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  1. Rise of the robots was terrible and I doubt it has improved with age. There was a raft of these beat em ups on the amiga which very generally poor and none were as good as renegade or target renegade on the speccy (that said renegade on the c64 was a bit of a mess if I recall correclty) Zoids I have to admit I played at the time and I didn't realise until later it had gotten such a good review but I could never work out what to do. I don't think it was awful just confusing. The Great Space Race was a game I picked up a long time ago never having heard of it and it had impressive packaging so I was looking forward to it but the game wasn't much cop a sort of basic Elite without flying
  2. Does anyone have a wii fighting stick from hori? Is there an adapter I can get to connect it via cable to a pc so I could use it for mame? I saw this which I thought might be the best solution but where is a good place to get adapters these days as I don't really trust ebay for things like this anymore as there are too many knockoffs. If somebody has one of these I'd appreciate your feedback as if I understood correctly it may work with my ps3 as well through the adpater.
  3. There is a nintendo humble bundle up which looks good but It seems to be only available to the eshops in the Americas unfortunately. I assume you can't just have a second account like with the PS3 or does the region locking prevent this in any case?
  4. Why is it quicker to load on PC? I assume it's installed on the console as well or am I missing something? Watched the trailer and it looks good though I may wait for it to drop further first.
  5. Hi, I have a few keys to give away. I'm trying to clear out all unused keys from bundles etc. Humble Bundle Keys (most games register on steam) Humble Indie Bundle 1 ( World of Goo Aquaria Gish Lugaru HD Penumbra: Overture Samorost 2) Gone Humble Indie Bundle 2 ( Braid Cortex Command Machinarium Osmos Revenge of the Titans) Humble Indie Bundle 3 ( Crayon Physics Deluxe Cogs VVVVVV Hammerfight And Yet It Moves Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Atom Zombie Smasher) I think the keys to the following are unused (I'm not sure how I can check this as if I accidentally add a key I already have I'm not sure if the key is invalid). Steam keys Just Cause Collection Hitman Absolution Elite Edition Gone Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition Gone Just PM if you want them.
  6. That looks great. I remember the maps in crash and ys being great but that's a long time back. Somehow missed the Amiga book but will have to pick that up as well.
  7. Are the green man gaming codes legit as they have 27 percent off at the moment. This works out cheaper than gog even having both witches games. Does anyone know if green man gaming is selling gog codes?
  8. And what's the story with the nintendo online accounts. I've played online with wii and original ds but don't remember having an account but I suspect I must have had one for the wii. Am I remembering wrong? Problem is I can't easily hook up my wii anymore to check my details.
  9. Ok picked up a wii u with mario kart. Will pick up bayonetta 2 but what else is worth getting. I will probably also get zombi u after watching some youtube videos of it yesterday. Does the wii u pro controller work with geometry wars?
  10. crocked


    Can you install the galaxy client on your main disk (ssd) and choose to install all games to a different location. Can the games still be launched without the client (i.e. are they still drm free)? I've just rebuilt my pc and need to reinstall everything and was wondering if the new client is that much better considering it is still in beta that I should use it now or not. It does sound more comfortable.
  11. I used to play lords of chaos years ago on the spectrum. the graphics weren't up to much but the gameplay was great so I doubt the graphics are a major issue for this.
  12. Does the amiga emulator work for the wii as well and how does it play?
  13. Would the pi2 have enough power to emulate the Amiga well? I found some info which were discussing it but without much info as to how much better it is that's the original pi. According to the raspberry pi CEO he thinks for the a500 it should be good but he wasn't sure for 1200 though that's just because he had an amiga himself and is a big fan of team 17 games which I recall looking good but for me largely haven't aged well. It's good they're still going but it's a pity they seems to concentrate on worms now.
  14. Out of interest what's an Amiga 1000 worth these days. Have an A500 and an A1200 but I know someone selling an Amiga 1000, 1200 and C64 and was wondering what the Amiga 1000 is worth? Am I right in thinking the names are written inside the case?
  15. Is coast to coast much better than the original outrun on xbox?
  16. I think that's one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. I like the fact he added in the bat phone, klaxon lights and web cam so you can watch someone playing from outside
  17. Well I have an old amiga that is definitely yellow as hell now though apparently there is cream you can buy to whiten the cases. No I was just wondering how dirty they would get from smudges etc but it sounds like I've nothing to worry about
  18. just a quick question am I correct in assuming the rumoured ps 2 emulation support hasn't been added. I found a few news stories in relation to it last year but no confirmation. I assume it is more likely they want to push us to pay for the streaming service.
  19. Is there a new PS 4 revision coming or are they planning a price drop? I read somewhere that the cost of the parts had dropped so it would seem they could afford to do it but question is if they will or if they are just running some promotions. The reason I ask is that I saw two places in europe are offering PS 4 base unit with no games for the equivalent of 210 pounds. To be honest I'm tempted but I still have a huge number of PS 3 games ton finish first. Just one question does the white ps4 get dirty quickly as it looks better to me in pictures but I haven't seen it in real life yet?
  20. Regarding the FPU maybe I'm remembering wrong but I thought that was rarely used by any games except maybe the later doom clones. That said the chip should be compatible but the following section makes me wonder if you need to underclock the frequency from 40MHz to 25Hz. Personally I probably wouldn't pick it up and try and get a 50MHz or 25MHz one to be on the safe side,
  21. I picked up an 8 MB card (fairly cheap to be fair) and despite it having all the dimms on the card for 8 MB it also only reported 4 MB. It was enough for most games so I didn't look into it further but I suspected it might be some jumper setting on the card.
  22. Has anyone played Sky rogue? I like the look of it (sort of afterburner with virus / star fox style graphics) and it has been greenlit now so it will be on steam. http://nihilocrat.itch.io/sky-rogue It can still be picked up as a pay what you want and you should get a steam key
  23. I can only say for ps3. I had to add a new psn account on the american store. I bought a game code off amazon.com (you can also buy credit if you wish). Then I had to add a local user account on the ps3 and logged into psn and redeemed the code and downloaded the game. I could then play it off my normal account once it was downloaded. It's a lot easier than it sounds but I 've heard you need to b careful with dlc but don't know the details
  24. And IOS. I think afterburner will no longer be available as the planes used are licensed and the licenses are expiring. I think it was the same story with Outrun a few years back. If you purchase it you should still be able to download it but no longer purchase it.
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