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  1. Kvyat could win this seeing as any car he comes close to will avoid him like the plague.
  2. Completely inept marshalls shocker. Also ffs Crofty you literally just watched Stroll's onboard camera and still asked, 'Did his front left let go?'
  3. Been playing the life out of this. If you like Om's rumble, Alice in Chains' tormented and soul-stirring harmonies, Fuzzy Dunlop droney guitars and... sitar, then give it a whirl.
  4. Are we back to talking about Grosjean?
  5. Anyone into old Orbital, FSOL, 808 State or The Orb would do well to get on this. Majestic shit.
  6. Easily the best film I've seen in the past few years. It reminded of High-Rise, with the principle of social status in a tower block acting as a microcosm, and Us. Here's a great video essay exploring a number of Parasite's themes.
  7. This is fucking superb. For fans of bluesy/stoner riffs in the vain of All Them Witches, Slo Burn etc
  8. In order The Farewell For Sama Knives Out The Favourite Joker Marriage Story Toy Story 4 They Shall Not Grow Old Official Secrets Ad Astra Amazing Grace Apollo 11 Little Women Ash Is Purest White Green Book Mid-90s
  9. Just wanted to put it out there that Manchester United withdrew from the FA Cup in the 1999-2000 season because of their commitment to the Fifa Club World Cup, so fair play to these kids for keeping the scoreline to a respectable five against bigger and better men in a far less prestigious competition. Bit of a baptism of fire but sure they'll just be happy for the playing time.
  10. The penalty was an absolute joke. All the players will have to adopt Riverdance poses to avoid being hit by the ball. Preposterous.
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