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  1. New series of the expanse good. Only 6 episodes bad. Last ever series bad. It is at least getting an ending and somewhat amazingly it did get saved from earlier cancellation, good.
  2. Regina didn't win a competition (i don't think) but was on a cbbc documentary type thing I think called Fame Game which spoke to youngsters who were trying to be famous.
  3. It's on Amazon prime at least in Australia I watched the first episode I think a while back - I found it a bit slow to be honest and didn't venture any further. My recollections of it are pretty sketchy other than it seemed batshit crazy, but also I generally just caught episodes on channel 5? when i came back from the pub when I was probably 17-19.
  4. Long time since I read the book, but The Firm I recall the ending being a lot better in the film.
  5. It's truly bizarre it became a trilogy ( hint don't bother with 2 & 3). Even amongst this type of straight to streaming teen film it is abysmal.
  6. I enjoyed this but I also have no idea why they needed to make the time jumps so unclear. I'm guessing they are pre-empting the season 7/8 GOT thing where people start complaining about the inconsistent travel times by making sure it is inconsistent from the start. To be honest considering their distate for the linear flow of time they could have started the series with the law of suprise feast, which I think might have been a better way to introduce some of the characters. Also the last episode the desperate to have a sword fight mage, which lets be honest if you're a mage although the magic return the sword trick is nice, it's pretty damn shit as a power when your none-magical opponent can just not lose their sword constantly. However one bit I found quite amusing. He got knocked down a hill in that fight, it looked like a hill, something you would roll down if pushed. He gets knocked rolling down, it cuts away and then it cuts back to him hitting a tree at half height as if thrown, the 2 things just did not match up, made me laugh out loud it looked really out of place.
  7. Show wise, they didn't show her body, and they brought back the love interest (Josie?) who it seemed was going to be pretty dead from what I remember of the first series. That wall with the rats who knows what else might have been there.
  8. Finally got round to watching season 3 having lost enthusiasm with season 2. 3 a much more enjoyable watch. Didn't take me long to get through. The only thing that didn't feel quite deserved was Farouk who had done a lot of shitty things. But still excellent and neatly tied up
  9. It was a spin off. It was made about 8 or 9 years after the original and titled Eerie Indiana : The other dimension. Tenuous/pedantic I guess, but it was almost certainly commissioned seperately and they just used the original as a multiverse jumping point to the new series. Also the series was canceled during its run l, and it seemed like they maybe planned on revealing more about Dash-x if it had gone on.
  10. Wolverine and the X-Men Eerie Indiana
  11. Dark Skies the 90's show. Dark Crystal the recent series. Looking For Alaska
  12. It’s enjoyable for this type of movie, but no edge of tomorrow. Does not have any need to be 2 hours long though.
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