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  1. Do I need to get the Game Pass app as opposed to the xbox game streaming (preview)? Where do you get apk files from? Is there a safe place to get these from as from the play store I can't seem to download them?
  2. Is xcloud going to be available on android tv? I checked the play store just now and couldn't find it. Is it possible to stream from my xbox downstairs to my nvidia shield with this? I'm assuming that is faster than using xcloud directly.
  3. For me it's a shame there is no disc drive although it was expected. The kids use it to watch films and also I use it for games I cannot buy digitally like marble madness. Would have gladly paid more to have it. The series X is just too big for my tv unit so I was hoping the S may do. In any case will probably stay with my one x for a little while longer.
  4. Just checked and I see they are now remaking head over heels. Glad to see the latest kickstarter is going so well.
  5. I must break out my modded wii as well. Which emulators are good on the wii? I assume you are emulating spectrum and c64.
  6. Maybe I‘m going mad but I thought someone showed here a new switch game that was similar to Cyclone on the spectrum (I.e. saving people in a cyclone with a helicopter). Does anyone know what it is and if it‘s good?
  7. I remember there was a lot of these in Parasol Stars as well. I vaguely recall an article in The One detailing these I think. Oddly although Rainbow Islands was technically impressive I always preferred Bubble Bobble (maybe because I played in the arcade as a kid) and Parasol Stars.
  8. I assume as officially Lockhart hasn’t been announced we don’t know if it will support 4K or not? I’ve read some articles saying it willl only support 1080p. I’m just hoping Lockhart will be a smaller form factor but keep the Blu-ray drive.
  9. Thanks. I just checked and the outer worlds isn’t unfortunately as that was the one I was mainly interested in. In any case it’s a nice feature when supported
  10. Are game pass games save files cross platform compatible or is that up to the game itself?
  11. Called microsoft support yesterday and they said if I change the hard drive they will not offer support for my xbox which is out of warranty to be fair. The cost of repair (actually an exchange) is almost the same as the cost of the console (I still see them available but I guess not for long as the x has now been discontinued). I do have a second x but that is at my parents and as our holidays were cancelled this year I won't see that for many months. They described the repair as an exchange so I assume you would simply get a refurb but with no additional warranty. I hadn't considered an xbox series x until now (mainly because of it's size to be honest) but it I have to stick several hundred into my xbox now a few months before the new version launches. I will give it a last go today restoring it and then I have 3 options: 1: Do the exchange / repair 2. If not try installing new hard drive and see if that helps 3. buy a new xbox one x (which is a bit more expensive than repair exchange but comes with a game and spare controller) 4. Wait for xbox series x (providing it fits in my tv console as I believe it will be a tight fit even horizontally). Is there any info on the expected price. I see release date is end of this year roughly. I'm leaning towards options 2 - 3 but I was wondering if you can tell from the error codes what the actual issue is. I quoted it to support last night but they just answered they would do an exchange (it now fails during update repeatedly). Does anyone know if game saves on gamepass are crossplay (i.e. compatible between xbox and pc). I have so far only used it on xbox but was thinking of finishing outer worlds on pc if I go with option 4.
  12. I'm still getting frequent e105 and e102 errors on my xbox one x. It is out of warranty so I was wondering is it worth replacing the hard disk? I have a spare 1TB 2.5 inch disk available. How difficult is it too replace and if I do and it goes wrong could I still send it back for service in the worst case?
  13. I guess it helped kill commercial games on the spectrum but at this stage it was very let in the lifecycle of the spectrum (when you were getting 6 or 7 games on a cover tape). To be fair some of those tapes were great with some old classics and some were pretty poor. I would guess most major publishers had moved to 16 bit computers and consoles at this stage but I agree it may have hastened their departure. My recollection may be vague as I was buying Sinclair user and your Sinclair regularly (and crash when I could get it) up until 1990 but then switched to Amiga magazines mainly like (Amiga power) Kim justice has a video on the cover tape wars which looks at this topic as well.
  14. Is it better than Spectaculator? I must admit I haven’t tried SPIN but will check it out thanks
  15. Yes I followed steps for 105 two weeks ago and then had to do 102 after the restore. It looked ok afterwards until it died again this weekend. I will try and restore again tonight. Does replacing your hard drive void your warranty? Is it worth trying?
  16. No only an internal drive. Can you just install and boot off an external? I am also thinking it is hard drive failure.
  17. Watched a film last night on my xbox and then decided to play outer worlds this morning E105 again. Same as two weeks ago
  18. Recently Hydro thunder hurricane was removed and I thought that was a first party title that Microsoft owned the rights to (according to Wikipedia they bought the Midway rights from Warner). I ended up buying it as it‘s a fun game but I can‘t see why it should have been removed.
  19. I had to reinstall my entire xbox 2 weeks ago as I had a system error on startup. I hadn't noticed anything strange (other than the sync of save files in the outer worlds taking a long time). IAfter the reinstall it seemed ok and everything cam back from the cloud. Cut to this morning and I got multipl issues with save game corruption with the outer worlds saying I had to delete my local saves whcih I did and started playing. After 10 minutes it just restarted and the next time just crashed. Then it wnet back to deleting saves again. Is this a sign my xbox has an issue? I'm afraid it may be. Unfortunately if so I think I'm out of warranty.
  20. I had sent a request yesteerday already and this morning they refunded it. Odd I found this article yesterday https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-04-12-microsoft-is-adding-self-service-refunds-for-digital-xbox-and-windows-10-games I can only guess they classed it under season pass in this case if it was rejected assuming you requested the refund within 14 days.
  21. This is what I see when purchasing the 360 version of the game. I had a look at my order history and there should be an option to request a refund but I don't see anything Xbox one games (and the pc games also) seem to instead refer to this https://www.microsoft.com/en-ie/storedocs/terms-of-sale?rtc=1 Under returns it looks promising until I read this I'm a bit confused as I thought they had introduced refunds for games on a self serivce basis. Still I will try in any case and see what they say
  22. I went to buy Hydro Thunder Hurricane in the store on Friday as it was leaving game pass and when I searched it brought back two results "Hydro Thunder Hurricane" for arcade and Tempest Pack for 360 which is a dlc. As the first one said it was included on game pass I assumed this was the correct version and purchased it. However when I went to play it this morning it showed on my xbox as if it had to be purchased. I double checked and it looks like I have purchased the pc version of "Hydro Thunder Hurricane" and the Xbox version of the same game is listed under "Hydro Thunder". I must admit it is my fault as I didn't look carefully enough on Friday and went in through the microsoft store rather than xbox. Is it really the case that no refund is possible with any games on the microsoft store? I just checked and still see the same on the microsoft store if I search for it. On the xbox store the correct version is listed but with the wrong name under the 360 games
  23. Will check this later. I went to buy it and realised i had it already. I loved Sensi on the amiga but on pc it's not the same with keyboard but still enjoyable.
  24. Is anyone else not able to buy Overlord 2 with games for gold this month? I picked up Prince of Persia: Sands of time based on the recommendations here so hope it's good.
  25. Problem is I can't add it to the cart as it only gives me the option to complete my collection for any options I can add to basket. In the section where it says buy as a gift for a friend I can only download a demo as you can see in the screenshot. I checked on Fallout new Vegas and there it looks fine as you say (i.e. I could purchase it for a friend) so it must be specific to Shadow of Tomb Raider perhaps because it wants me to buy the full collection. In any case I gave a gift card now which solves the problem. Thanks for the help.
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