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  1. I'd like to see the new part human/timelord doctor become evil. Doctor vs Doctor Loved the episode. I cried like a baby.
  2. The ring appeared today. Whats the best option do you think? Where can you send it? x
  3. So far I have cried at every Christmas/Santa/Snow related film I have seen this week. Including a few adverts.
  4. I like the look of this one. I am so close to finishing Enchanted Arms, I just can't find the effort to do it. I don't know why. I think its the random battles, so Blue Dragon already looks better.
  5. This is a difficult one. I'll give it a bit of a chance, but one more mistake and it's oot the windae I think!
  6. I have just started playing this one the psp. I am really not long in but its starting to slowly kill me inside. It appears very slow, gameplay and loading times. Does it get better?
  7. I think I'm in love with the smiley pizza man.
  8. I was sleeping and missed the first 15 minutes. Bastards.
  9. I really liked this book. Pale Fire is another good one from Nabokov.
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