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  1. Nabil Shaban was there and gave him a copy, apparently. “Under a Labour government, unofficial Doctor Who spin-offs will receive the funding they deserve!”
  2. Jon Pertwee appears in a 1981 Zanussi corporate video (for Zanussi reps): Keep watching until the end.
  3. Guardian review: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/oct/04/nick-cave-and-the-bad-seeds-ghosteen-review-the-most-beautiful-songs-he-has-ever-recorded It’s a lovely record.
  4. Live Youtube premiere stream starting soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwlU_wsT20Q&feature=youtu.be
  5. New DOUBLE album ‘Ghosteen’ announced for... next week! https://www.theredhandfiles.com/when-can-we-expect-a-new-album/ https://www.theredhandfiles.com/when-can-we-expect-a-new-album-2/
  6. The new book is top secret but apparently takes place 15 years after the first one, and doesn’t tie in to the TV series.
  7. Terrance Dicks has died at the age of 84. He was the script editor for the Jon Pertwee era and novelised very many of the stories for the Target book range. He arguably did more work on shaping the character of the Doctor than anyone other than the actors playing the role themselves. I was lucky enough to meet him on three separate occasions and each time he was a thoroughly nice and lovely chap. Rest in peace, Uncle Terrance.
  8. A Polish photographer visits Chernobyl today: https://www.podniesinski.pl/portal/sarcophagus-and-other-most-radioactive-places-in-chernobyl/
  9. Amazingly, as staggeringly awful as this was, it wasn’t actually the worst ‘conflicted spaceship crew with a holographic AI go on a mission to confront an enigmatic alien entity’ series Netflix have produced this year - Nightflyers still holds that crown.
  10. There’s a new film out about the England team under Strauss called ‘The Edge’: Mark Kermode quite liked it!
  11. New trailer. I’m actually quite looking forward to this...
  12. Take cocaine in Japan: get digitally erased from a video game about violent gangsters Take cocaine in the UK: still in the running to be Prime Minister...
  13. Idris Elba hunted vampires. It was actually very good.
  14. Apple showed a trailer for their forthcoming series ‘For All Mankind’ during their WWDC presentation: It’s set in an alternate history where the Soviets landed on the moon first, a cross between First Man and The Man in the High Castle...
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