would rather she hadn't been fired from her job because I believe in free speech and largely in keeping employers out of public affairs. I believe in strong employee rights. I would never have agitated for her to be fired and I would have argued against that position if I'd been in the midst of this argument on twitter. That said it is also not that surprising that a company would respond like this. It's sad and bad for her (again Which I am sympathetic to) but it's not a shock. And as much as I would prefer a world where we are not so beholden to our employers on matters of speech, it is not unreasonable to fire or discipline somebody if it is explained in your contract that you are liable for it. Of course a lot of fuss here is from sexist morons (although it is not possible to quantify) but it is mixed up with some people being offended by a company's representative being shitty with them. If some Amazon dev was needlessly ride with me in a conversation I would at least feel annoyed if not actually complain about it online. I wouldn't personal, probably, because I'm not a fucking narc and I don't like to get people into trouble or fuck with their life. I have explored the fetid arenas of right wing UK Facebook with a friend and we have both been aware that we had the power to publish some people's disgusting comments and get them in the shit with their employers but personally we both felt that this wasn't right or fair and we weren't comfortable with interfering with people's lives. Anyway. So there's no hatred from me towards this perfectly normal woman and professional, although she was arguably rude. If I was at the company I would keep her 100%. You'll notice that my first post contains zero criticism of her or support of the sexist side of the farrago surrounding this or the actions of her employers (although they are within their rights). What I had a real problem with was the casual slagging off of this guy - a stranger - based on this and how this is a good example of the general trend of grossly abusing important terms and casually slandering not only individuals but great swathes of people. It is wrong to make these extremely broad generalisations.
  7. I know what the concept is. The idea that I don't think it has any meaning is ridiculous. It's a real thing and had a real meaning, once. I literally state in the post you quote that it has a meaning that is being eroded by casual misuse. So good fucking luck with an obvious lie like I believe it has no meaning. But you can't demonstrate the example in question (or many others) is proof of that. You don't seem to care one bit about proof. As far as you're concerned, if you can imagine it to be so - if you suspect it - then it is prima facie proven. That's the problem. All of you can go around casually accusing anyone you like of sexism and misogyny and the only evidence required is your own speculation. I have no problem with the idea of mansplaining. I have a serious problem with firstly continuing to widen the definition to the point of uselessness - where it essentially becomes 'when a man explains something to a woman and I think I can make hay with it - and then on that basis casually slandering strangers with very serious charges like misogyny. You have no grounds at all for accusing this guy of hating women simply because he made a suggestion to a woman. If it was you, you'd be outraged that you could be convicted and sentenced by a group of strangers based on this interaction . These discussions cannot go anywhere because your side cannot drop the impulse to slander everyone who disagrees with you. The whole tone of these debates is always 'tow the line or get the paint brush'. It's pathetic to pretend it even is a debate when to express any kind of contrary opinion is to immediately be cast as suspect. It's like the right and their 'everyone who disagrees with me is a Marxist'. When the very act of disagreeing regardless of meaning, intention or context is painted as traitorous and vile then there can never be a good faith discussion. This is all bad faith because you all know that anyone who doesn't immediately agree in every last detail is ONE OF THEM. This forum and indeed the whole social media culture of the internet is rife with this ONE OF THEM thinking, this extremely polarised view of each other and demonising of each other. We're all at each others throats morning noon and fucking night accusing each other of being the devil. Arrgh!
  8. I've made a terrible mistake.
  9. Important to note that he points out that making Uncharted-style spectacle sections is extremely expensive. There's Uncharteditis ruining games, again.
  10. Mandalore does a good job breaking down some of the games problems. It's a perceptive analysis. Some examples. Designs became more generic to have a wider visual appeal You don't need to aim for limbs anymore anymore Some bad/bland environmental design in the ship graveyard Terrible human enemies Even necromorphs are shooting at you now Bad cover system, limp combat Weapons ruined to shoehorn microtransactions system Universal ammo Enemies are much faster (some can cross a room and attack you in 2 seconds) and higher in number The difficulty curve is mad and the wrong way round, with powered-up weapons totally wrecking the enemies as you go on The aiming system works differently The time-to-kill is lower Confused direction - wants to be an action game without going all the way, whilst remaining a horror game. Both aspects suffer because of this. The game design has really suffered across the board. Enemies are both harder and far more trivial than before. It's a mess. He makes an interesting comparison to studio interference in Alien 3. Dead Space 3 is a great example of how a sequel can look very similar at first glance but actually be quite different in its game design when you look closer.
  11. -DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED- This is remarkable. I've seen loads of these high-quality analyses before, but this guy manages to spot a bunch of stuff that i've not seen anyone mention before in any of them.
  12. Love this guys series of videos analyzing the Uncharted games. There's a very impressive depth of mechanical anaylsis here. He puts some concepts that i've been trying to discuss for years into words in a way that I have struggled to do so. 'Choice in the moment' - brilliant
  13. Been following this for a little while. It's appalling that it takes loads of passionate fans to do something like this when Capcom clearly have the resources to pull it off. Their work on RE4 HD Remaster is pathetic compared to this, they are so lazy and seemingly have no pride in one of their defining masterpieces. The texture work here is shockingly good (to say nothing of the other improvements) and demonstrates something i've felt for many years - that poor texture are one of the biggest remaining problems with games generally (with PC games frequently dragged down to console level and the console level being decided by a focus on shinies and low-RAM hardware) and that old games can be made to look much better with just the addition of better textures.
  14. No, he's just been at the bourbon and painkillers again.
  15. Original CA pitch video to Sega. Interesting that there's some dynamic environmental interaction in that as that is one of the things I would have liked to see in the game. Enemies smashing glass or breaking through doors or makeshift barriers and more general interactivity with the environment.
  16. Are you telling me that I shouldn't put forth ideas and suggestions about how Alien Isolation may possibly be improved without designing, engineering and developing my own version of the game?
  17. These two posts go together. Because the xenomorph doesn't stomp its way around the Nostromo.
  18. Oh, I have ideas on how to fix it.
  19. Remember to bump your shadows up to 8K, PC gamers!
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