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  1. I was looking to see where I could get led storm a few months back and couldn’t find it. Imagine my surprise when I checked last month per chance and saw it’s coming soon. I had it on the spectrum (I think I got in a compilation at Christmas one year) and have fond memories of going to a wedding and there being a led storm arcade machine there.

  2. That's a pity. It was also what I looked forward to as they are usually yours to own (other than Armed and dangerous for og xbox for some reason) . I had a PS3 back in the day but now have a good collection of 360 games.

  3. I have a spare code for elder scrolls oblivion if someone is interested.


    Also the ea games that were delisted last year seem to be back on GOG or were they delisted at all?

  4. Are unofficial docks still to be avoided? I would like one for downstairs but due to height restrictions with the tv unit I would need with to take the official dock out to remove or dock the console.

  5. The N64 is meant to be a pain to emulate and from what I've seen would be very complicated to implement with an FPGA approach. Not impossible but complicated and expensive. I'm not sure that some of the Nintendo schematics were not leaked last year but if they would be used that could create legal issues in itself. It's a shame as I would really love a perfect emulation for the N64.

  6. 6 hours ago, mwaawm said:

    Have they bought legend of hero Tonma to the UK yet on wii u?  Am sure I had it on my wii but then couldn't purchase on the wii u.

    It looks as if it was available but isn’t anymore. I wanted to pick up Mr. Heli and it is g to be same. My assumption was they had removed it due to licensing. Maybe both were listed and never actually available in the UK. I doubt either will be made available now.



    Actually both are from IREM and I found this.


    “Wii U titles delisted in 2019 include:

    Battle Chopper / Mr. Heli

    Image Fight

    Image Fight II

    Legend of Hero Tonma

    Ninja Spirit




    Here was where I found the list



  7. 1 hour ago, LaveDisco said:


    Interestingly thats number one on the WiiU chart. The Rllmuk effect in full force.

    I picked it up last year based on another video about overlooked Wii u eshop games. More Mario 3 is always good but I was pleasantly surprised they had added motion controls to Duck Hunt on the Wii U.



  8. Does anyone remember Crazy Sue. It was a platformer and it came free on a magazine (not one of the main ones, I think it was based in Europe) at a time when full games weren’t appearing on cover disks. Where I lived we didn’t have great access to new games so I remember my mate and I got into this game and spent a lot of time challenging each other on this. I don’t honestly recall if we finished it but I suspect yes although I assume today it hasn’t aged well as I recall it being a competent platformer but at this stage had never played super Mario 3 so my point of reference wasn’t great.

  9. On 08/01/2022 at 01:14, ZOK said:

    Nice video! Laser Squad but no Chaos?! Maybe I missed it…

    I couldn’t get laser squad or chaos back in the day as they never came to our local store. However one day lords of chaos came and I remember taking it home not having high expectations and then spending a huge amount of time playing it in the following months. I assume it is similar to chaos or laser squad but to this day I have never played these games. I imagine they‘d still standup today as the gameplay was where it was at. I did hear recently that Julian Gollop created a 3DS game as part of the ghost recon series which is also meant to be worth checking out.

  10. 22 minutes ago, bear said:

    They upgraded all their xCloud servers to Series X level hardware this year which has to have put even more pressure on Series X supply compared to Series S. 

    that‘s a good point. I hadn‘t thought of that. I wonder do they make less of a loss on a series s and actually what they want to increase is the subscriber numbers. I‘m not saying they are artificially limiting the x series as that is resource constrained but from a financial point of view recurring revenues is more desirable than a one time purchase.

  11. 6 hours ago, SeanR said:

    Maybe it’s a price thing, coupled with the fact that MS have been moving to a digital ecosystem since forever?


    lot of people don’t have interest in disc-based BC, we know this.

    Price probably is a reason as I can imagine more casual gamers getting it as well as some people picking it up as a second console. The other factor may be availabilty as the S seems to be available whereas the X is not.



  12. I watched a video the day before yesterday and it was saying the series s is outselling the series x. Is this because you can actually easily buy the series s as the series x seems to be impossible to get since November last year. I tried to buy one two nights back and all 10 units were gone in seconds. 


    What I don't fully understand is why is the series s available and the series x not?

  13. Very sad news, may he rest in peace.


    For me the first rockstar graphic artist. At least he was the first I can recall getting top billing (together with Jon Ritman) on a game back then although my memory may betray me. He produced very distinctive graphics for head over heels, Batman and match day 2. The prince charles robot from head over heels is still a personal favourite. I must admit I heard good things about Monster Max at the time but didn’t have a gameboy back then. I must track it down.

  14. On 11/09/2021 at 20:46, Chooch said:

    I think the whole control lab thing is great. A colourful monster for £5 more than a normal pad is amazing value. Also consider lots of people getting them for ‘free’. 

    How do you get them free? I have considered a tribute to one of my old zipstik joystick colour schemes of light blue with pink buttons.

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