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  1. Amazingly, as staggeringly awful as this was, it wasn’t actually the worst ‘conflicted spaceship crew with a holographic AI go on a mission to confront an enigmatic alien entity’ series Netflix have produced this year - Nightflyers still holds that crown.
  2. There’s a new film out about the England team under Strauss called ‘The Edge’: Mark Kermode quite liked it!
  3. New trailer. I’m actually quite looking forward to this...
  4. Take cocaine in Japan: get digitally erased from a video game about violent gangsters Take cocaine in the UK: still in the running to be Prime Minister...
  5. Idris Elba hunted vampires. It was actually very good.
  6. Apple showed a trailer for their forthcoming series ‘For All Mankind’ during their WWDC presentation: It’s set in an alternate history where the Soviets landed on the moon first, a cross between First Man and The Man in the High Castle...
  7. Yes I thought it was a really nice place to spend a couple of days, very laid back with lots of walking around.
  8. The Snacks and Wildcats shop in Yakuza 6’s Onomichi... and its counterpart in the real world (with two other Yakuza fans taking a picture of one of the drinks!)
  9. Reminds me a bit of the old Uncle Clive joke about what a developer sees on his perfectly calibrated screen versus what you see on your TV in your sunny living room.
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