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  1. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Season Pass is £12 on the Xbox store.
  2. Titanfall 2

    Tempted - what's the player count like on PS4 nowadays?
  3. New issue of Super Play out now!

    Got mine this morning, and it's beautiful
  4. Edge: the 100 greatest videogames (3rd edition) 2017

    I'm sad that The Talos Principle didn't make the list at all
  5. E3 2017: Nintendo - Wrap Up

    Oh you sodding teases!
  6. E3 2017: Nintendo - Wrap Up

    Holy shit!
  7. E3 2017: Microsoft - Wrap Up

    That music hmmm.
  8. Retro Gamer 166

    Great issue as usual, but RON Hubbard???
  9. Mass Effect Andromeda

    Cheers @Cosmic_Guru, I'm going in!
  10. Mass Effect Andromeda

    Bit of a rollercoaster this thread! Huge fan of the originals, so I've gone from being hyped, to crushing disappointment, and now there's a glimmer of hope again. How's the atmosphere, sense of scale? I spent hours and hours in the Mako soaking it all in, so I reckon I can look past some dodgy animations and dialogue.
  11. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    At long last! Great news.
  12. Well let's see how it does over the long term. Res 6 shipped with a load of hype and high expectations. Hopefully Res 7 builds on word of mouth and VR. Fingers crossed anyway!
  13. Well I'm clearly getting soft in my old age. I've played all the old Res games (Res 1 being my personal favourite), Silent Hill games, System Shock 2, Condemned, the Bioshocks, etc. I've only played the demo of this, and I'm already finding it too much! Hats off to Capcom though. I think if I do end up giving it a go, I'll play it on PC, using the fan as some sort of advance warning system.

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