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  1. This is great fun, had a few games tonight trying out a few different characters, Reindhart if great, though I kept left shift to sprint and triggered his dash, do that with lots of characters! Bug on Win10 Bootcamp, push to talk doesnt work once you leave the options screen, unbinds itself, which was a bit of a pain when playing with VN1X tonight! Sorry, wasnt being rude
  2. Got a very quick play at this before work today, did a Vs AI game. This is great fun. Managed play of the gam eon both matches too! Feel free to add me RabMyself #2885
  3. I'd also appreciate a PC key if anyone has a spare one
  4. RabMyself


    5 packs for 2 wins = N'Zoth! Think Ive had my fill of legendaries for the year
  5. RabMyself


    Results are in from 103 packs 5 Legendaries (compared to the last expansion where I got 2 from 100 packs, this is amazing for me!) Fandral Staghelm Ragnaros Lightlord Mukla, tyrant of the Vale Yogg Saron Twin Emperor Veklor 24 Epics 18 Golden 4.2k dust in the bank ready to craft, which will probably sit there for ages as I can never decide what to use it on!
  6. Excellent, grabbed code starting 4A963
  7. PC player here, one of the few, feel free to add me if you online before I am, Origin id RabMyself
  8. Ta for the Starbucks codes, used N3TK...
  9. Nice, used FJT49... Ta very much.
  10. I had terrible connection at lunchtime on the PC version today, though BT having issues today according to bbc news
  11. Really? Pretty much every match I play (on PC at least) has at least half the players with the Bowcaster / Jet Pack combo, they jump up, charge and BOOM, you and anyone remotely near you is dead. And if they dont kill you, they whip out the DL-44 and finish the job.
  12. RabMyself


    RNG Rant incoming Opponent plays Brann then Dr Boom, 4 boom bots. I have 16 Health and 3 minions on the board. I Power Overwhelm one of mine then shadowflame. Can you guess where all the boom bot bombs landed, and how much damage they each dealt?
  13. Had the exact thing happen to me during the week, 75 heavy blaster kills, bought T21 and really got me higher up the board
  14. Many PC players here? If you fancy some company feel free to add me - Origin ID: RabMyself
  15. Awesome secret Santa!! Kholat Invisible Inc Transistor Downwell Thank you very much is kind sir! And a tip of the hat to JPR for taking the time to organise all this, I'm sure you will be rewarded for your deeds
  16. My secret Santa doesn't have a wish list, they have a wish book! Lots of options
  17. RabMyself


    Yay! I win the challenge! Mages Arcane Explosion destroyed me early game beforee Seer came out. Won the next, a nice early 3 mana Tirion put an end to a rather spammy Paladin
  18. Ah, Christmas has arrived, I'm in again!
  19. Possibly not, read this a while ago... http://www.slashfilm.com/mads-mikkelsen-star-wars-character/ Mads Mikkelsen signs fan poster 'Galen', possibly his character in Rogue One
  20. Gimme your details and I'll play for you then!* *Cannot guarantee ill be any better
  21. RabMyself


    Only realised this today with Reno, it says heal to full health if you have only 1 of each card in your DECK. So if you have 2 frost bolts but one is in your hand, Reno will still heal you. If its in your hand its not in your deck!
  22. No overwatch Beta access, but got access to this! Should tide me over
  23. Cant wait for this, I'll be shit, but it looks great fun! Just waiting on the beta key lottery!
  24. Overwatch Beta closed beta commences Oct 27th! http://us.battle.net/overwatch/en/blog/19919176/
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