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  1. Thought that happened to me but it turned out my mobile character was on another server, and the pc client started me on a different one by default. Check the server lists for ones with characters on them, just in case.
  2. I may be a bit more than 90 hours, possibly 100 but I did do a little bit of farming, spent an hour on a Sunday afternoon doing the Mohgwyn palace farm
  3. I hit a bit of a roadblock on the last boss, so decided to go a wrap up a load of stuff that I missed, Mohg, twin gargoyles and some dungeons. At lv 130 odd with about 90+ hours, I might go back for the EB at some point but I started a new character…
  4. Does anyone remember the Groovey Goolies? Was one of those shows that I just remember being on at a bank holiday or something
  5. OK so the EB can fuck right off. Rant over. For now...
  6. Radogan down!! Though got slapped by the EB, only had one try though. I’m getting my ending tonight!!
  7. Maliketh down, was a bit tricky as an astrologer, just kept jumping on me! Killed him when he was mid leap with my last drop of FP and literally no health, I actually thought I was already dead at that point! Sorry for the running commentary, pushing hard today!
  8. Godskin Duo down! Got to use my newly acquired (and max lv) Tiche summon, did me well! Pushing on...
  9. So after killing fire giant, hit up Crumbling Faram Azula, decided to take a detour to the haligtree, made it down to Elpheal, lost over 320,000 runes to those stupid, poison spitting multi legged speed demons (bound to be a record), killed a couple of tree monsters then found a boss door. Went in and it was Malenia! Was not expecting her to be here, as soon as the cut scene ended she jumped on me and 1 shot me. Now I know where to avoid for a few more levels. Im kinda sad now as I’ve just been running around exploring for ages and now the end is in sight! I can now go ‘complete’ the game if want, taken some of the mystery away! Going to run around and kill some dragons I avoided earlier in the game seeing as I’m all grown up now and can bully them back then finish off CFA.
  10. Finally made it to Giant country and managed to get fire giant down after about 10 attempts of getting splatted by his shield or toasted by the floor. Had a look around Castle Sol, is there anything really useful in there? As I’m getting well pissed off by the And I payed I think I’ll come back and chat with him later…
  11. Are there ashes of war for a staff? I’m playing astrologer, about lv 49 or so but I don’t use ashes of war as I just don’t understand how they work exactly. All the ashes of war I seem to have look to be for melee characters. And it seems a bit cumbersome to use them. So to use one I need to have a sword in my left hand with an ash of war on it. To use that ability I need to go to 2 hand mode with the sword then press l2 to use the ability. By the time I’ve pressed all those button combinations I’d be dead!
  12. So having put a few hours into Obra Din I stuck on Horizon Zero Dawn "for a few minutes" to see what it was like. Another few hours later I finally put it down. This is great! So glad a load of these playstation games are hitting PC now as I missed out on a load of fantastic games. Great mix of action, stealth, resource/crafting and skills, ive clocked up 9 hours but spent most of that ignoring the main quest line and just exploring and finding new things! Back to robodino hunting...
  13. Stuck on Return of the Obra Dinn this morning, just to see how it plays. 2 hours later the wife walks in and tells me to get the lunch on! This is really a cool, so addictive, want to keep on trying to solve more!
  14. Thanks to my secret Santa in plan to get stuck into Horizon Zero Dawn once the wife and kids are in bed tonight and work through Return of the Obra din too! Then maybe a sprinkling of Halo infinite Campaign in between!
  15. Santa, you legend! Horizon Zero dawn and Return of the Obra Din, thank you very much and to @JPR for hosting another wonderful secret Santa.
  16. Ouch, checked the price on Epic, "Starting from £69.99". As a PC gamer who is used to not paying any more than about £30 for a game this is going to sting!
  17. Last 3 episodes are now out. Really enjoyed this, as mentioned the animation is fantastic. Hope we get another series of this!
  18. I’m currently giving this a blast on Moogle, using the free trial. How much of the game can I play before I have to subscribe? I’m currently a lv24 gladiator and have just been ploughing through my MQS and job quests having great fun.
  19. I’m sure these guys aren’t too amused with the announcement https://store.steampowered.com/app/1372650/Demons_Ate_My_Neighbors/
  20. Just finished off season 2 of Sneaky Pete on Amazon. Fantastic show, great characters and quite tense at times. Really gets you with the 'I'll watch just one more episode..." Never dipped into Prime video for TV shows much, would usually open netflix for that, but will be having a good look around that now. Probably going to hit up Mr Robot next!
  21. That does look lovely, something about it brought be right back to arcades when I was a kid. I’m so getting this one when it’s out! Cheers for the heads up!
  22. Using my old xbox 360 pad im afraid
  23. Finally got this up and running on PC, great revisiting this on PC after putting 200+ hours in it on switch. Still find myself just aimlessly wandering and exploring. One thing though about the emulated version, Tilt Shrines can fuck right off! They are such a pain in the arse! Is there a way to cheat them on PC or some magic trick I can use? Really doing my head in!
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