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  1. I'd pay £50 extra for an SKU with water cooling on day 1, if it ran basically silent.
  2. How much ram will next gen have? with these ssds being so fast can they get away with 16gb? x box one x being a true 4K machine has 12gb or has the cost come down so much they will go with 32 or 64 gb?
  3. The throw arcs vary by ninja you use as well as throw type (forward/up/back) I gave back, but I might go back to it as I really wanted a hard mode run through. everything else about it is really great. its much deeper that I had expected, and quite forgiving
  4. Its a great game but that last boss is fucking shit. Its really difficult to consistently get throws to break the glass. Trying different throws, different ranges, different sized opponents, I had to give up.
  5. Wow they got millions of dollars for that VCS console
  6. Where the hell is serious sam 4?
  7. Cos he's already seen them?
  8. Seems that code for reviews are being withheld by gearbox for quite a lot of European games sites?
  9. Are there any new systems other than juggling? Guarding? Evading? it would be nice for a bit of depth
  10. I looked around for a bit and it’s just gone silent. I think the dev just ran out of money or something.
  11. So the console versions never came out. Shame, this game was DOA
  12. Beware it’s got no improvements on pro
  13. All next gen consoles need a water cooled version for £50-70 more on day one. I would love that, and it doesn’t split the player base.
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