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  1. Nice, Dishonored 2 is on Gamepass, might give that a try next then!
  2. So I finally got around to finishing this after dropping it a number of years ago. That single player campaign was fantastic! Good story, greatgameplay and was just a blast from start to finish. Does anyone else have any recommendations for good, story driven FPS games that will give Titanfall 2 a run for its money?
  3. Cheers Santa, just spend a lazy day ignoring the wife and kids and sunk 3 hours into Resident Evil 2 Remake! Loving it, familiar but different at the same time!
  4. Secret Santa, you legend! Resident Evil 2 Remake Control Awesome stuff! So looking forward to RE2! Thank you!!!!! Heard so much good stuff about control so really looking forward to that as well! I R Happy!
  5. I use an Xbox 360 controller on pc and fake bobs buzz on the left side of the controller, the real one always buzzes on the right side.
  6. I think its about 10 clears to get to the end of the main story line. But there are so many more threads to follow.
  7. So having beaten the last boss after my 51st attempt I’ve been upgrading weapons and clearing a little easier. But I’m just wondering, in a non spoilerific way, how many time do you need to clear to get to the end of the story?
  8. Oh, and the soundtrack for this is amazing. I regularly have it on in the background while working. Its available on YouTube as well as iTunes and probably Spotify!
  9. 46 Attempts and made it to final boss! Almost had him down but Ended up using the fists to get here as it was giving me bonus darkness, and im usually rubbish with them, but as many people have said, you just dont know how your build is going to turn out!
  10. Finally beat those 2 assholes Theseus and Asterius, 41 runs later. Had Theseus down to a fraction so many times but ended up making stupid errors. Now to make sure I can repeat and keep pushing on. Deflect saved my bacon this time!
  11. Just picked this up after all the buzz around it at the minute. I’m not usually a fan of Roguelikes but this is something special, I lost most of my day to this game, much to the disgust of my wife and kids!
  12. Secret Santa knocked it out of the park! What the actual fuck!! Disco Elysium - I was not expecting to get this at all, super well chuffed to see this land in my Inbox Doom - Been meaning time pick this up for a while, so looking forward to firing this up. Rez Infinite - Played Rez on the Dreamcast many moons ago, completely forgot about the modern release, a lovely little surprise. Secret Santa, I salute you, very generous of you, most appreciated.
  13. Well played JPR, keeping up the tradition! Count me in again!
  14. Who knows, maybe this will encourage more people to play Tanks and Healers and actually make for some better games! Thinking positive thoughts! If any non tanks and healers are looking for some beginner tips for their new roles, check out https://www.overbronze.com/ which has a collated collection of tips and tricks for all heroes.
  15. Cool, thanks. Just wanted to make sure it wasnt "Go to the castle, ha tricked you, now go to the the places where you need 3 other things, then go to the proper hidden castle" type of thing. Im gong to do another long exploration stint now I think!
  16. 45 Hours in, 3 beasts down, accidentally stumbled on the Master Sword (the forest is lovely!) and had just enough hearts to take it! When it comes to the story aspect of the game, is it 4 divine beasts > Hyrule castle > Win? I just dont want to go in and complete the story before Ive explored everything!
  17. In all honesty, I have tried, but I just thought Id be lazy and go for a shortcut
  18. I've recently picked this up as my son isnt playing his switch much so I decided to treat myself. Im about 20 odd hours in and done 2 divine beasts, but have decoded to take a break and go explore the world some more. Anyone have any tip or helpful hints that may not be obvious to a newcomer? Avoid spoilers if you can
  19. Big thanks to Santa! Got Witcher 3 GOTY edition, had it on my list for ages but never got around to getting it Also got Slime Rancher, always loved the look of this so great to be able to give it a go! Thank you Santa, much appreciated! And a big shout out to JPR as usual for sacrificing his Christmas Eve to sort us all out!
  20. Much appreciated, thanks very much!
  21. Oops, looks like mine was private, fixed now!
  22. The new looking for group tool makes this feel like a new game again. Being able to join a game as your preferred role, people using voice comms and not being dicks! Granted Ive only played about 5 or 6 games using LFG, but the teams Ive been on have been great, hopefully it stays like this!
  23. RabMyself


    Well I opened about 84 packs and ended up with Free Legendary: Glinda Crowskin Duskfallen Aviana Splintergraft Archmage Arugal Shuderwock Darius Crowley Golden Blackhowl Gunspire (yay free legendary of my choice) The pity timer is definitely seems more generous as last expansion I had a similar amount of pack sand only got 3 legendaries
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