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  1. Next classic series box set announced.
  2. New gaming(?) headsets on the way from Sony https://www.theverge.com/2022/6/21/23176570/sony-inzone-gaming-headsets-leak-h3-h7-h9-monitors
  3. Just the first episode as a taster - for the full series you’ll still need to subscribe. https://www.cordbusters.co.uk/halo-tv-series-coming-to-channel-5/
  4. They’re keeping Peter Hook for the New Order series.
  5. If you’re subbed, See is actually really good, and the second season improves on the first (the Dave Bautista/Jason Momoa face-off is great).
  6. Can’t really say it’s an inaccurate headline
  7. The new film (This Much I Know To Be True) was magnificent - beautiful performances and some incredibly moving moments, and some very funny ones too. If you like his music (or Warren’s), really worth going.
  8. Awful news. Going to see the new film tomorrow and it will be very strange after hearing this.
  9. Yakuza players might find this article interesting: https://sabukaru.online/articles/before-the-bubble-era-memories-from-japan-by-greg-girard?utm_campaign=later-linkinbio-sabukaru.online&utm_content=later-26594306&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkin.bio
  10. It doesn’t take my breath away.
  11. June 22 for the UK, £6.99 per month, £69.90 per year, free if you have Sky Cinema.
  12. Well I enjoyed it. And Sir Ken recorded a little message at the start just for Belfast cinemas.
  13. And it did indeed win Sir Ken his first Oscar, for best original screenplay.
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