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  1. Mercy Flush

    Ghostbusters (2016)

    You're going to die..
  2. Mercy Flush


    You can pre-order it on steam now, I'd imagine other places have it too.
  3. Mercy Flush


    I've got a spare beta key for Defense Grid 2 if anyone's interested. PM me, first person gets it. Edit: Gone!!
  4. 10. Blade 2 9. The Matrix 8. Commando 7. Predator 6. Dredd 5. The Raid 4. Police Story 3. Robocop 2. Aliens 1. Big Trouble in Little China
  5. Mercy Flush

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Steamboat Windu
  6. Mercy Flush

    Dredd 3D

    Damn Still, a sequel would still be very welcome.
  7. Mercy Flush

    Dredd 3D

    I seem to remember talk of Judge Death if there was going to be a sequel...
  8. Mercy Flush

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Carry on Coruscant
  9. The Thing (1982) Let the Right One In Evil Dead 2 Event Horizon Nightmare on Elm Street Alien Lost Boys Return of the Living Dead American Werewolf in London The Ring
  10. Mercy Flush


    Hi folks, got some spare steam keys: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams x 1 GONE Legends of Aethereus x 1 GONE Awesomenauts x 1 PM if you're interested in any, first come first serve, thread regulars etc. You know the drill
  11. Mercy Flush

    Big Trouble In Little China

    Itunes have the HD version
  12. Mercy Flush


    I have an extra Godus beta key if anyone is interested . PM if interested. Usual rules: first come first serve, thread regulars etc. Edit: GONE
  13. Mercy Flush


    Pretty sure Arkham City uses GFWL.
  14. Mercy Flush


    Got the following to give away, regulars only etc. Sanctum 2 - GONE: Revlob & Hexx Natural Selection 2 - GONE: evilashchris & Kit PM me if you're interested Edit: ALL GONE
  15. Mercy Flush


    Welcome, enjoy

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