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  1. Arc'Tan'Gent

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    But fucking come on Mexico. That is quite marvellous!
  2. Arc'Tan'Gent

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    'Mario Gomes went down there like Super Mario, when a bad player is playing it.' Fuck me, pure poetry.
  3. Arc'Tan'Gent

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Mexico dead on their feet here. Really hope they can hold on.
  4. Arc'Tan'Gent

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Well I for one am absolutely enthralled with that Kirsten Dunst/Mel and Sue stat.
  5. Arc'Tan'Gent

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Good save there by Robbie Rotten in goal.
  6. Arc'Tan'Gent

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    That fourth goal by Cheryshev is a thing of beauty.
  7. Arc'Tan'Gent

    2018 FIFA World Cup

  8. Arc'Tan'Gent

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Reminds me of the 1999-2000 French Cup, when Minnows Calais lost to Nantes in the 90th minute due to a staggeringly dodgy penalty. Tom Daley would have been proud.
  9. Arc'Tan'Gent

    Best New Music of 2017

    I'm just gonna throw this in here too for the hell of it.
  10. Arc'Tan'Gent

    Best New Music of 2017

    Quicksand – Sergio Vega (Deftones), Walter Schreifels (Rival Schools/Gorilla Biscuits) dropped a new album this week too, their first in two decades. Post-hardcore-noise stuff, absolute corker.
  11. Arc'Tan'Gent

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Loving this new one from Alt J. The rest of the album is a bit meh, but this one has that real Man Next Door by Massive Attack vibe running through its core. Also, superb video.
  12. While of course this film is utter dross, it is highly enjoyable and doesn't take itself too silly. I laughed out loud at quite a few points, and I don't worry about small things like whether the humour was intended or not if I'm entertained. Which is much more than I can say for other films I've seen recently (Along Came Polly, The Tree of Life, The Core, About Time). Utter tripe the lot of them. Also, no fire-breathing killer spiders.
  13. Arc'Tan'Gent

    Better Call Saul!

    Let's remind ourselves that there was a little artistic licence in BB, too (mercury fulminate scene, the P2P cook being such a high quality, etc).
  14. Arc'Tan'Gent


    Fuck, totally forgot that Deftones' album came out last year - that would have been my Number One pick too. What a schoolboy error oversight.
  15. Arc'Tan'Gent

    The Best Piece of Music Ever

    Sorry to be that guy, but there's no way to select just one. Here's a selection of guaranteed man-weepers.

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