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  1. Is there any component cable you would recommend? I have cheap a ps2 hdmi adapter but the lag was noticeable last time I played but I guess that varies per adapter. I checked and my tv seems to have component in so I may try that directly to see what the picture looks like.
  2. Well I hope it makes it but It's a bit worrying. I had hoped to use it to teach basic to my kids like I learned from the brown book way back but at this stage they'll be finished primary school before it comes out. I had been looking at divmmc before the next was announced and thought the next was a better option as it also had hdmi output. I see there is a hdmi adapter for the original spectrum now as well but I don't know if that can be chained with a divmmc or not.
  3. I had the green and pink powerplay cruiser but if I recall correctly it was broken somehow ( the stick didn’t always respond) so I think that was the time when I got a zipstik. The first one I had was black and yellow but I also had a light gray/blue and pink one.
  4. I converted the side attic at my parents house and store my older games there. My wife still complains my games take up too much space which is why I like consoles like the original xbox where I can convert the games to run from the hard disk. I did the same with my ps2 games last time I was back home as well just not to have so may boxes lying around. I still keep all my amiga big box games as while I suspect the disks are no longer good in a lot of cases I have a lot of memories to the boxes especially for games like monkey island, sensi, knights of the sky and f1 gp. I guess when I'm dead they'll all be thrown out but hopefully that's not for a while yet.
  5. Apparently nothing other the addition of a new soundtrack. GOG try and include patches, manuals and bonus material where possible for older games so it‘s worth paying for. I agree it‘s good the games are being made available but hopefully it’s not just shovelware. I‘m also sceptical retrospec got paid but don‘t know enough about Piko or retrospec to say. In any case the game is no longer available on retrospec.
  6. The great escape hasn‘t been available to buy for 20 years. I know abandonware is not always legally clear but I think it helps preserve these old games so on the whole is a good thing. I don‘t think Piko are making any friends by threatening people.
  7. This is what Piko says on the steam discussion. So it seems they did pay something to retrospec but I doubt Jon Ritman gets anything.
  8. I recall seeing dos versions of the great escape and where time stood still listed as abandonware. GOG is great but there are still a lot of games missing for various technical and legal reasons. The graphics were early pc (I guess so I never tried them as they didn‘t look better than the speccy.
  9. Is the original remake still available. I just did a search and it looks like they did a Batman remake as well. I used to love Head over Heels as a kid but wasn‘t very good at it. The remake was excellent so would be happy to buy it if the people who remade it earn something from it but It doesn‘t seem to be the case.
  10. Ok good was a bit worried when I got "We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.". I also have a work account so was worried they had accidentally merged them
  11. anyone else having problems logging in at the moment via the website?
  12. It's a pity the white pc engine is not available in europe. I always thought that looked a lot better than the american version.
  13. Also on amibay and I don’t recall any issues joining but it was a few years back. Always seemed very friendly to me so maybe it’s a technical issue.
  14. I just got "Dune: The Gateway Collection" on the us store for $2.19 but they gave me some $5 promotion of kindle credit so it cost me nothing. Not sure if the promotions are general or targeted though so you r luck may vary
  15. Well rainbow islands was seen as bubble bobble 2 at the time although I know there were bubble memories and bubble symphonies as I saw them much later on mame. I assume they were released much later and from what I recall were more like bubble bobble. I had almost the opposite experience with rainbow islands in terms of just one more time but I that may be due to me getting stuck on one of the bosses in rainbow islands and then giving up. I found parasol stars more like bubble bobble and it was one of the few games my mother ever played seriously. We even finished one path of the game if I recall correctly.
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