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  1. Use and abuse your harden all the time. it’s a great mechanic that recharges for free and what makes this game easier than souls games. ripostes give back health so learn to parry all grunts parrying on an empty special gauge give you a bar of gauge so keep parrying
  2. So is it decent? doesn’t have to be stunning
  3. Hope it has a controller option, then I’m fine with it
  4. Wasn’t the game fairly unfinished for a few months till it was patched up? cant complain no one buys at full price when you release it unfinished i bought it after a few months and it was brilliant.
  5. Sf2, sf alpha 3 and third strike still going on on PS4. dunno if you can call it popular but you’ll get games every evening.
  6. i never get why it needed to be a full spin up even in other earlier consoles. what does that get you copy protection wise that you can’t get with a slower spin up?
  7. Is this game easier or harder than The Messanger?
  8. I recommend hard to start with too. Becomes a stealth shooter in the early hours and can get very tense.
  9. They can’t get credit cards? what the fuck do foreigners actually do in Japan?
  10. And setting up a bot buying network.
  11. A charging dock has fuck all complex technology in it, it should be so easy to mass produce, its a bit shocking how short supply it is in 4 months on. It makes me pessimistic for the ps5/XSX which actually has some high tech difficult to manufacture components in it.
  12. Cool, maybe they actually tweaked the design. Now to just find one!
  13. Have they sorted the whine though? Its been 4 months since the launch batches. Anyone that got a ps5 in the last 2-3 weeks having the coil whine problem?
  14. Well I hope they fixed the coil whine in the ones coming out now. They had 4 months.
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