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  1. I thought IndieRoyale went out of business a year or so ago. Just checked an old link and it redirects to another company that has bought them but I'd say any unused keys are gone
  2. That's what I was afraid of. I suppose I could simply use a usb extension cable and stick it into the dock as having to pull the entire dock and all cables out each time to remove the unit seems convoluted (as my tv unit isn't large enough to remove it from the dock vertically). The network adapter means I need to spend an extra 20 to 30 pounds for an adapter which I assume would cost less than a dollar to include in the dock. At least it may be possible to hide in the dock. Is there a RRP for the dock as it doesn't seem to do much more than add hdmi out from what I've seen? I like the region free support though as I still have a soft spot for wining eleven 6 even after all these years so not having to faff around with region switching tools is a good thing.
  3. Is it possible to use the the dock horizontally? Will the dock be available separately? Disappointing if not entirely surprising to see no ethernet port again. Will there be an official adapter available for this? I'm a bit worried on what looks like a lack of third party support as while Nintendo still make great games without third party support it'll struggle to catch on and we'll have a wii u repeat. This coupled with what looks (at least to your average customer) a relatively complicated system, weak launch line up and a high launch price I fear they may struggle with this. I suppose they are launching in March as they missed the December launch window but for me would have been better to wait until say September and include the newer nvidia architecture as I suspect this will be used as an excuse for not porting to the switch in the near future. I'm really sceptical about the paid online service purely on the current account system where you need to buy or rebuy everything between new consoles and there is no cross buy. Still let's see what they announce here. Lack of voice chat isn't an issue as I think for kids this is better to be honest.
  4. I was going to back it but decided to wait and see it it actually came out on wii u or not. I can understand the decision commercially but it still seems wrong to me or at the very least misleading.
  5. Was a bit confused as I thought it came out years ago for free but I see this is an expanded version that is back after it being released on xbox one. The original version is still free here but I'll probably pick it up on steam as I remember it being good when I played it so would like to support him although I don't think I finished it but given I'm still stuck on level 2 of Super Ghouls and Ghosts on the GBA that's not so surprising.
  6. Sorry. Thanks for some reason I thought it was already up. Is it always 2 pm they go up?
  7. Odd I went to pick up "Chase: Cold Case Investigations - Distant Memories " but get the following message "A download version of this game is not available to purchase on this website." Is this link wrong?
  8. Could that also snapshot games so you could pause and continue later? My neighbour had one with joystick adapter and reset button and I thought he could pause a game in memory and restore it (no loading times) later but it was a long time ago so might be mistaken
  9. I have a spare copy of this. PM sent
  10. I used to love Supercars 2, Skidmarks (or Super Skidmarks) and I became hopelessly addicted to Indy Heat at one stage possibly due to the three player action on the amiga. Interesting to see they are remaking skidmarks but looks early days yet. I also liked badlands and super sprint but not to the same extent.
  11. I was also looking at the lone wolf but saw it was gone. Is lone wolf the same as the old game books from the 80's?
  12. Generally I think you had one or the other be that nes vs master system, snes vs mega drive or speccy vs c64. I do remember one kid who was on holidays and he had brought his c64 and spectrum with him so that's the only one I remember as I thought it was strange at the time. There may be some people who went from ST to Amiga and had both but I can't say for sure as it was mainly Amiga's in our neighbourhood.
  13. I ordered a new 3ds xl yesterday as there was an offer with charger and ocarina of time for the normal price of the console. Can you use a larger cards such as sdxc 64GB or 128 GB with the 3ds xl? I see the max officially supported is 32GB SDHC but I see some people are saying larger sizes can be used if you format the disk correctly. Has anyone tried this?
  14. There seems to be a humble bundle with some 3ds games in it. As far as I can see this time we can redeem the codes. $1 Retro city rampage Shantae and the pirates curse $9.76 bta Rhythm thief and the emperors treasure Citizens of earth $13 Super street fighter IV https://www.humblebundle.com/friends-of-nintendo-3ds-wiiu There are also some wii u games but for the 3ds games I only know retro city rampage. Are the others good?
  15. Hi, I'm looking to pick up a microphone for some home recording mainly guitar but also some vocals. I have seen a second hand Rode K2 tube microphone which is currently at 150 pounds but the same seller is also selling a preamp for this (a MindPrint En-Voice MK ll). What's the best way to connect this a pc and is the preamp really necessary for tube microphones. I read somewhere that it was but are they maybe built into some of the audio interfaces such as apogee, focusrite etc? What audio interface would you recommend in general for this? I have a windows pc (as some interfaces seem to be mac only) Cheers, Crocked
  16. I came across this banjo cover of this song on a friends blog. I think it's impressive. I then checked and saw that he has done a lot of other covers of of old games for different platforms like Turrican, F-Zero, Dune etc. https://www.youtube.com/user/olonguet/featured I listened to a podcast interview with him today and apparently his music was used somewhere in a promo for a new wonder boy game that is coming out called monster boy and if I understood correctly they'll include him in the game. He had an msx while growing up in france and has a separate channel for this plus some speed painting of for example monkey island https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh488zNQKqoyrwjZZZEz_qQ
  17. Played something at the Trocadero in the early 90's I think. Can't remember much to be honest other than how underwhelming it was at the time.
  18. Hi, is there any difference between playing using steam or the elite dangerous launcher? I purchased a copy off the store for my brother and assume he can register the steam keys as he only plays things through steam. Cheers, Crocked
  19. Animal Crossing on the gamecube. Remember playing this a few years back on either christmas day or christmas eve and it being all Christmas themed. Unfortunately won't be able to play it this year as my gamecube is at my parents house
  20. I used to love match point. The graphics weren't great but the gameplay was spot on. I remember putting a lot of time into great courts 2 on the amiga but I doubt it has aged as well as match point.
  21. Tried it and it works well now. Cheers
  22. I've been trying to play fallout 3 GOTY on steam but it seems to freeze randomly during the missions. I can kill the application and restart from my last save but is there any way to avoid this? I'm on Win 7 64 bit with a gtx 970 if that is relevant.
  23. Can someone tell me if the 3ds charger work with an original ds? I would like a second charger and I thought the 3ds charger would be good as I'm considering getting a 3ds or 3ds xl to play my ds games and pick up some of the games I've being reading about later this year. I like the look of the white 3ds with snes colour buttons but don't see an equivalent xl version. Will ds games look much better with the better quality screen? Are any games included with the console? Is there much of a difference between the XL version other than size?
  24. Well I mentioned it above but in reference to the Amiga version. I vaguely remember seeing the SNES version in the shops but SNES games were more expensive back then anyway but I would have been fairly annoyed to have paid that much for it. The SNES controller was better suited but I suspect that game was awful whatever platform it was on. Speaking of the amiga version of street fighter 2 were there two versions or something as I don't remember 11 disks though I do remember there being a good few but more like 4 or 5
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