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  1. 2 seasons of 200 episodes sounds like about 2 years worth? With maybe slightly fewer episodes per year than the previous output?
  2. Storage is super cheap. Bandwidth is only relevant if people watch things. Also Neighbours had some real quality years in the 2000's. Will be nice if people create some edits focusing on certain characters.
  3. Well the farewell tour is Spring (UK) next year
  4. It's taken some time, sounds like none of the cast were aware until today other than Toadie,Susan,Karl,Paul. So I guess they are the only guaranteed returnees right now.
  5. Yes got a ticket at about 10.23 so about 23 minutes after the sold out tweet.
  6. It is more my appetite for the show once it is off ABC. I actually have disney at the moment.
  7. Yeah there is a good chance I just won't bother watching if it is no longer on ABC.
  8. Yes he had the weirdest shaped head. I've just completed the season, I think maybe other than 1 it might be the best to me. It didn't have long drawn out misunderstandings and lack of communication drawing out disagreements for more than 1-2 episodes max, things happened and then the plot moved on. Some spoilers across the season.
  9. Yes, not going to watch but very excited to see this.
  10. I watched from an official source, the lighting was really weird. I assumed it was my shit tv. Felt like maybe the Off that other fantasy show had blown in.
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