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  1. crocked

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    How similar is this to Motorstorm? I'm tempted to get it as I spent a lot of time on that at the time. Is the deluxe edition worth it or are you better off with the standard version?
  2. crocked

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Was that on Amazon uk as currently it's £47.49 there?
  3. crocked

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Does the game pass code for $29.99 for 6 months on amazon.com work on all accounts or is it limited to American accounts
  4. crocked

    OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    Is it possible to connect component, scart and the component audio to an av receiver at the same time? I want it mainly for my older xbox and wii for gamecube games. I read a post on the OSSC site with someone who had issues with some xbox games but I think as it's soft modded I should be able to change the default resolution to 480p by switching to NSTC. In worst case I could let it pass through just converting to hdmi.
  5. crocked

    OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    Thanks for letting me know. I watched a video review recently where they were complaining about this so good to hear that problem is solved.
  6. crocked

    OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    Does the ossc output audio over HDMI now? I read the problem was solved in the comments of a YouTube review but found no further details.
  7. Tried this and it works perfectly. Cheers
  8. From some forum posts it suggests you can't use the wallet with 360 games from the xbox one. I will try and add another payment method to see if that works.
  9. Yes but I was able to purchase Castelvania SOTN and Fifa without problems. In PSN you can have a wallet which you add funds to. I assume you could do similiar on the Xbox and buy from the wallet to avoid this?
  10. For Vanquish it didn't initially show for free even when I went to purchase which I assume was because as I was on the free trial of gold. As soon as I got a real one month subscription I could see the zero price on Vanquish and also the reduced price on red dead redemption. I guess the restriction makes sense in terms of free 360 games although the fact the deals don't seem to get applied to 360 games seems a bit unfair as they were available for the xbox one games (or at least the reduced price was shown). However I then tried to buy Red Dead at the reduced price and I get the message "Your purchase cannot be completed at this time. Please try again.". I tried it then from my pc and got the same message. I tried purchasing Castlevania SOTN as I thought it might be a problem with my payment method (I had to add it for Vanquish although it was free) but that worked fine. Do they check for age restrictions?
  11. You’re right it is an Xbox gold deal. I had a trial code for Xbox gold so I’ve activated that last night but although it is active I don’t see the deal price. I just redeemed metal gear and super mega baseball but when I went to install Vanquish which is a 360 game it asked me to purchase it. Is this because you get to keep Xbox 360 games when the subscription lapses? If I understood correctly you can keep 360 games if the subscription lapses but the Xbox one games you can’t play unless you renew your subscription. The only strange thing is on the console it doesn’t show the Xbox 360 deals for gold in store but they are listed on the website. I guess this is normal as they seem to work differently than the normal Xbox one games.
  12. This doesn’t show under deals for gold for me. It looks like a normal deal which is still active for 3 days more. Does it still show full price as I can see the discount
  13. I had a look the other night but I don't see it cheaper currently. Is it on sale this or next week?
  14. I really hope this comes soon as I'm a huge fan of SSX Tricky. I finally cracked and picked up an xbox one x pretty much only because of backwards compatibility as I had a lot of xbox games back in the day and skipped the 360 completely. I will also pick up red dead redemption in the near future. I have picked up Rare Replay as well as Sunset Overdrive and got Recore on special for a fiver though have only played Jetpac and Blast Corps so far. I was playing SSX 3 at the weekend and my race times did not seem to save which I thought was strange. I haven't double checked yet but a friend of mine at work told me you need a live account to save games (he mentioned it needs cloud saves) on backwards compatible original xbox or 360 games. Is that correct?
  15. I was just coming to mention Lords of Chaos. I loved that on the spectrum back in the day. I'm not 100% certain but I think I picked it up on the amiga as well. I bought it purely based on the reputation of Laser Squad although I still haven't played that. I miss that a bit just getting games out of the blue which were great (although there was a lot of fodder as well). I never warmed to Chaos Reborn though I must give it another chance to grow on me.

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