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  1. Stumbled across this while sailing the high seas of the internet! Dunno if this is warez or not (was it available to buy? ) of if its just been ripped/recorded by someone, but here is a link to download along with the Eternal Darkness soundtrack Feel free to close if any mods deem this unacceptable! http://www.zebes.com
  2. Hit your mate a slap and tell him to stop making money from shit he got for free. If hes going to charge anything, make it the cost of the disk and no more.
  3. The olny one I can think of off the top of my head is Phantasy Star Online, it had an excellenct score (Im not going to say FFVII as its been said already even though I think its great too ) There are probably others, but as I havent had my coffee break yet my brain refuses to work properly, so excessive thought processes are automatically blocked.
  4. I want a FPS with realistic physics. And I mean realistic. How many times have you come across a locked wooded door and been forced to go looking for a key, when your carrying the latest military MX-956 MRK II personal anti-tank rocket launcher. I want to be able to blow the shit out of locked doors. Grenades do realistic structural damage, rockets put holes in ANY wall (you hearing me Red Faction team), I shoot out supports of a roof, the whole thing collapses, someone shoots a wooden table beside me, I want a splinter in my eye. Now thats realism. And I want it.
  5. Badgers. We havent shot badgers yet. With Jam guns. With custard upgrades leading to a full Trifle cannon.
  6. They got past the 64MB limit with virtual memory. And I got it from newsgroups - alt.binaries.cd.image.xbox 172 MB which includes the above entioned roms and the updated emu.
  7. Hacked/Updated, same difference I also had metal slug 4 working but its nice not having to mess around with rom archives.
  8. Kawa-X has been updated with support for Metal Slug 4, Rage of the Dragons, Power Instinct Matrimelee and KOF 2002 and SNK Vs Cpcom Chaos
  9. Do people just avoid instruction manuals these days? Its not as if the freeloader has a terribly big one.
  10. I had my first instance of "fuck off you cheating bastard donkeykong" rage last night. It was great Reminds me why I loved Super Mario Kart so much. Just not knowing how the computer AI is going to fuck you over. Superb.
  11. RabMyself

    Warp Pipe

    Might have a blast at this later in the week, must hunt out that BB adaptor from my old PSO days....
  12. Um, I mean, superb, fantastic, I wish I didnt have to sell it but I need to buy a new kidney
  13. Id disagree too. Yes its a good game, but it just got too 'samey' running through the same rooms with the same pattern of baddies over and over and over. then a quick break outside, then back inside for more repetitiveness!
  14. Got me Zelda bonus disk yesterdat and threw on MM just to try it out. Now I had this for the N64, but never played it for more than 10 minutes, I think I just found the whole "Ive only got 3 days to do this" a little daunting at first so I just passed. Anyways, I put it on yesterday and made my way through that initial section. And my god this is good. The whole time travel thing, mixed in with the different mask effects is great, and already there seems to be loads of side quests (my little note book tells me so ). Out of Prince of Persia, Mario Kart DD, XIII and MM, Zelda has had the most play (well yesterday at least) and I cant wait to see what happens now! And I noticed a few things that were used in Wind Waker such as that freakshow Tingle! One thing I am a little dissappointed at is the slowdown and the sound skips every once in a while, but I can live with it.
  15. I started playing this a while back, think I got to the point where you have to protect the guy in the big Cruise ship (that level was a bastard, especially in the steam rooms). Interest renewed
  16. No thats the sign of a madman who will probably go out and crash his car thinking hes still in the game because he is in a delsuional state due to lack of sleep. Well thats what the papers will say.
  17. I had problems with a firewall. I could see games ok but when i tried to connect it just said system link failure. Had to open port 8602 on UDP and TCP (i think its those, xbconnect website has the details)
  18. Ill play you, but only if your crap!
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