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  1. Does anyone know how quiet the RTX3080 is? I'm thinking of upgrading from my GTX970. I saw yesterday there was an offer to get some of the first ones cheaper oddly enough but i only saw it too yesterday night after it was gone unfortunately.
  2. Which sega 3d games didn't we get? They were great. Great console though and worthy successor to my original and much loved bulky ds
  3. Do I need to get the Game Pass app as opposed to the xbox game streaming (preview)? Where do you get apk files from? Is there a safe place to get these from as from the play store I can't seem to download them?
  4. Is xcloud going to be available on android tv? I checked the play store just now and couldn't find it. Is it possible to stream from my xbox downstairs to my nvidia shield with this? I'm assuming that is faster than using xcloud directly.
  5. For me it's a shame there is no disc drive although it was expected. The kids use it to watch films and also I use it for games I cannot buy digitally like marble madness. Would have gladly paid more to have it. The series X is just too big for my tv unit so I was hoping the S may do. In any case will probably stay with my one x for a little while longer.
  6. Just checked and I see they are now remaking head over heels. Glad to see the latest kickstarter is going so well.
  7. I must break out my modded wii as well. Which emulators are good on the wii? I assume you are emulating spectrum and c64.
  8. Maybe I‘m going mad but I thought someone showed here a new switch game that was similar to Cyclone on the spectrum (I.e. saving people in a cyclone with a helicopter). Does anyone know what it is and if it‘s good?
  9. I remember there was a lot of these in Parasol Stars as well. I vaguely recall an article in The One detailing these I think. Oddly although Rainbow Islands was technically impressive I always preferred Bubble Bobble (maybe because I played in the arcade as a kid) and Parasol Stars.
  10. I assume as officially Lockhart hasn’t been announced we don’t know if it will support 4K or not? I’ve read some articles saying it willl only support 1080p. I’m just hoping Lockhart will be a smaller form factor but keep the Blu-ray drive.
  11. Thanks. I just checked and the outer worlds isn’t unfortunately as that was the one I was mainly interested in. In any case it’s a nice feature when supported
  12. Are game pass games save files cross platform compatible or is that up to the game itself?
  13. Called microsoft support yesterday and they said if I change the hard drive they will not offer support for my xbox which is out of warranty to be fair. The cost of repair (actually an exchange) is almost the same as the cost of the console (I still see them available but I guess not for long as the x has now been discontinued). I do have a second x but that is at my parents and as our holidays were cancelled this year I won't see that for many months. They described the repair as an exchange so I assume you would simply get a refurb but with no additional warranty. I
  14. I'm still getting frequent e105 and e102 errors on my xbox one x. It is out of warranty so I was wondering is it worth replacing the hard disk? I have a spare 1TB 2.5 inch disk available. How difficult is it too replace and if I do and it goes wrong could I still send it back for service in the worst case?
  15. I guess it helped kill commercial games on the spectrum but at this stage it was very let in the lifecycle of the spectrum (when you were getting 6 or 7 games on a cover tape). To be fair some of those tapes were great with some old classics and some were pretty poor. I would guess most major publishers had moved to 16 bit computers and consoles at this stage but I agree it may have hastened their departure. My recollection may be vague as I was buying Sinclair user and your Sinclair regularly (and crash when I could get it) up until 1990 but then switched to Amiga magazines mainly like (Amiga
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