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  1. Do this generations sticks with much smaller dead zones make control feel better?
  2. I like the description of “16 bit graphics”. 16 bit graphics were never this advanced
  3. Graphics power wise Nintendo do (third place really)
  4. No the point is that the production cost of Kinect 2 came at the expense of a less powerful gpu, in order for the console not to be grossly overpriced
  5. They will be near identical specs wise, far closer than this gen base consoles were. MS pissed away performance by bundling a fan-cooled camera with every console. Don mattrick was so dumb.
  6. Which PS4 yakuza game has the best combat because that’s probably the thing that will keep me sticking around?
  7. They should re-invent the series as a Halo-Souls like, tie in the resurrection mechanic to some forerunner thing. I should be paid for this stuff.
  8. For a Sony studio on a high budget title? Have you seen the roll they've been on for years now?
  9. Its actually fairly rare for a big Sony studio to misfire these days isn't it? This looks like one of them - a bit 7/10
  10. bumgut

    Devil May Cry 5

    When you complete the game can you then play through any level with a specific character?
  11. bumgut

    Devil May Cry 5

    Yeah I’m hoping in the full version you can eventually play the whole thing through with the character of you choice.
  12. bumgut

    Devil May Cry 5

    Wow I think I see royal guard in that 3rd GIF. It looks incredible. To the complaints about the environments being sterile- remember this is running at 60fps you can’t expext fully destructible environments with dynamic time of day bs, it’s all in service of gameplay. the animation is stonking. Day 1 even though I’ll barely have time to play it. Got to support the kind of games you like or they will go extinct.
  13. He sounds very randy to me.
  14. Looks like axel skipped leg day
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