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  1. Good point. Edited my post. A lot of the big YT guys have done a video on this, its worth watching them all tbh. Superbunnyhop, Raceyvik, Errant Signal, thinreaper and others.
  2. It's a manual process. You need to go out and get new photos of suitable materials in order to make the textures, at this level of texture quality anyway. It's a painstaking labour of love.
  3. Oh, how fucking convenient. One challenge and you evaporate. Better not come at me in future when you slink away from answering one question, after calling me ignorant and paranoid. There's nothing paranoid about what I'm saying - need I really go back and quote all the stuff either directly or indirectly implying this guy is a bad 'un? You're all addicted to these accusations, I think. When challenged you circle the wagons, hope the group will back you up and often shoot out fresh accusations. But I'm sorry - however much backslapping you get from your t
  4. Smutty? Oh, mature. I have just explained that I disagree with how it is increasingly used. I understand how it is being used in practice. As for casual accusations of sexism I am referring to the general milieu of this thread and beyond, who are those responsible for the casual slander that in criticising. I invite you to explain how the definition now in common use doesn't equal what I described it as with reference to my original post asking stiff to tell me why those tweets were mansplaining. Those tweets provide evidence of nothing negativ
  5. You really don't understand how it works anymore. They don't need evidence. They only need innuendo.
  6. And let me set out my rather obvious take on all of this, for the idiotic and casually slanderous: I don't think this woman didn't anything more than get irritated. There's nothing ourageous with her conduct, although I think it was wrong to respond in that way. It's rude but it's not a big deal, it also is entirely understandable given the wider context. I personally would rather she hadn't been fired from her job because I believe in free speech and largely in keeping employers out of public affairs. I believe in strong employee rights. I would never have agitated for her to be
  7. I know what the concept is. The idea that I don't think it has any meaning is ridiculous. It's a real thing and had a real meaning, once. I literally state in the post you quote that it has a meaning that is being eroded by casual misuse. So good fucking luck with an obvious lie like I believe it has no meaning. But you can't demonstrate the example in question (or many others) is proof of that. You don't seem to care one bit about proof. As far as you're concerned, if you can imagine it to be so - if you suspect it - then it is prima facie proven. That's t
  8. I've made a terrible mistake.
  9. Important to note that he points out that making Uncharted-style spectacle sections is extremely expensive. There's Uncharteditis ruining games, again.
  10. Mandalore does a good job breaking down some of the games problems. It's a perceptive analysis. Some examples. Designs became more generic to have a wider visual appeal You don't need to aim for limbs anymore anymore Some bad/bland environmental design in the ship graveyard Terrible human enemies Even necromorphs are shooting at you now Bad cover system, limp combat Weapons ruined to shoehorn microtransactions system Universal ammo Enemies are much faster (some can cross a room and attack you in 2 seconds) and higher in
  11. -DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED- This is remarkable. I've seen loads of these high-quality analyses before, but this guy manages to spot a bunch of stuff that i've not seen anyone mention before in any of them.
  12. Love this guys series of videos analyzing the Uncharted games. There's a very impressive depth of mechanical anaylsis here. He puts some concepts that i've been trying to discuss for years into words in a way that I have struggled to do so. 'Choice in the moment' - brilliant
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