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  1. Nnooo

    Nintendo Switch

    Im in HK this week. Where did you get all this? Golden Dragon Centre?
  2. I think that is mis-information on Ubisoft’s part. You do want to shoot at them when an enemy is near them as it applies a status effect, explosion or the like. Super handy to finish of pesky enemies early. But they AOE so you don’t want to use them (or have them be hit) when you are near them.
  3. I’d imagine he’s referring to the trailer as a bunch of scenes tied together. IE they taken some scenery and tied it together to make an interesting trailer. I really doibt that is a gameplay reference at all.
  4. Nnooo

    Nintendo Switch

    Already living here so let me know if you need any tips!
  5. Don’t go head to head with anyone. Get behind them, run away, defend your tower/rainmaker and in splat zones stay mobile (push into their turf, slip back to yours, chuck a grenade). The key key to winning in ranked is to keep them distracted from the task.
  6. Nnooo

    Nintendo Switch

    In my limited testing it is very, very sensitive to being near strong wifi sources. I had to move my dock and switch away from our router (at one end of my work desk) to the opposite end of my desk to get it to be able to pick up the joy cons. Works fine now, but it seems the location of the switch is more important than the location of the joycons (as I am using them fine in the middle of my desk while router is far left and switch is far right, whereas before having both switch and router far left meant constant drop outs).
  7. Nnooo

    Nintendo Switch

    Try: Take switch out of dock Unlug all cables from dock Leave dock disconnected from power for 10 seconds + Reconnect power Reconnect HDMI Plug in Switch I have had this happen a couple of times with our dev switch link and this usually fixes it. Repeat a few times if necessary. I think you just press and hold on the power button (on the switch) until it resets
  8. PS4 and Wii bases are compatible with each other. 360 is not.
  9. Nnooo

    Nintendo Switch

    When connected to the screen there a physical connection and the Bluetooth is turned off. It charges and communicates via the physical connection. You can see the metal jumpers if you look at the inner edge of the joy-con. If if you find the part with the arrows they are on the underside of that. It connects much like inserting a cart.
  10. Nnooo

    Nintendo Switch

    Surely as the IR camera can recognise shapes why can't you just calibrate your TV as the thing your pointing at!? In conjunction with gyro and accelerometers that would be fine.
  11. Ha ha. I'd totally have helped you out!! Still can if you like
  12. You could have joined me at any time bastard Still my most frequent and most played game!!
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