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  1. Has anyone checked on Geoff Keighley?
  2. Waiting for the pig de resistance Simpsons gif to be adapted for this game.
  3. Professor_k


    Putting him on the shelf
  4. Professor_k


    I came here to ask whether everyone thought the Aubameyang sale was a load of bollocks but judging by the above Twitter thread it seems quite likely. Ozil needs to go.
  5. Watched this based upon this review. It was absolutely fine. Very entertaining in the last third. Looking forward to the new horror generation discovering horror porm.
  6. It's an almost impossible question. I've had to turn horror movies off 10 minutes in because I've realised it's some cash grab with no production value, boring static shots and bad audio. That's not gonna be up there in my worst movies though. M. Knight's Avatar movie was so, so bad. I watched it as homework for an episode of the "how did this get made" podcast" and it took about 4 sittings. So unbelievably boring. The poor kids that went to see that movie...
  7. I think this will be the BDSM community's Disney movie of the year.
  8. I've been watching this. Defo getting "Lost crossed with teen drama" vibes. It's starting to annoy me a bit now though (I'm about half way through) because the story isn't compelling enough and I don't care about any of the characters... Other than that it's great
  9. I think Until Dawn Rush of Blood is pretty great for that.... Provided you can deal with the jump scares
  10. 2 out of 5 for me. That's my insightful review. You're welcome.
  11. I watched it the other night and got too pissed and forgot the ending. Seemed like A Quiet Place with eyes but not as good. Might go back... probably won't. I LOVED Halloween 2018. Really fun.
  12. No new good ones for December? Got a week off and a lust for some horror depravity.
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