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  1. what was the story again? I do remember the name. was she good looking or something?
  2. anybody on the mailing list have any idea when this book is going to be printed?
  3. I think you're right about the sprites if memory serves me right. Used to buy this when I had the money. Still have some in a box filled with old mags like zero , ace , ap ,amiga action, one etc.. Can't remember how good the reviews were as I used AP as my guide for amiga games but it also covered consoles which was good as my brother had a snes...
  4. thanks for that.. I'll try that out... remember doing a similar taxi trip in my damaged plane. If I remember correctly you weren't shot upon when you landed on the ground.. Tried Flying Corps on the pc but wasn't anyway near as much fun... Anyone know of a modern equivalent of KOTS?
  5. Knights of the sky was a great game, always wanted to do the link up between my a500 and a1200. Now nearly 13 years later I have the null modem but haven't the time to set them both up to try it out.. I presume you'd need two copies to get it to work anyway..
  6. thanks for that I'd been looking for the name of a qix clone on the speccy I played years ago for a while now, just spotted the name browsing the thread (Zolyx)
  7. gravis gamepad??? I had one but wasn't impressed though it was years ago... Cheap usb pad off play is ok joypad
  8. I didn't realise that theres a japanese gc version.. Is it a budget release as well.. What is it called or has it the same name? Slight aside I did try and get the jap gc version of pc kid (pc genjin??) but couldn't get my hands on it. It looks lovely but haven't had any luck tracking it down at all.. Anyone know where you can find this?
  9. Doesn't seem to be.. I ordered it and should have received it by now.. Release date on amazon is now November 26, 2005 I'd take that with a pinch of salt though the original release date or at least the first I saw was for Feb this year..
  10. I don't unfortunately Hope its on a backup somewhere.. Or that someone took a local copy..
  11. Is it just me or has the rom list been replaced by spam?
  12. I little bit farther you'll meet a granny who'll give you a thimble.. Strangely enough as I went out to the shop there was a granny letting her 4 turtles get some fresh air ,-)
  13. I definitely played arabian nights at the time but suspect I only had a cover disc demo of the first level than the whole game though I can't remember (ravages of time and all that ) Anyway I booted up winuae and had a quick go to see if I could find out where to get the coins from. I think what you've missed is that you can go into the tree stumps Theres a tree stump before the turtle which when you go down and fire (when you're on top of the tree trunk) it should bring you into a secret room. Theres another few coins at the tree trunk prior to the second bridge. To get out of the area where you get the extra life you need to go down and fire on the box which should springboard you back up... I don't if you can set it to use the second fire button but as far as I recall in Soccer Kid it was possible. Unfortunately don't have its instructions handy at the moment but may see if I can dig them out next weekend when I'm visting my parents (if they haven't thrown my stuff out yet) Let me know if this helps.. Cheers
  14. ISS 98 was and still is a great game. ISS 2 and 3 on the gamecube were poor. I have briefly played winning eleven 6 on the gc but while it was a better game can't compare to iss 98 or 2000. Pro Evolution on the ps2 is just a bit soulless and felt much less in control..
  15. 2 x 2 GB partitions would be fine. Out of curiosity is it wb 3.1? Would it be possible to get the hardfile on a cd/dvd as well so I can easily transfer to UAE? If not I suppose I can transfer the amiga harddrive into a new uae hardfile ( I think) I've found an adapter like this with 44 male pins at one side and 40 female at the other. It also takes the power from the 44 pin 2.5" and sends it to the drive. 2.5 Inch to 3.5 Inch Adapter Will I still need the power splitter? I presume the 2.5" interface carries power but I don't know if its enought to drive the 3.5" drive. If I need it I'll buy the Power Comp. Splitter as well. Though I might be able to pick up the power splitter from Maplins that may work. The splitter looks like a standard cable so I think this may work but can't be sure without seeing it in the flesh. power splitter I can always buy both and it it works without splitter at least I have it as a spare...
  16. Hamsterball is a great game.. Best Marble Madness type game on a PC I've seen so far. Not that its perfect but its very playable and worth the money.. Try the demo. It lets you play through the first 5 or 6 levels.. Give it a go if you liked marble madness
  17. I read something about it before Christmas. I was going to pick it up as it was only a tenner. It was then supposed to be released in Jan or Feb but looks now like its April according to amazon. That is if it ever gets released. Putty was a good game but not as great as it was made out to be in my opinion... Still good enough to be interested in the sequel though.. putty squad release date amazon.co.uk
  18. Forgot to ask as regards whdload can you add the registration in as well. If you can't I presume you only have to do it once and that works for all whdload games and not for every game.
  19. If you could partition it to 4 gig and install workbench that'd be fine. If not thats fine as well, reckon I should be able to do it if I can find ny workbench 3.1 disks so if you haven't time to format it thats no problem. If I can mount an original amiga drive in winuae (didn't know it could be done) then that should be fine. Should it just be a matter of copying the folders over into the real amiga drive. If so thats fine. How will you send this hardfile by the way? On HD or on cd/dvd? I take it the 2.5 to 3.5 adapter should be a newer smaller model as several I've seen have largish breadboards. From what I remebr last time I opened it up there wouldn't be a whole lot of free space. Also is it safe to cut off the ide cable after the connection to the 3.5 " hd. (The one for the second harddrive, presume it is but never done it so don't know if it affects how it works). I presume I need to do this to save space..
  20. That'd be fine. I should have my old workbench 3.1 disks knocking around. I presume the partitioning is reasonably straightforward. Only question on this does it appear as one dho (not formatted) that you can partition to 4 gig ? (i.e. does it show up as ndos 4gig capacity?) I know dh* was for physical drive and hd* was for logical drive or vice versa. Also is it possible to convert a hardfile from uae into a normal amiga file system ? I saw some mention of a hardfile on the xbox mods thread. I would be interested in this both as a hardfile for uae and also to put on the original amiga if possible. I don't have a whdload key but am going to get one while doing this. I've only tested it out under winuae and it seems striaghtforward enough. (I don't have access to my amiga where I live at the moment so I only get to use it when I'm home) I take it the xbox hd is 3.5". Will it fit in the hd cradle in the a1200 or will I have to buy a new cradle?
  21. Anyone know if there is any problem with using a large 20 to 30 gig notebook drive in an Amiga? I presume not other than the 4 gig limit but tht should be enough for plenty whdload installs. I already have the default amiga hd in my 1200 whch is around 800mb I think. (Don't have my amiga at hand). I have a 6 year old 8 gig 3.5 " disk but reckon I wouldn't trust it to last another 5 or 6.. I want to do it before any more of my disks die... I know several games I have such as Bubble Bobble and Hunter are already dead.. That said I don't remember if Hunter worked on my 1200 or 500 as only the 1200 will get the larger drive. Can you use something like relockick with whdload as well?
  22. As far as I'm aware they should... They have the same connector and I think I once used a CD32 pad on a megadrive so it should work the other way round I suppose.
  23. Populous was an Amiga game alright.. Apparently Peter Molyneux got free Amigas while working writing business software for his own company writing and was so impressed by the Amiga that he started writing Populous... Wing Commander was a PC game first I think. I remember them saying the conversion to Amiga wouldn't be possible... Slightly off topic but allegedy GTA was initially developed on an Amiga or at least started out as an Amiga project. Don't know if theres any truth in it but DMA developed it so it would be possible I suppose. No idea where I heard that but the dates of the release could make it feasible. It was the first game they released after leaving the Amiga..
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