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  1. Nice strawman, do you not understand the difference between something that is passive and something that requires action? It's pretty simple really. You could make lots of silly assumptions or you could read the thread and see that my main issue is that my kids have difficulty with it. Even so, if people find it annoying they find it annoying; it's not your call on what people have issues with and it doesn't make them a fanboy. If anything the over-sensitive people always come across as the fanboys. I don't think the Wii would have been a success if every single game required calibration.
  2. Alternatively, Sony is not your mom. Why can't some people just accept that the calibration is an issue for others (you even mention that the WiiMotion+ calibration is an issue for you, something I also agree with!) without playing the fanboy card? A lot of you really have problems seeing fanboys everywhere you look; sort it out.
  3. I've realised I'm a massive classist when it comes to rapping. Jay-Z rapping about a hard-knock life and growing up in a life of crime I can take but "...Sleeping on futons and cots..."
  4. Can't see Mary being in the final myself. It's looking like Cher and Matt with One Direction finishing in 3rd. Probably Cher to win but it's going to be interesting what they do for the winner's song as they normally pick it for who they know is going to win. Why do boy bands on these shows always pick such awful names while the girls pick awesome names? One True Voice and One Direction. WTF?
  5. The judges pick the final contestants and there is no way that they will not put Cher in the final.
  6. I can't imagine a more un-casual-like thing to say. My parents can barely tell the difference in graphics never mind the minor difference between the Wii and Move.
  7. So, 0 wildcards in the bottom 3, says a lot. I wish the pop idol format would come back over here.
  8. She really should have just been in the over-25s. Even better they should just put through the best acts.
  9. 5 years ago, Wagner would have been funny, but unfortunately the curtain's been pulled back a bit too far lately and it is hard to keep the suspension of disbelief.
  10. Itv HD was massively out of sync for me and I've had to change to itv sd because it looked like everyone was miming. Got a feeling cheryl's wildcard is going to be amazing. Can't remember her at all from the auditions.
  11. I haven't played either but I have played Just Dance 1 and didn't really like it. On the other hand I'm really looking forward to Dance Central. However I'm not prepared to call someone who has played both and prefers Just Dance 2 an anti-Xbox fanboy because Just Dance 2 might be more enjoyable for that person. They are different games after all not solely defined by their input methods.
  12. I think the majority of people thought she was amazing, and that's why she was the bookies' favourite (obviously they don't just pull the odds out of thin air, they reflect what people thought of the performances at this point). Personally, I thought she was one of the best contestants that's been on the show since Leona, with a similar way of putting emotion into a song. I do have a soft spot for alternative versions of songs though.
  13. OuttaHere


    This nails it on the head. The Britney episode has to be the worst ever episode for this with the songs having nothing to do with the story at all. Also, I had to do a double-take to check it wasn't Britney Spears signing when the first music video came on because it was such a good copy.
  14. I have to say being a massive DDR fan at the time, but not really enjoying Just Dance personally I'm definitely looking forward to Dance Central and was the one reason I pre-ordered a Kinect (later cancelled because of the feedback in this thread). How does the freestyle mode work? I'd always assumed it was like freestyle in Singstar that has no effect on the actual game.
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