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  1. Sleep when you’re dead mate - this light show is to die for. I saw it first-hand at Brixton Academy last September and it was in my head for days after. And we were up in the seating section due to a booking fuck-up.
  2. Four Tet's set is absolutely fucking superb – there is a sixty-something-year-old lady in the very front row showing the younguns how it's done. I wanna be her when I'm older.
  3. Re: Confidence Man recommendations from earlier. They're obviously a lot of fun and got the crowd going hard, but the costume changes and awful synchronised dancing was pure Butlins. I'd catch them at a festival if it was a choice between them and Elbow, I guess.
  4. Arc'Tan'Gent


    This is some egregious shite.
  5. Everton have gone seven hours without a goal. Maybe he was offering himself up as target practice.
  6. I once read a very poor review of the Ian Curtis biopic, Control, which said it was a good film but had a certain degree of inevitability. This race being red-flagged was even more inevitable.
  7. From The Guardian's live updates of puddles: Not the worst suggestion in the world, from Vince Barreto: “Perhaps they could settle this by seeing who can do the fastest lap in the medical car? Worth a go.”
  8. I know they have to fill the time but these jokes and bantz are egregious.
  9. Hamilton practically passing out over the thought of mentally and physically exhausting himself, only to be rewarded with a bottle of Asti Spumante.
  10. Maybe they thought it was an Ikea grand opening.
  11. Ending procession mirroring the bonkers nature of the start. Great bookends.
  12. Quite. I love the informative nature of Rosberg with his 'Been there, done that, bought the World Championship T-shirt' style, as opposed to Crofty's mixed metaphors, trite jokes and lacklustre platitudes; a man more akin to an embarrassing uncle cutting the Sunday chicken and asking if you're a leg or breast man, the same joke he's used for the past 15 years. Anyway anti-Croft rant over, absolute cracker of a race!
  13. Give Rosberg the full-time commentary gig. Every time he speaks he's giving in-depth information to the viewer by the truckload, rather than talking for the sake of it.
  14. Commentators need to fuck right off with these jaw-clenchingly awful puns.
  15. Yep, another inexplicable three-place penalty for Russell.
  16. Parking sensor joke was legitimately funny but the group karaoke, not so much.
  17. Absolutely atrocious stewardship today. Note to all drivers: only overtake on the pit straight.
  18. I wouldn't bother. One DNS, one DNF, and fuck-all drama. How it keeps on getting renewed I'll never know.
  19. Possibly the most boring race I've ever watched. Spent most of it wondering why Sam Beckett never made it home in Quantum Leap.
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