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  1. Going into our local CHIPS store before they opened on the way to work with my PS1 memory card and a Ridge Racer save, so I can clock a great reverse-track lap in the shops' PS1 game pod- the replay would run all day with my Devil Car burning round the track, the manager claimed it sold quite a few units on that alone. And shooting myself in the face in Perfect Dark.
  2. Conker's Bad Fur Day did this a lot, and a few times talked directly to the player-
  3. Masu

    Old Age Gamers

    Cool! Mine does not like wearing headphones with the VR headset, she says it feels too claustrophobic for her. She is OK with the VR headsets with stand-off earpieces, though.
  4. Masu

    Old Age Gamers

    Here is my mum in 2017 enjoying her first VR experience, aged 75. She loves big cats and the like so she loved the PS jungle demo. I had access to pretty much all VR kit available then, and the PSVR was leagues ahead in ergonomics and simplicity, if not horsepower or resolution.
  5. Masu

    Old Age Gamers

    Coming up 52 soon, and been playing games since .. 1979? Had the Grandstand as a first console and I had a bunch of table top games for Christmas -one per year, no wonder we resorted to clocking Munchman! Then had an Amstrad cpc464 which still works, unbelievably, along with the green screen monitor. Shit, I have been testing games for 24 years.
  6. Masu

    Secretlab Chairs.

    The Aeron are fucking awesome, it has to be said. Ill have to get my employers to buy me one- I miss those massive, comfortable, cool beasts.
  7. Valheim had a team of four, and Minecraft..! It can still occur, just with the mainstream competition being so in-your-face-fierce (dominating all sectors as EA try to do with ads, streamers etc), it can be even harder to break through. Yeah that's more about Nintendo not recognising the people that had worked on the title though, tbf.
  8. I haven't got a Switch and somehow missed the hype around this- but I am downloading it now after reading your post and checking out the very first video on Youtube. Thanks! I got a few weeks off work (and in f**king isolation for 10 days) so I need some new games to fill the time between doggo and grandparent duties.
  9. Of all the VR kits I worked with, PSVR was the most surprising. Underpowered (compared to its rivals) and using a bastard mix of old tech not designed for that purpose and clever innovation, it turned out just amazing. The headset ergonomics and comfort were superb, simple and outshone all the others (at the time). The d.. controllers.. were surprisingly accurate especially considering their age and tech, and the triggers helping you know their orientation without looking, important in VR of course. And using that old camera.. Hats off to them, I hope this one lives up to its expectations. Then we need Elite porting to the PS5, and HOTAS support, of course..
  10. Robin put this out- its been 20 years since Bad Fur Day! Bollocks, I am soo freaking old.. https://www.facebook.com/655345683/videos/10157607458410684/
  11. REALLY trying to enjoy this, and had some memorable moments but I hate the AI in the bowl type tracks.
  12. ".. you can see here.. aargh ohhh its gonna go well oh my God.." Looks really good! One to watch for certain especially with their track record.
  13. Teaser for Abe, a new short film, VR experience and game:
  14. Rare self published a few titles but Nintendo were a part of them all, including through the Test process in addition to the cert process. So they were well aware of the Twats, they merely thought them minor enough to ignore completely.
  15. It was a second party game, if we are being picky- they part owned Rare back then.
  16. Conkers Bad Fur Day had quite a few .. memorable.. lines! The cream on the top for me was getting the word "Twat" past Nintendo. Back then, even with an M rating, swearing in a game was unusual but swearing in a Nintendo game? As it happened NOA did not seem to know what that particular word meant (this is back in 2000ish), so although the F word (and some of the B words) were beeped, the UKs snappiest curse word was squeezed in no less than FOUR times As an aside, Microsoft had learnt the word later so when it came to Live And Reloaded, the Twat was gone forever..
  17. The Boneworks stuff looks very interesting.. Yup Oculus could probably make it a non-issue but it would take development time and therefore costs. Unless there is something similar in their development pipeline, I cant see them supporting this - unless it takes off big time, of course.
  18. The idea too is they require no gripping- if you "Hold" an object with the Rift etc then let go you still have to grip the controller. With this you can open all your fingers when dropping a virtual item while not dropping the controller, making the disconnect less obvious. Dunno how well this works, Ill be getting a unit soon so will probably find out in the next week or so.
  19. Lunch break too, but I committed this morning and got it on PC- I happen to be off tomorrow anyway by coincidence, so after some chores ill be avoiding any sunshine and growling at interrupting family members
  20. Nah, it was good for the time- retrospective makes it difficult to judge.
  21. Looking at their recent performance, it would not be surprising if it was DOOM DOOM DOOM (not such a bad thing IMO!) followed by a quickly cobbled together Elder Scrolls "peek" in an attempt to make people forget about Fallout 76.
  22. Masu

    Crackdown 3

    On PC I have had sound stutters through certain cut scenes, but not in the game itself. The driving is probably the weakest part IMO, the races seem generic and often rely on stuff like objects in the corners or narrow sections where wall collisions mean you stop dead, and two laps on some tracks is just repetitive. But again, I found this same problem on the original Crackdown- who cares about a scooby doo van, when you can run at 30 mph and jump over buildings? And more importantly, I may miss an orb if I am zooming around in a car!!
  23. Masu

    Crackdown 3

    Still loving this. The map is better than I thought once you use the pad to pan and zoom it makes more sense, but yup could have done with some more identifying items @McCoy. One gameplay criticism, the explosives (like Crackdown) are so satisfying and work so well I barely use anything else, esp when a certain weapon unlocks.. ..but I am having fun so who gives a shit?
  24. Masu

    Crackdown 3

    I loved the original Crackdown, but was a little disappointed at the start of this campaign- not sure why exactly, maybe as the Agents starting agility is (necessarily) low and therefore everything is just too much of a chore to do, the cars didn't interest me, the control layout was bizarrely conflicting with modern configurations.. But I am really glad I stuck with it. Bouncing around the city blowing everything the fuck up, it runs as smooth as butter and I laugh out loud way more often than I had expected. Its bringing that Crackdown 1 feeling again -
  25. Yup, SNES was the one that sold me but my RAM is a bit full so my memory mixed it with MK64- which we also played to death
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