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  1. Gommy

    Your unearthed gems

    Hard to know what constitutes unearthed, but for me more often than not films I've found browsing airplane selections and then enjoyed at a later date again having never heard of them before then. 'I Kill Giants' - this is a nice film that I guess is aimed more towards children and teenagers, the story is relatively simplistic and doesn't contain too many surprises but doesn't try to either. The characters are real enough and maybe at some points boarding too close to infuriating. Bound to draw comparisons with some other similar films in the genre but it has a nice look and design to it. The type of film I would love to have watched on a rainy afternoon when I was younger (and now). 'Sky High' - a film that these days seems like for some reason missed it's moment. A high school film based around superhero teenagers, with a decent cast and a good bit of humour. I'm not sure what happened when this was released whether the marketing wasn't right or it's bright family friendly tone didn't fit the dark superhero style people were used to, or the genre mix wasn't quite right with not enough edge for the teens or marvel or DC enough for the superhero audience. The film has a great internal consistency and styling, plays excellently on the high school setting as well as poking fun at some common superhero tropes. Probably the only let down being a slightly dull finale.
  2. Okay I watched this on a plane on my iPad and I enjoyed it enough, but as it was via the virgin Australia entertainment system I can't re-see it.. but early on they make a big deal about Artemis's( Olivia Cooke)'s birth mark. However It seemed in later scenes they've not even bothered with it (CGI or otherwise), before I get a copy to scrutinize- can anyone else confirm?
  3. Gommy

    Legion - X-Men TV spin-off

    Finished this. It carried on looking great but as most other people have said it meandered and really felt like it had got a bit too caught up in terms of it's own hype and less would have been more. I don't mind things being left unexplained as is pretty common in Legion, but if done badly it ends up feeling like nonsense for the sake of it.
  4. People are inherently lazy and uncaring. The easy thing is to sack someone and move on. Big business does not care for progression.
  5. Gommy

    Star Trek Discovery

    Yeah if you're willing to watch the whole of this but won't give the Expanse a series (it doesn't need that long) then pity on you.
  6. Gommy

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Well an easy enough watch.
  7. Gommy

    Is your local cinema terrible?

    I think you did, it's probably the perspective of the shot, the blue at the background so it seems you can see through it and the general grand designs look to this photo but it really looks like there is no room for 1 let alone 3 cinema screens.
  8. Gommy

    13 Reasons Why

    Apologies I couldn't find a specific thread and I wasn't sure whether this could sit in the movie watchers review thread, or if there is an applicable place other than that for tv show reviews. My review of season 2, mainly I hated it and want to bitch but I also don't know anyone who will watch it. I really enjoyed the first season and the book/audiobook this originated from having listened to it not long before the first series came out - i'm also something of a glutton for some of this young adult stuff anyway. From a personal point with regards to the impression it might have on impressionable people it doesn't bother me- I'll leave that for people with more experience and knowledge in this area to judge than myself. Spoilers aplenty.
  9. Gommy

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    Sci-fi is a very broad term. Interstellar to me is really a personal story about relationships with a sci-fi setting.
  10. I don't care if it gets picked up and has the same budget as before it's managed to do pretty well with what it has. I just hope it's a done deal and we can see it play out over a number more seasons.
  11. I guess I'll start leaving it on a loop on Netflix.
  12. Gommy

    Game On - "Tea Martin"

    Yeah, I had to look him up to remind me of that.

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