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  1. It's a pity the white pc engine is not available in europe. I always thought that looked a lot better than the american version.
  2. Also on amibay and I don’t recall any issues joining but it was a few years back. Always seemed very friendly to me so maybe it’s a technical issue.
  3. I just got "Dune: The Gateway Collection" on the us store for $2.19 but they gave me some $5 promotion of kindle credit so it cost me nothing. Not sure if the promotions are general or targeted though so you r luck may vary
  4. Well rainbow islands was seen as bubble bobble 2 at the time although I know there were bubble memories and bubble symphonies as I saw them much later on mame. I assume they were released much later and from what I recall were more like bubble bobble. I had almost the opposite experience with rainbow islands in terms of just one more time but I that may be due to me getting stuck on one of the bosses in rainbow islands and then giving up. I found parasol stars more like bubble bobble and it was one of the few games my mother ever played seriously. We even finished one path of the game if I recall correctly.
  5. Good to see it coming. Parasol Stars on the amiga was a great game. I think there was never an arcade game and it was originally developed for the pc engine. I remember reading the story of what happened to the original c64 development and thinking that it was a pity although I can understand how these things can happen in a breakup.
  6. I missed that post completely. Looking very nice now. Is thee a plan to have pack-in games (although I suppose the empty slot could also be for a power supply unit)? Did the original 48k come with this pack? It was a long time ago so maybe I'm remembering wrong but jetpac, cooke and pssst were great. I'm afraid to try chequered flag again as I suspect it may not have aged well. I also like the Batman pack in the background which brings back a lot of fond memories. When are they expecting to send them out?
  7. Stunt car racer was great. I never had the chance to play two player though which must have been a laugh although probably a bit of a faff from a setup point of view
  8. Has steam link been discontinued? I was wondering as I just noticed I can't purchase it any more. I know they were adding tablet support (not sure in the end if it came to iOS or not as there was some issue with the store aspect) and I know when I was getting a tv last year that it is effectively built into some samsung tvs. Is there a new revision or will the apps effectively replace it? Personally I prefer the dedicated hardware but commercially it may look different.
  9. Sorry for late reply but you were right, It was just the paint job although it was a bit confusing. In any case the paint job also seems to work now again as well. Thanks for the help it was much appreciated.
  10. Just started playing forza horizon 2 yesterday and then read this morning it will no longer be on sale as of end of September. I actually have been enjoying it more than I thought. However after getting through Nice it invites me to a road trip to a new location where I need to select a championship (for example modern rallying). However when I try to buy a car with the credits I have earned it says service not available chec on the forza website. I had a look but couldn’t see why. I sometimes get prompted to pay money to get certain cars but I assume these are dlc so you don’t need them to play. The problem is without buying the correct car I can’t proceed in the game. What am I doing wrong. Is the storm island dlc any good?
  11. Has n64 emulation improved in the last few years? I’d love to be able to play IIS again at a reasonable speed.
  12. The official network adapter (which has the drive connection) only works with p-ata drives. You can buy Chinese clones on amazon that have Sata adapters if that’s what you mean. However these have no working network port which means you can’t ftp in to the machine. It should work with any modern drive but for larger sizes you might not be able to use all the space. I used a 1 GB hybrid drive but a smaller ssd would have been better as all my ps2 games were not that large in the end.
  13. My softmodded xbox won't let me enable 480p, 720p and 1080i output. If I understand correctly it's because my console is PAL and not NTSC. Is this correct or is it possible with PAL? I think my TV (old panasonci plasma) should show NTSC as it supports it for RF and for some of the AV inputs. If I switch it to NTSC and it doesn't work will I see nothing or would I be able to recover. Where is a good place to get the latest version of the application to switch to NTSC (I think it's called enigmah) as currently it's not in my softmod?
  14. Are these push through caps on the xbox? Is it easier with a better soldering iron or is practice more important?
  15. How similar is this to Motorstorm? I'm tempted to get it as I spent a lot of time on that at the time. Is the deluxe edition worth it or are you better off with the standard version?
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