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  1. I was thinking I had loads of these, but checking my iTunes makes me realise most of the old ones are now long dead so Swainy and co are almost all we've got from the UK right now. Replay Gamer is worth a shot. There was a preliminary episode 0 which while entertaining, has a few minor editing issues. Episode 1 sorts all of those out. You can listen to it as an audio podcast, but there's some extras if you watch the video - silly images for humourous effect, clips from the games being discussed etc. Armchair Arcade has its moments too.
  2. Oricutron had an update this weekend: http://code.google.com/p/oriculator/ This release should work with Skool Daze (if it ever sees a release now).
  3. A few edited highlights as posted on the Retro Gamer forum. The full set is here: http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a25/Antir...etroRewind2010/ On checking in, we were pleasantly surprised to find the hotel had themed things for us. Mohicankid and I were in 'The Binary Room' In our new favourite pub, the Devonshire Cat on Friday night Dprinny reels in horror at the thought of white wine instead of beer Markopoloman arrives with Mikeopoloman in tow for his 16th birthday Mohicankid started the weekend well... SirClive and co went clubbing. I didn't last 5 minutes in here Getting started on Saturday. Just look at the size of that screen! DPrinny tries flogging stuff to Rinoa and Black Panther Thumbs up for Retro Rewind from the debonair PForson Merman's profession proves useful for The Typing of the Dead Steel Battalion. I missed my chance to try this out I showed one of these kids how Blip worked and he was hooked Networked Spectrum! Loads of stuff for sale in the B pod, I picked up a BMX Flyer handheld cheap BoggyB meets the Scottish contingent I'm now a Warlords convert. Everyone should experience this game in 4 player Its hard to tell if he's enjoying that or if he's passed out Woody.C0ck and Dennoman in the fighting game tournament final ...and those characters are HUGE on that screen ...but Dennoman eventually claimed the Golden Joystick I only went to grab a pic of SIR86... ...but Binman (from WoS) wasn't happy with just a shot of his back PSJ was mad for chinese buffet, couldn't wait for his fix Back at the hotel, Markopoloman provided beer and food once the bar closed Squigs_Ghost and Colin from the Jamma+ forum. Believe it or not, I do actually have a photo of Squigs without a pint in his hand, but this one is better Witchfinder's bartop MAME cab proved popular as always, but whatever you do, don't play Anteater unless you want to experience the ultimate 'one more go/frustration' combo Mohicankid finally made it and did a roaring trade with his Lucky Dip England Vs Scotland The prize draw starts... ...and we all wait tensely to see if our numbers are drawn. Some cracking prizes were had (mostly by RO) Eventually it was time to pack up. Resident Paul clears the last remnants here Then it was back to the Devonshire Cat Any other bars have a menu of over a dozen pages of beers to select from? A few pints here... Then off for a game of pool (until we were kicked out) Maybe it was because Mohicankid crashed their only games machine? Then it was onto a club, but there's no holding back a Retro Gamer even in that environment - check out the cocktail menu The nightlife was 'interesting' I did get at least one good picture with me in it BoggyB gets up close and personal A good selection of old tracks had Merman on his best air guitar Eventually it all got too much... ...so it was time for a cab home
  4. Bean Weevil certainly isn't/wasn't a regular on the RG forum - that's been my main haunt over the last year or so since I drifted from here. WGTV had a calendar last year too but its not a patch on this one in visual terms. There might be another this year though, depends if they can get the voting sorted out for the compo that the images are drawn from.
  5. I'd like a 2009 calendar if its on the cards. I've just moved office and my 2008 one was one of the only things I took with me.
  6. Absolutely. My old arcade was riddled with them. If you don't specifically want a Spacies or Pac Man, a generic cab like that can be picked up for less than a third of the price.
  7. Mine arrived Tuesday, just a couple of days after posting. It now hangs proudly by my office desk awaiting January's unveiling. Outer envelope was shredded, but the internal placcy bag and bubble wrap shielded it from any damage. Didn't realise that each one would have a signed, numbered cert on the back. Also just realised the massive outlay required to get these to us. Assuming a fairly low profit margin, there's a grand or so gone into getting me this made up!
  8. Most played recently: Drill Dozer. Cute, not too hard, but enjoyable in that 'what's next' sort of way. Motocross Challenge. Not an official release, its homebrew, but I bought the RGCD cart version as its cheap.
  9. Great news, I can't find any others this year so I was relying on you pulling through with this one. Thanks for the hard work on it, looks cracking from what you've shown us. Ordered mine already, natch.
  10. I'm looking to pick up a calendar for next year. I'd echo Rob's comment - Mario seems an odd choice when all the other games are 8 bit computer ones. That and nobody is going to walk past my desk and go 'oh, Mario, cool". The others are all memorable games. Mario is an ongoing and overused icon.
  11. Its a big mag compiled from articles previously published in GamesTM. The only new content is the Capcom article.
  12. I rarely buy full price, so I love rummaging through the bargain bins, sale displays and preowned to unearth the good stuff. I couldn't afford to feed my habit otherwise. I much prefer to wait until hype has died down - if games are still being discussed or recommended a couple of months after release, they invariably get picked up at cut price. Tron 2.0 was worth every penny of the £2.99 I paid for it. Thoroughly enjoyed it right up to the point my save games went haywire and refused to boot the game while any of them were in place. Couldn't be bothered starting over as I was too far in.
  13. Athlon XP2400 640Mb RAM 128Mb AGP GeForce 6600 GT Soundblaster Live! 5.1 (but in stereo) 3 x 80Gb HDDs (All full) XP SPwhatever we're up to now
  14. New version out today: Fixes and improvements: Added joystick support. Added support for two different pick keys. Only show the available difficulty levels for songs. Fixed the startup problems on video cards that do not support antialiasing. Fixed the red screen of death. Added the missing DLL to the Window version. Pick it up from the homepage Top find by the way. Never played the original but I'm liking this. Might have to pick up the guitar before they disappear from the shops now.
  15. Joy2Key will do that for you, translating joypad/stick button presses to keyboard controls. Handy tool for emulators and old PC games.
  16. The game you're looking for in MAME is Butasan I'd take the credit, but I only know as Danny nominated it for the league this season.
  17. Dreamcast Ecco the Dolphin. Or Virtua Tennis.
  18. Since when was Amiga 'old days'? Its only a couple of generations of hardware ago. Or am I old now
  19. I'm of a similar mind to WickedKitten - I don't think its so much that you're bored of gaming, more that the games you're trying to play are not suiting your current mood/lifestyle. As the current games don't hold a lot of excitement for you, perhaps its time to look back and revisit old favourites or try games you never had the chance to first time around. Where possible, get hold of old original hardware, just for full effect.
  20. Edge and GamesTM get bought, but I tend to pick at them and just read bits that interest me. I subscribe to Retro Gamer, as its not so review based. Can't imagine giving them up, I need something to fill my tea breaks.
  21. I can't see myself travelling over 200 miles to use it...
  22. Using a t64 version works. Sorry, no pics (yet). Tbh, its not very stable - I've had several fatal crashes that have stopped the emu from runnign again (I've had to reinstall, presumably due to a corrupt config file). PSPC64 doesn't suffer from that nearly as much.
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